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The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress

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    Absent Member, Vision on Course of 319
    Accepts the Sabbath, Miss Harmon 255
    Accepts Visions as From God, Eld. Bates 257
    Access, Prejudice Barred to the People 195
    Accessions in Rochester, N.Y 317
    Account of First Paper, Mrs. White’s 276
    Acknowledged Guilt 325
    Adventist Preachers, Other Prominent 124
    Advice and Prediction 325
    Affliction, Mrs. White’s 336
    Africa, Elder Haskell in 425
    Aided by the Gift of Prophecy 466
    Allied Powers, Intervention of 131
    All Our Papers and Books for $3.00 287
    Amazed, the People, at Christ’s Work 64
    American Civil War, Prediction of 337
    American Medical Missionary College 372
    Andrews, J.N., on the Disappointment 196
    Angel, an, Symbol of Human Messenger 126
    Angels Visit the Shepherds 59
    Angels, Order of, to be Imitated 347
    Another Prediction 335
    Apostasy, the 72
    Appearances, Strange, in the Sun 114
    Ark Seen, Temple Opened 248
    Arrests, One Hundred and Sixteen 452
    Ascension Robes, Scoffers Put Them on 181
    Atonement, Day of, a Time of Judgment 91
    Aurora, Fiery, of l837 112
    Aurora, the, of l839 113
    Australia, First Church Organized in 421
    Australia, Mrs. White in 422
    Australian School 399
    Australian Mission, the 421
    Australian Office Building 422
    Australasian Union Conference 423
    Autumn of 1844, Attention Called to 157
    Avondale School, Australia 399
    Awakening, a Midnight 159
    Babe in the Manger 34
    Babel Built 41
    Babylon is Fallen—Marriage Supper 171
    Banished, Five Russian Sabbath-keepers 411
    Baptism in Hungary 412
    Barr, Brother, Made Glad 378
    Bates, Joseph Accepts the Sabbath 250
    Battle Creek College 394
    Battle Creek College Enlarged 396
    Beginning of the Third Angel’s Message 257
    Ben Ezra (Laucunza) 89
    Bethlehem, the Wise Men Visit 60
    Bibles, Many Used in a Vision 244
    Bible Echo, the 421
    Bidden, Miss Harmon, to Relate Vision 211
    Bidden, the Call to Them Who had been 135
    Bill, Last Paid 254
    Blasphemous Work in Lyons, France 81
    Boast Made by the Church 454
    Body Evenly Clothed 363
    Book Sales, First Report of 289
    Book Sales for Ten Years 296
    Book, Money Coming for the 254
    Book, the First on the Sabbath 251
    Book, First Published in Danish-Norwegian 413
    Book, the, Sweet Then Bitter 185
    Boquist and Walbom at Orebro, Sweden 140
    Boquist’s Testimony 141
    Boquist’s Sister’s Testimony 142
    Bourdeau D.T 210
    Boy Preacher at Karlskoga 144
    Britain, Great, the Message in 103
    British, Mission, the 417
    Burned, the Main Building 374
    Burnett, Thomas, Prediction of 96
    Burrus, Georgia, in India 439
    Bush, Professor, Testimony of 111
    Butler, Elder, Visits Europe 405
    California Mission, Opening of the 384
    Call of Moses From the Burning Bush 198
    Calls for the Message in Other Places 138
    Camden, N.Y., Hypocritical Worker in 232
    Campbell, Alexander, Position of 87
    Campmeetings Suggested 327
    Campmeeting, the First at Wright, Mich 328
    Canvassing in Germany 412
    Canvassing in Germany, Success of 409
    Canvassing Work, the, Inaugurated 295
    Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs 209
    Castle, F.C 207
    Catholic and Protestant Unity 455
    Central Africa 437
    Central America 432
    Central Bible School, Chicago 397
    Central European Field 403
    Chariots With Flaming Torches 78
    Charitable Work 369
    Chinese Work in Hawaii 440
    Choate, Senator, on the Situation in the Old World 272
    Christ Anointed According to Law 61
    Christiana, School in 416
    Christ’s Death, Teaching the Disciples 64
    Church Officers are Servants 346
    Church Property, Holding 350
    Civil War, Magnitude of the 339
    Claremont Union College 400
    Cleansing of the Sanctuary Thought to be Purifying the Earth 191
