Why You Should Read This Book
The Glorious Destiny Israel Might Have Had
Chapter 1—Solomon's Spectacular Beginning
Chapter 2—Solomon's Magnificent Temple
Chapter 3—Prosperity and Pride Bring Disaster
Chapter 4—How Solomon Missed His Chance
Chapter 5—Solomon's Deep Repentance
Chapter 6—Rehoboam's Arrogance: The Rending of the Kingdom
Chapter 7—Jeroboam Leads Israel Back to Idol Worship
Chapter 8—National Apostasy Brings National Ruin
Chapter 9—Elijah Confronts King Ahab
Chapter 10—The Voice of Stern Rebuke
Chapter 11—God Vindicated on Mount Carmel
Chapter 12—The Prophet Loses Faith, and Panics
Chapter 13—“What Doest Thou Here?”
Chapter 14—God's Call to Modern Apostates
Chapter 15—Jehoshaphat, the King Who Believed God
Chapter 16—The Fall of the House of Ahab
Chapter 17—Elisha Called to Succeed Elijah
Chapter 18—The Healing of the Waters
Chapter 19—Elisha, Gentle Prophet of Peace
Chapter 20—Captain Naaman Healed of Leprosy
Chapter 21—Elisha's Closing Ministry
Chapter 22—Jonah, the Prophet Who Ran Away
Chapter 23—The Decline and Fall of Israel
Chapter 24—A Nation “Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge”
Chapter 25—Prophet With a Message of Hope
Chapter 26—Isaiah's Message: “Behold Your God!”
Chapter 27—Ahaz Almost Ruins the Kingdom
Chapter 28—King Hezekiah Repairs the Damage
Chapter 29—Visitors From Babylon See the Wrong Things
Chapter 30—An Angel Slays the Assyrian Army
Chapter 31—Isaiah's “Good News” for All the Nations
Chapter 32—Manasseh and Josiah: The Worst and the Best
Chapter 33—The Long-lost Law Book Discovered
Chapter 34—Jeremiah, the Man Who Felt God's Anguish
Chapter 35—Judah's Amazing Stubbornness
Chapter 36—Zedekiah, Judah's Last King
Chapter 37—Zedekiah Fails His Last Chance
Chapter 38—Not All Was Lost!
Chapter 39—Daniel a Captive in Babylon
Chapter 40—Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of World Empires
Chapter 41—Three Hebrews in the Fiery Furnace
Chapter 42—Nebuchadnezzar's Seven Years of Madness
Chapter 43—Belshazzar's Feast: Babylon's Last Night
Chapter 44—Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Chapter 45—Cyrus Sets the Exiles Free
Chapter 46—Bitter Opposition Fails
Chapter 47—Satan, the Accuser; Christ, the Defender
Chapter 48—The Secret of Success in God's Work
Chapter 49—Esther, the Hebrew Girl Who Became Queen
Chapter 50—Ezra, the King's Trusted Friend
Chapter 51—Ezra Sparks a Spiritual Revival
Chapter 52—Nehemiah, Man of Prayer and Action
Chapter 53—Nehemiah Accomplishes the “Impossible”
Chapter 54—Nehemiah Bravely Rebukes Selfishness
Chapter 55—Union With the World Hinders God's Cause-
Chapter 56—The Joy of Forgiveness and Healing
Chapter 57—Nehemiah's Painful Work of Reformation
Chapter 58—Darkness Precedes the Dawn
Chapter 59—Where Is God's True Israel?
Chapter 60—Visions of a Glorious Future