Chapter 1—(1863) A Year to Be Remembered
Chapter 2—(1863) The Continuing Struggle to Establish Church Order
Chapter 3—(1863) Seventh-day Adventists and the Civil War in the United States
Chapter 4—(1863) Meeting Two Major Problems
Chapter 5—(1863) The White Family Escapes to the East
Chapter 6—(1864) Learning to Practice Health Reform
Chapter 7—(1864) An Intensive Course in Methods of Reform
Chapter 8—(1864-1865) The War and Its Unexpected Close
Chapter 9—(1865) Health—How to Keep It, How to Lose It
Chapter 10—(1866) The Agonizing Year of Captivity
Chapter 11—(1866) Rebellion in Iowa
Chapter 12—(1867) Liberated at Last—The Sweet and the Bitter
Chapter 13—(1867) Advancement in Health Reform
Chapter 14—(1867) Battle Creek and the Health Institute
Chapter 15—(1867-1868) Dreams, Testimony No. 13, and the Tour East
Chapter 16—(1868) Bearing Testimony by Voice and Pen
Chapter 17—(1868) The First Annual Camp Meetings
Chapter 18—(1869) A Year to Regroup and Prepare to Advance
Chapter 19—(1870) At Last the Tide Turns
Chapter 20—(1870-1871) Further Steps Toward Health Reform
Chapter 21—(1871) Restructuring for a Sound Future—1
Chapter 22—(1871-1872) Restructuring for a Sound Future—2
Chapter 23—(1872) A Surprise Vacation in the Rocky Mountains
Chapter 24—(1872-1873) James and Ellen White Discover California
Chapter 25—(1873) The Call for a School
Chapter 26—(1873) Colorado Interlude
Chapter 27—(1874) Progressive Steps in Evangelism in the Far West
Chapter 28—(1874) Publishing and Preaching in Oakland
Chapter 29—(1874) The Prophet-Apostle Relationship
Chapter 30—(1874) James White Again in the Saddle
Chapter 31—(1875) Leading in Significant Advances
Chapter 32—(1875) Finishing a Successful Year
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C