    Columbus, Far-reaching Effects of His Discovery 22
    College Building in Africa 426
    College, Money Raised for 392
    Commendation of Ministers 348
    Compared With the Reformation 99
    Compared to That of Daniel 205
    Condition of the Nations 278
    Conference at Rocky Hill, Conn 267
    Conference Organized, Michigan State 352
    Conferences, Three in Scandinavia 417
    Confession, a Written 387
    Confirmation, Another of the Visions 340
    Conradi, Elder, in Europe 409
    Constitutions, General and State Conference 354
    Contradiction, No 223
    Conversion, William Miller’s 119
    Cook, J.B., on the Sabbath Question 250
    Counterfeit Money, Detecting 300
    Creation, God’s Purpose in 25
    Credentials, Delegates 353
    Credentials, First Presented by Delegates 353
    Credentials, Ministers 353
    Crops Left in the Field 158
    Cutting Cord Wood, Elder White 266
    Czehowski, Elder 403
    Damon, Israel, Testimony of 262
    Daniel’s Prophecies Reveal the Future 54
    Dangerous Independence 386
    Dark Day and Night, the 94
    Davis of South Carolina 87
    Death, Christ Teaching Disciples of His 64
    Death of Missionaries 429
    Death, Elder Hutchins’ 434
    Defeated, a False Revivalist 229
    Delay Not Revealed at First 39
    Deliverance, as Predicted 336
    Deliverance Came Quickly 384
    Deliverance From a Railway Disaster 328
    Demonstrations, Remarkable in the Third Vision 236
    Demonstrations, Remarkable 242
    Denominational Name, a 351
    Denominational School, Call for a 391
    Denominational Schools 393
    Denied his Faith 167
    Despairing, Relief to the 382
    Disappointed Apostles, Yet Fulfilled Scripture 191
    Disappointed, Sadly 183
    Disappointed, but Not Discouraged 187
    Disappointed Disciples, Compared with the 187
    Disappointment, James White on the 188
    Disappointment, the First 149
    Disappointment, the, Explained 156
    Discovered Light on the Sanctuary 193
    Discovering the Light, Many 85
    Divine Deliverance, Evidence of 330
    Divine Guidance, Proof of 389
    Divine Origin of the Seed 50
    Door, a Closed, in the Typical Service 216
    Doors, All, of Access to Unbelievers Closed 220
    Doors Open for the Message 136
    Doubtful, From a Human Standpoint 275
    Dreams, Two, Fulfilled 313
    Dress, Extremes in, Condemned 362
    Dress, Five Points Essential to Healthful 363
    Dress, Healthful 361
    Dress, Mrs. Jenness-Miller on 364
    Dress, Question, a Testimony on 362
    Dress, the Reform 362
    Duty to the Churches 177
    Eastern Brethren, $6,000 From, for the Signs 291
    Effects on the Advent Cause 326
    Elberfeld Company, the 408
    Emmanuel Missionary College 396
    England, Tent Meetings in 418
    Ensign, Mrs., Testimony of Concerning the Vision 338
    Endorsement., Dr. Trall’s 364
    Error, Who Were in 216
    Erzenberger, Elder, Sent to America 404
    Established Order, the Commended 349
    Experience, an, in Richmond, Maine 137
    Example, Apostolic, for Our Course 174
    False Shut Door, Who First Taught the 220
    False Theory, the, Who Stoutly Opposed 221
    Family Jealousy, a, Healed 378
    Favor, a, Significant to the San Francisco Church 448
    Feasting, Church 151
    Field of Labor Enlarged 384
    Field, the, Occupied Up to l868 355
    Fifty Years of Untiring Labor 321
    First Foreign Periodical, the 414
    First Pamphlet, Issuing the 297
    First Publication in Other Tongues 290
    First Vision, Miss Harmon’s 202
    First Vision, Synopsis of 203
    First Work was Among Advent Believers 245
    Flat Rock, Storrs’s 163
    Flour, Four Pounds of 251
    Forbidding Prospect, a 376
    Foreign Lands, Printing Begun in 293
    Forsaken by All the Disciples 68
    Foss, Hazen, Vision of, l844 182
    Foss, Fails to Relate His Vision 182
    Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. A.F 209
    Foy, William, Vision of 145
    French Paper, a, Started 404
    Friend of the Poor 470
    German-Russian Mission, the 408
    Germany and Russia, the Message in 102
