Appendix 1—Pseudepigraphic Writings
Appendix 2—Philo of Alexandria and Rabbinic Theology
Appendix 3—Rabbinic Views as to the Lawfulness of Images, Pictorial Representations on Coins, etc.
Appendix 4—An Abstract of Jewish History from the Reign of Alexander the Great to the Ascension of Herod (See Book I. ch. 8.)
Appendix 5—Rabbinic Theology and Literature (Book I. ch. 8.)
Appendix 6—Pereq.-Months-Governors, Etc.
Appendix 7—On the Date of the Nativity of Our Lord (Book II. ch. 3. and other passages).
Appendix 8—Rabbinic Traditions about Elijah the Forerunner of the Messiah
Appendix 9—List of Old Testament Passages Messianically Applied in Ancient Rabbinic Writings (Book II. ch. 5.)
Appendix 10—On the Supposed Temple-Synagogue. (Book II. ch. 10.).
Appendix 11—On the Prophecy, Isaiah 40:3 (See Book II. ch. 11.)
Appendix 12—The Baptism of Proselytes (See Book II. ch. 11.)
Appendix 13—Jewish Angelology and Demonology. The Fall of the Angels. (See Book III. ch. 1.)
Appendix 14—The Law in Messianic Times. (See Book III. ch. 3.)
Appendix 15—Location of Sychar, and the Date of our Lord’s Visit to Samaria. (See Book III, ch. 8.)
Appendix 16—On The Jewish Views about Demons and the Demonised Together with some Notes on the Intercourse between Jews and Jewish Christians in the First Centuries. (See Book III. ch. 14.)
Appendix 17—The Ordinances and Law of the Sabbath as Laid Down in the Mishnah and the Jerusalem Talmud. (See Book III. ch. 35.)
Appendix 18—Haggadah about Simeon Kepha (Legend of Simon Peter.) (pyk Nw (m#d)tdg—Book III. ch. 37.)
Appendix 19—On Eternal Punishment, according to the Rabbis and the New Testament (See Book V. ch. 6.)
The End of the Second Volume.