Chapter 1—(1876) A Whirl of Activity
Chapter 2—(1876) Writing on the Life of Christ
Chapter 3—(1876) The Camp Meetings
Chapter 4—(1876-1877) A Winter of Writing and Publishing
Chapter 5—(1877) In the East Again
Chapter 6—(1877-1878) Priority One—James White's Health
Chapter 7—(1878) The Tide Turns
Chapter 8—(1878-1879) The Winter in Northern Texas
Chapter 9—(1879) From the Red River to Battle Creek
Chapter 10—(1879) Surging to a High Point in Ministry
Chapter 11—(1880) Difficult Times
Chapter 12—(1880) The Changing of the Guard
Chapter 13—(1881) Wrestling With the Problems of Retirement
Chapter 14—(1881) The Tired Warrior at Rest
Chapter 15—(1881-1882) Alone, So Alone—Yet Not Alone
Chapter 16—(1882) The Year Battle Creek College Closed
Chapter 17—(1883) Immersed in Book Production
Chapter 18—(1883) The Spirit of Prophecy Challenged
Chapter 19—(1883) A Changing Battle Creek—the College Opens
Chapter 20—(1884) Completing the Work on The Great Controversy
Chapter 21—(1884) Reversing the Tide in the Pacific Northwest
Chapter 22—(1884) The Eastern Camp Meetings and D. M. Canright
Chapter 23—(1885) Invitation to Visit Europe
Chapter 24—(1885) The Meeting of the European Missionary Council
Chapter 25—(1885) A Visit to Scandinavia
Chapter 26—(1885-1886) In Italy and Switzerland
Chapter 27—(1886) Second Trip Through Scandinavia
Chapter 28—(1887) Ellen White's Last Year in Europe
Chapter 29—(1887-1888) Back Home in America
Chapter 30—(1888) The Potential of the 1888 General Conference Session
Chapter 31—(1888) Minneapolis and Its Diverse Fruits
Chapter 32—(1888-1889) Taking the Message of Minneapolis to the Churches
Chapter 33—(1888-1889) Advances in Book Production
Chapter 34—(1889-1890) The 1889 General Conference Session and Beyond
Chapter 35—(1890-1891) Five Months of Arduous Labor Yields Fruit
Chapter 36—(1890-1891) The Last Year Before Australia