    Gideon’s Victory 34
    Gifts, Need of 468
    Gifts of the Spirit Connected With the Message 145
    Gifts of the Spirit During Reformation 199
    Gifts, Paul’s Testimony on the 201
    Glover, C.S 209
    Go Away and Return Again, Christ to 66
    Go Ye Out to Meet Him 161
    Gold Coast, the 438
    Governor, Ex-, St. John’s Testimony 342
    Great Results From Smallest Means—D'Aubigné's Testimony 33
    Growth of the Health Work 370
    Guardian, His Own 169
    Guardians Appointed 168
    Had to Preach, Yes, I 140
    Hamburg, Mission Opened in 410
    Hardness of Sinners, the General 219
    Haskell, Mrs. $30,000 Gift 369
    Hawaii, Sandwich Islands 439
    Healed, Oswald Stowell 318
    Healing, Miraculous, Cases of 270
    Healing Faith 334
    Healthful Living, J. N. Andrews on 358
    Health Institution, A, to be Provided 359
    Health Institution, The, Enlarged 367
    Health Journal, A, Started 360
    Health Journals in Danish and Swedish 415
    Healdsburg College 394
    Help in the Lord 464
    Heir of the World, Abraham to be 41
    Heresy, Tried for 179
    Himes, Joshua V 121
    History of the Sabbath Placed in English Libraries 419
    Holiness, A Woman Who Professed 322
    Holland, The Message in 104
    Holser, Elder, Superintendent of Field 408
    Home, The James White Memorial 370
    Hope, Centered on Noah 40
    Hope of the Ages, The Great 23
    Hope, Paul Sustained by the 24
    Hope, Peter Rejoicing in the 24
    Hospital, the Sanitarium 371
    Housekeeping With Borrowed Furniture 266
    Housekeeping Under Difficulties 316
    Hundreds Converted 139
    Hundreds Proclaiming the Message 133
    Hutchinson’s Voice of Elijah Sent Broadcast 106
    Hydriatic Dispensary, A 448
    Hymn Sung by Boquist and Walbom 143
    Imprisoned, Elders Conradi and Perk 409
    Independence, Individual, Dangerous 348
    India 438
    Infidel Writers 80
    Interest, Public, in Prophecy Aroused 132
    Internal Trials in California 386
    Invited to Michigan, Review Office 287
    Investigation Meeting Appointed 387
    Jesus Baptized 61
    Jewelry and Tract Work 446
    Jewish Rabbi, Testimony of 91
    John the Baptist, Mission of 60
    Judge Brewer’s Christian Nation 456
    Judgment Message, Due in l844 92
    Judgment, The, at Christ’s Coming 109
    Judgment, The, to Precede the Advent 158
    Keene Industrial School 400
    Kellogg, Dr., in Europe 405
    Kellogg, Dr., M.G. 205
    Kelber, Leonard Heinrich 88
    Key of the 2300 Days, Till 1798 84
    King, Israel Calls For a 45
    Kingdom, the, Overturned 47
    Laborers Increased in England 418
    Lamson, D.H. 207
    Lamson, Mrs. Drusilla 208
    Liberality of the Believers 317
    Life, A Sad Termination of 332
    Lighter Than the Sun 259
    Lineage of David 58
    Little Horn, The Work of 79
    Litch, Josiah, Predicts the Fall of Ottoman Empire 129
    Local Churches, The Effect on 444
    Longest Vision, Over Six Hours 243
    London (England) Training School 395
    Lord’s Coming, Job Taught the 49
    Lost Members, Churches Seeking 193
    Lot, Thou Shalt Stand in Thy 83
    Loud Cry of the First Message 127
    Loud Cry, The Time of 127
    Luther, Eck’s Retort to 36
    Manifestations, Wonderful 236
    Mansfield’s Testimony 176
    Manual Labor a Sin 239
    Marriage, Miss Harmon’s 244
    Marriage, Receiving a Kingdom Called a 214
    Marsh, Joseph, From, Editor of the Voice of Truth 189
    Master’s Return, The, Indefinite 72
    Means Offered Too Late 168
    Meat in Due Season, Giving 151
    Medical Corporation, An Organized 361
    Medical Missionaries 370
    Medical Missionary Work, Growth of 373
    Medical Science Approves 365
    Meetinghouse, First in Battle Creek 288
    Meeting in Vergennes, Mich 323
    Mercy After the Door is Closed 215
    Messenger Party, Collapse of the, and Paper 326
    Messenger Party, The 325
    Message, A Definite 108
    Message Compared With That of John the Baptist 106
    Message, Midnight of the 162
    Message, The, in America, India, and on the Continent 104
    Message, The Second Angel’s 173
