Chapter 1—Diligence in the Work of Preparation
Chapter 2—Charge to Ministers and Laymen: Labor Together for Souls
Chapter 3—Christian Fellowship
Chapter 4—Preparation for Christ's Coming
Chapter 5—The Privilege of Being a Christian
Chapter 6—The Need of Earnest, Intelligent Workers
Chapter 7—How To Become True Ministers of Christ
Chapter 8—Heaven's Part in Life's Conflict
Chapter 9—The Work in Michigan
Chapter 10—Make the Best Use of Your Talents
Chapter 11—Work to Show Christ to the World
Chapter 12—Search the Scriptures
Chapter 13—Importance of True Sabbathkeeping by the Entire Family
Chapter 14—Christ Spans the Gulf of Sin
Chapter 15—The Leaven of Truth
Chapter 16—Workers in Denominational Institutions to Be Spiritual; Counsel on Sunday Work, Holidays, and Healthful Living
Chapter 17—God's Truth and Spirit to Control and Purify the Life; Self to Be Subdued; Faith to Be Exercised
Chapter 18—Light to Go Forth From Avondale; Holy Spirit on These Grounds
Chapter 19—Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel Ministry
Chapter 20—Christ, Our Loving Comforter and Restorer
Chapter 21—An Appeal to Prepare the Heart to Receive the Holy Spirit
Chapter 22—The Work in the South; Money Wrongly Diverted Plans and Decisions to Be Made Locally
Chapter 23—Seek God for Wisdom and Power; Feed on the Bread of Life
Chapter 24—The Christian's Hope
Chapter 25—The Giving of the Law
Chapter 26—Our Elder Brother
Chapter 27—Lessons From the First Chapter of Second Peter
Chapter 28—Dangers of Worldly Policies and Principles; A Plea for Obedience, Righteousness, and Unity
Chapter 29—The Divine-Human Christ Set Forth in Revelation
Chapter 30—Instruction Regarding the Establishment of Institutions; Restaurants to Be Closed on the Sabbath
Chapter 31—Whoso Offereth Praise Glorifieth God
Chapter 32—Self-Improvement
Chapter 33—Lessons From the Fifty-Eighth Chapter of Isaiah
Chapter 34—A Plea for Unity
Chapter 35—Marriage and the Christian Home
Chapter 36—Growing in Grace
Chapter 37—God's Judgments on the Cities
Chapter 38—Address to Young People
Chapter 39—Why We Have Sanitariums
Chapter 40—Abiding in Christ
Chapter 41—“As Little Children”
Chapter 42—An Appeal To Work the Cities
Chapter 43—Lessons From the First Chapter of Daniel
Chapter 44—A Call to Work the Cities, Giving Particular Attention to Nationality Groups
Chapter 45—The Fruitless Fig Tree
Chapter 46—Following on to Know the Lord
Chapter 47—“I Will Not Leave You Comfortless”