Why You Should Read This Book
Chapter 1—Why Was Sin Permitted?
Chapter 2—Creation: God's Answer to Evolution
Chapter 3—The Predicament of Our First Parents
Chapter 4—The Plan of Redemption Is Unveiled
Chapter 5—The First Murderer and His Victim
Chapter 6—Seth: When Men Turned to God
Chapter 7—When the World Was Destroyed by Water
Chapter 8—After the Flood, a New Beginning
Chapter 9—The Beginning of the Literal Week
Chapter 10—When Languages Were Changed
Chapter 11—Abraham, the Father of All Believers
Chapter 12—Abraham, a Good Neighbor in Canaan
Chapter 13—The Offering of Isaac: Test of Faith
Chapter 14—The Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah
Chapter 15—Isaac's Marriage: The Happiest in the Bible
Chapter 16—Jacob and Esau
Chapter 17—Jacob's Flight and Exile
Chapter 18—Jacob's Terrible Night of Wrestling
Chapter 19—Jacob Comes Home
Chapter 20—The Amazing Story of Joseph
Chapter 21—Joseph and His Brothers
Chapter 22—Moses, the Leader of God's People
Chapter 23—The Ten Plagues of Egypt
Chapter 24—The First Passover
Chapter 25—The Israelites Leave Egypt
Chapter 26—Israel Meets With Difficulties
Chapter 27—God Gives His Law on Mount Sinai
Chapter 28—Israel Worships a Golden Calf
Chapter 29—Satan's Hatred of God's Law
Chapter 30—The Sanctuary: God's Dwelling Place in Israel
Chapter 31—The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
Chapter 32—The Grace of Christ and the New Covenant
Chapter 33—The Terrible Murmurings of God's People
Chapter 34—Twelve Spies Survey Canaan
Chapter 35—Korah Leads a Rebellion
Chapter 36—Forty Years of Wandering in the Wilderness
Chapter 37—Moses Fails on the Border of Canaan
Chapter 38—Why the Long Journey Around Edom
Chapter 39—The Conquest of Bashan
Chapter 40—Balaam Tries to Curse Israel
Chapter 41—How Balaam Led Israel Into Sin
Chapter 42—God Teaches His Law to a New Generation
Chapter 43—The Death of Moses
Chapter 44—Crossing the Jordan
Chapter 45—The Miraculous Fall of Jericho
Chapter 46—The Blessings and the Curses
Chapter 47—A Canaanite Tribe Deceives Israel
Chapter 48—Home at Last
Chapter 49—The Last Words of Joshua
Chapter 50—The Blessing of Tithes and Offerings
Chapter 51—God's Care for the Economically Disadvantaged
Chapter 52—Annual Feasts of Rejoicing
Chapter 53—The Judges, Deliverers of Israel
Chapter 54—Samson, the Strongest Yet Weakest Man
Chapter 55—God Calls the Child Samuel
Chapter 56—Eli and His Wicked Sons
Chapter 57—Punishment: The Ark Taken
Chapter 58—The Schools of the Prophets
Chapter 59—Saul, the First King of Israel
Chapter 60—Saul Makes a Terrible Mistake
Chapter 61—Saul Rejected as King
Chapter 62—David Anointed as King
Chapter 63—David Kills Goliath
Chapter 64—David Flees
Chapter 65—The Largeheartedness of David
Chapter 66—Saul Takes His Own Life
Chapter 67—Ancient and Modern Spiritualism
Chapter 68—David's Heavy Trial
Chapter 69—David at Last Crowned King
Chapter 70—The Prosperous Reign of David
Chapter 71—David's Sin of Adultery and His Repentance
Chapter 72—The Rebellion of Absalom, David's Son
Chapter 73—A Man After God's Own Heart