    Messages, Three, How Regarded in l847 264
    Messengers, The 117
    Messiah, The Seventy Weeks to 55
    Methodists, Early 35
    Methodists and St. Patrick’s Day 455
    Methodist Year Book Testimony 139
    Mexico 437
    Midnight Cry, Rapid Work of 165
    Millennium, The Temporal—Patterson 73
    Miller, William 118
    Miles, General, on War Preparations 279
    Misconstrued, A Vision 227
    Missionary Steamer, J.E. White’s 435
    Mistake, A Fortunate 23
    Mistake, No, in Reckoning 2300 Days 192
    Mob Spirit, The, Manifest 176
    Mockers, Sat Not With the 187
    Modern Spiritualism, Beginning of 281
    Money for Southern Mission, How it Came 437
    Money Raised at the Yountville Campmeeting, $19,414 292
    Morning Star, The Steamer 436
    Mountain, The, Made a Plain 465
    Mountain View, Removal to 293
    Mount Vernon Academy 400
    Movement, How Started in Various Nations 99
    Movement, History of After March, 1844 157
    Name, The Approved 351
    Nations, Confusion of, in 1848 271
    New Testament Organization, Simplicity of 346
    Night Vision of Mrs. White 457
    Nobleman, Parable of the 67
    No-Mercy Theory, Opposed to the 222
    No-Mercy Man, A 234
    Not the Door of Luke 13:25-38 215
    Office Building, New, Erected in Norway 416
    Olmstead, Professor, Testimony of 96
    Olsen, Elder, in Australia 423
    Opening Heavens, A Pamphlet on the 311
    Opening Heavens, The 258
    Open Visions 457
    Opponents, Admissions of 110
    Opponents Reproved 330
    Opposition, Failure of the 472
    Opposition, Source of 471
    Opposition, Unaccountable 175
    Ordained a Minister 320
    Ordinances, Mr. Arnold Objects to 268
    Order, Christ’s Prayer For 348
    Order, God Still A God of 347
    Order in Apostolic Time 344
    Order Needed Near the End 347
    Order, Satan Delights to Overthrow 348
    Organization, Church 352
    Organization, General Formed 355
    Organization, Geo. Storrs on 344
    Organization, Legal Endorsed 350
    Organization, Object of 354
    Organization, Opposition to 343
    Organization, Re-, Why Necessary 356
    Organized Standing, Jan.1, 1903 356
    Orphans, A Plea For the 369
    Orton, J.T., Premonitions of 381
    Orton, J.T., Murder of 381
    Oswego Co., N.Y., Invited to 267
    Other Tongues, Publications in 290
    Pacific Coast, A Paper on the 291
    Pacific Health Journal, The 368
    Pacific Press Established, The 292
    Pacific Press in London 420
    Paper, First Seventh-day Adventist, How Printed 275
    Papers Published in South Africa 426
    Parable, Application of the 97
    Paralysis, Elder White Stricken With 379
    Perplexed, John 63
    Perplexed, The Jews 49
    Persecution in America 451
    Phillips Academy, U. Smith at 313
    Philadelphia Church, The 217
    Pioneers Endure Hardness 270
    Pitcairn, Visit to 427
    Pitcairn The, Built 428
    Pitcairn’s First Cruise 428
    Pitcairn’s Second Trip 429
    Pitcairn’s Third Trip 430
    Pitcairn’s Fourth Trip 430
    Pitcairn Sold 431
    Planet Vision, Another Testimony on 260
    Points of Attack, Two Special 235
    Poland, Maine, Miss Harmon’s Visit to 212
    Polynesian Field, The 427
    Potato Field, A 166
    Power, People Moved by a Supernatural 166
    Power-Press and Engine, Call for 288
    Prayers for Elder White 380
    Pratt, Mrs., Life of Described 377
    Preaching, Children in Sweden 140
    Preaching, J. N. Andrews Begins 284
    Preble, T.M. Essay of 250
    Predicted Location, The, Found 460
    Predicted Success Came 385
    Prediction, A, Fulfilled 240
    Prediction Concerning Avondale Fulfilled 399
    Prediction Concerning Spiritualism 282
    Prediction Concerning Stephenson and Hall 331
    Prediction Fulfilled 282
    Prediction Made That Christmas Fulfilled 382
    Prediction of Failure 231
    Prediction of Favorable Offer 460
    Prediction of Simeon and Anna 59
    Prediction of Workers Going Forth 372
    Preparation, The Day of His 77
    Presence of the Lord Promised 199
    Presence, God’s Manifest in Shekinah and Cloud 50
