To the Reader of this Book
Chapter 1—Mrs. White and the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Chapter 2—A Life Sketch of Mrs. WhiteWere Mrs. White’s Visions Due To Nervous Disorders?—Part I
Chapter 3—Mrs. White, and Bible Prophets, in VisionWere Mrs. White’s Visions due to Nervous Disorders?—Part II
Chapter 4—Medical Facts Concerning Certain Nervous MaladiesWere Mrs. White’s Visions due to Nervous Disorders?—Part III
Chapter 5—Certain Nervous-Disorder Proofs ExaminedWere Mrs. White’s Visions Due to Nervous Disorders?—Part IV
Chapter 6—What Do Adventists Claim for Mrs. White’s Writings?
Chapter 7—The Astronomy Vision
Chapter 8—The Predictions of the 1856 Vision
Chapter 9—The Civil War Predictions
Chapter 10—The Tower of Babel
Chapter 11—“No Antidote” for Strychnine
Chapter 12—The Reform Dress
Chapter 13—A Sketch of Early Adventist HistoryMrs. White and the Shut Door—Part I
Chapter 14—The Shut-Door Charge ExaminedMrs. White and the Shut Door—Part II
Chapter 15—Mrs. White Taught That Probation Still LingersMrs. White and the Shut Door—Part III
Chapter 16—Time Setting—The Seven-Year Theory
Chapter 17—Did Mrs. White Suppress Some of Her Writings?
Chapter 18—The Image Beast and 666
Chapter 19—Mrs. White’s Attitude Toward Other Churches
Chapter 20—“Amalgamation of Man and Beast”
Chapter 21—“Rome Alone”—An Alleged Contradiction
Chapter 22—The Ignorant Slave—Slavery Until Second Advent
Chapter 23—Did God Deceive the Advent Movement in 1843?
Chapter 24—Did Mrs. White Break a Promise?
Chapter 25—The Time to Begin the Sabbath
Chapter 26—Did Mrs. White Contradict Herself Regarding Sabbathkeeping?
Chapter 27—Mrs. White’s Teachings on Healthful Living
Chapter 28—Mrs. White’s Literary BorrowingsThe Plagiarism Charge—Part I
Chapter 29—That Threatened LawsuitThe Plagiarism Charge—Part II
Chapter 30—Literary Borrowings and InspirationThe Plagiarism Charge—Part III
Chapter 31—Did Mrs. White’s Secretaries Write Her Books?
Chapter 32—Was Mrs. White “Influenced to Write Testimonies”?
Chapter 33—Mrs. White’s Financial Affairs
Chapter 34—In Conclusion