Chapter 1: Why Was Sin Permitted?
Chapter 2: The Creation
Chapter 3: The Temptation and Fall
Chapter 4: The Plan of Redemption
Chapter 5: Cain and Abel Tested
Chapter 6: Seth and Enoch
Chapter 7: The Flood
Chapter 8: After the Flood
Chapter 9: The Literal Week
Chapter 10: The Tower of Babel
Chapter 11: The Call of Abraham
Chapter 12: Abraham in Canaan
Chapter 13: The Test of Faith
Chapter 14: Destruction of Sodom
Chapter 15: The Marriage of Isaac
Chapter 16: Jacob and Esau
Chapter 17: Jacob’s Flight and Exile
Chapter 18: The Night of Wrestling
Chapter 19: The Return to Canaan
Chapter 20: Joseph in Egypt
Chapter 21: Joseph and His Brothers
Chapter 22: Moses
Chapter 23: The Plagues of Egypt
Chapter 24: The Passover
Chapter 25: The Exodus
Chapter 26: From the Red Sea to Sinai
Chapter 27: The Law Given to Israel
Chapter 28: Idolatry at Sinai
Chapter 29: Satan’s Enmity Against the Law
Chapter 30: The Tabernacle and Its Services
Chapter 31: The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
Chapter 32: The Law and the Covenants
Chapter 33: From Sinai to Kadesh
Chapter 34: The Twelve Spies
Chapter 35: The Rebellion of Korah
Chapter 36: In the Wilderness
Chapter 37: The Smitten Rock
Chapter 38: The Journey Around Edom
Chapter 39: The Conquest of Bashan
Chapter 40: Balaam
Chapter 41: Apostasy at the Jordan
Chapter 42: The Law Repeated
Chapter 43: The Death of Moses
Chapter 44: Crossing the Jordan
Chapter 45: The Fall of Jericho
Chapter 46: The Blessings and the Curses
Chapter 47: League With the Gibeonites
Chapter 48: The Division of Canaan
Chapter 49: The Last Words of Joshua
Chapter 50: Tithes and Offerings
Chapter 51: God’s Care for the Poor
Chapter 52: The Annual Feasts
Chapter 53: The Earlier Judges
Chapter 54: Samson
Chapter 55: The Child Samuel
Chapter 56: Eli and His Sons
Chapter 57: The Ark Taken by the Philistines
Chapter 58: The Schools of the Prophets
Chapter 59: The First King of Israel
Chapter 60: The Presumption of Saul
Chapter 61: Saul Rejected
Chapter 62: The Anointing of David
Chapter 63: David and Goliath
Chapter 64: David a Fugitive
Chapter 65: The Magnanimity of David
Chapter 66: The Death of Saul
Chapter 67: Ancient and Modern Sorcery
Chapter 68: David at Ziklag
Chapter 69: David Called to the Throne
Chapter 70: The Reign of David
Chapter 71: David’s Sin and Repentance
Chapter 72: The Rebellion of Absalom
Chapter 73: The Last Years of David