    Present Truth Started 419
    Prescott, Elder W.W., in Australia 423
    Printer, Elder Matteson Becomes a 414
    Printing in About Forty Languages 296
    Printing Office, A, in Norway 415
    Printing Office, in Our First 288
    Principles, The, Have Stood the Test 366
    Proclamation, A World-wide 98
    Progress of the Publishing Work 278
    Progress, Seventy-four Years’ 463
    Prophecy, A More Sure Word 27
    Prophecy a Light in the Darkness 31
    Prophecy Fulfilled 30
    Prophecy Gives Way-marks to the End 32
    Prophecy, Nature of 27
    Prophecy, Not of Private Interpretation 30
    Prophecy, Not Sealed 29
    Prophecy, Object of 28
    Prophecy, Position of the Gift of 246
    Prophecy Versus Worldly Wisdom 445
    Prominent Events, Three From Eden to the End 31
    Promise, A Fulfillment of the 201
    Prophesy, Thou Must Again 194
    Prophets, Ancient 457
    Prophets, What Need Have We of? 467
    Prosper, How Can These? 464
    Publishing Association, the Seventh-day Adventist Organized 290
    Publishing House Erected in Basel 406
    Publishing in Rochester—Owning a Hand-press 285
    Publishing Work, Demands of the 312
    Publishing Work, Removal of to Saratoga 285
    Purchasing a Site For a Sanitarium 360
    Quieted Down, the Turmoil Suddenly 272
    Reckoning of the 2300 Days 109
    Reformation, Humble Men in the 35
    Refute the Six Sermons, Unable to 179
    Reign of the Stem of Jesse, Glorious 51
    Related by Another, Foss’s Vision 183
    Religious Legislation Predicted 450
    Religious Liberty Association, The 452
    Remain in Heaven, Jesus Will, Until the Restitution 71
    Remarkable Physical Manifestations 335
    Remember How Thou Hast Heard 172
    Remember the Lord’s Leadings 32
    Removal to Washington, The 458
    Renewed-earth Kingdom, The 52
    Reproof, Another, of the False Theory 222
    Resurrection, The, Taught by the Prophets 52
    Resurrection Morning, Stirring Events of 69
    Restore the Kingdom, Wilt Thou Now? 71
    Results, Prediction of 359
    Return, I Will 215
    Revivals, A Mighty Wave of 136
    Revivalist, False, Another in Oswego 230
    Review Office, A Safe Deposit 289
    Robinson, Elder, in Europe 407
    Rosetta Stone Discovered 82
    Rule, Looking For Temporal 58
    Rules For Discerning True Gifts 300
    Rule One—Special Instruction 300
    Rule Two—True Prophets 302
    Rule Three—False Prophets 303
    Rule Four—Suffering and Patience 304
    Rule Five—True Prophecies Are Fulfilled 305
    Rule Six—Miracles Are Not a Test of a True Prophet 306
    Rule Seven—Their Fruits 308
    Rural Health Retreat 367
    Russia, More Sabbath-keepers in 411
    Sabbath, Change of the 248
    Sabbath-keepers, The First Adventist 249
    Sacrifice, A, And a Consecration 315
    Sacrifice, A Young Sister’s For the Truth 265
    Sacrifice of the Laborers 317
    Salaries, Ministers’ 353
    Sales of Fifty Years $11,000,000 296
    Salvation of Sinners, Mrs. White Ever Seeking the 224
    Sanctuary, The, Believed to be the Earth 190
    Sanctuary Service, The, a Type of True 45
    Sandwich Islands, In the 106
    Sanitarium, The New 374
    Sanitariums, Many to be Established 374
    Sanitariums, List of 375
    San Francisco, The First Tent-meeting in 386
    San Francisco, A Missionary Point 446
    Satan’s Attack Predicted 380
    Saviour at Twelve Years of Age 60
    Scandinavia, Elder Haskell in 415
    Scandinavia, Forty Churches in 1895 417
    Scandinavia, Mrs. White Greatly Aids 416
    Scandinavia, Twenty-five Churches in 416
    Scandinavian Mission, The 413
    School, Prof. G.H. Bell’s 391
    Schools, Two More Opened 394
    Sealed Until 1798, The Words 84
    Sealing Message Discovered 272
    Sealing Work, A Pamphlet on 312
    Seaport, Message to Every 105
    Second Advent Review Published 283
    Second Coming, Christ’s, Not a Fable 26
    Secretaries, Efficient—Maria Huntley 443
    Secular Journals, The Help of 452
    Seed, The Real 42
    See Him, I Shall, But Not Now 44
    Seeley, David 208
    Selling Farms to Aid the Work 285
