Chapter 1—Loma Linda, “Hill Beautiful”
Chapter 2—Meeting the Payments on Loma Linda
Chapter 3—Meeting Crises in Colorado
Chapter 4—Independence or Unity?
Chapter 5—1905 Closes With Battle Creek Issues
Chapter 6—The Year of the Earthquake
Chapter 7—Ellen White Comes to Her Own Defense
Chapter 8—On the Evangelistic Trail
Chapter 9—1907—At Home and in the Field
Chapter 10—Continuing in a Varied Ministry
Chapter 11—Bearer of Messages of Encouragement and Reproof
Chapter 12—When the Test Comes
Chapter 13—Through the Year 1908
Chapter 14—Finding a Site for Pacific Union College
Chapter 15—Attending the General Conference of 1909
Chapter 16—The General Conference Address on Health Reform
Chapter 17—The Long Trip Home
Chapter 18—America's Cities—The Great Unworked Field
Chapter 19—The Threat of Distracting Doctrinal Controversy
Chapter 20—Writing, Publishing, and Speaking
Chapter 21—Will Seventh-day Adventists Train Physicians?
Chapter 22—At 82—A Very Busy Year
Chapter 23—The 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy
Chapter 24—Inspiration and the 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy
Chapter 25—1911—A Year of Concentrated Book Preparation
Chapter 26—The Other Side of 1911
Chapter 27—Winding Down a Busy Life Program
Chapter 28—1913—Concerted Drive on Book Production
Chapter 29—Interludes in the Drive on Book Production
Chapter 30—1914—Ellen White's Eighty-seventh Year
Chapter 31—The Last Mile
Chapter 32—The Messenger of the Lord at Rest
Appendix A
Appendix B