    Sell Their Farms, J.P. Kellogg and Henry Lyon 287
    Separate People, A, Chosen to Receive New Truth 178
    Servants, Evil Developed 150
    Seth, Is the Seed? 40
    Seventh Day, The Only Law-appointed 249
    Shepherd, Like Sheep Without a 195
    Ship Missionary Work 419
    Ship, Small For Central America 433
    Shut Door of This Parable, What is the? 217
    Similar to Elisha and Hazael 379
    Sinners, Labor For in Oswego, N.Y 225
    Situation, A Ludicrous 170
    Situation, The, After Oct. 22, 1844 219
    Sixth Trumpet, The Close of 128
    Slavery and the War 340
    Smiting Their Fellow Servants 149
    Smith, Miss, at a Ladies’ Seminary 313
    Smith, Annie, Accepts the Truth 315
    Smith, Uriah, Connects With the Office 286
    Smith, Uriah, Connects with the Review Office 320
    Smith, Elder, Statement of 449
    Smith, Elder, Death of 321
    Something Great and Decisive 456
    Sorrows, He Hath Borne Our 53
    Southard, From N., Editor of Midnight Cry 189
    South Africa Mission 424
    South Africa, Elders Boyd and Robinson in 424
    South African Conference, The 426
    South African Union Conference 427
    South America 434
    South Lancaster Academy 395
    Southern Missionary Society 435
    Southern Society, Work of the 436
    Spent For the Truth, Eleven Thousand Dollars 252
    Spirit of Prophecy, The Remnant Church to Have 200
    Spirit Medium Doctor Testing the Visions 210
    Standing of Publishing House in l880 294
    Stars, The Falling 95
    Star Shower Seen Also in Europe 97
    Stephenson and Hall, Elders 331
    Stone, Elder, Testimony of, Move by Faith 298
    Storrs on the Attitude of the Churches 176
    Storrs’s Six Sermons 179
    Strangers Testifying of Writings 471
    Strategic Points Established 441
    Struggle, Nations Involved in 271
    Success in the Health Work Promised 372
    Success in Europe 410
    Success, Prediction of to the North 341
    Summary of Educational Work in 1895 401
    Summary of Educational Institutions in 1903 402
    Summary of Missions, Jan. 1, 1903 440
    Sunday Laws, Prediction Concerning 453
    Supper, The Call to 134
    Supply, An Unexpected 252
    Support, Ministerial 349
    Support of Paper, Prediction of Fulfilled 276
    Switzerland, Sabbath-keepers in 404
    Swiss Conference, The Organized 407
    Sword of Orion, A Glorious Light in 259
    Symmetrical Education, A, Needed 393
    Talks in Congress, 1892 454
    Tartary, The Message in 104
    Tarrying Time, The 152
    Tasmania Entered 422
    Tent-meeting, First in Battle Creek, Mich 327
    Tent-meetings First Suggested 327
    Terminus, True, of the 2300 Days, 1844 90
    Terror, The Reign of 80
    Testimonials of Eye-witnesses 205
    Testimony, First-day Adventist 223
    Testimony Delineating Character 376
    Testimony, Dr. Kellogg’s 365
    Testimony for James Harvey in Despair... 383
    Testimony of Nov. 18, 1848 273
    Testimony of Twenty-one Witnesses 226
    Testimony on Order, The First 346
    Testimony on How to Labor in California 385
    Testimony Relating to Tract Work 444
    Testimony to the Fanatic 323
    Three Thousand Proclaiming the Message 105
    Throne of David the Lord’s Throne 49
    Time for the Signs 93
    Time, The Hidden 43
    Time, The, is Fulfilled 62
    Time When the Parable Applies 148
    Time Proclamation, The, a Sweet Morsel 186
    Tithing System to Develop Character 349
    Tokens of the End 468
    Tract and Missionary Society, The 442
    Tract Fund, Call for $500.00 286
    Transfer of Review to the Association 291
    Translation of Enoch and Elijah 48
    Treatment Rooms, List of 375
    Tribute, A Personal 469
    Trinidad 432
    Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem 66
    True Gift, The Office of a 351
    Truesdail, Mrs., Testimony of 238
    Trumpet, The Fifth 128
    Trying Position, In a 174
    Turkish Independence End of, Prophecy Fulfilled 131
    Turkish Sultan at War With the Pasha of Egypt 130
    Twelve Acres Bought for the College 393
    Twenty Publishing Houses, Location of 297
    twenty-three hundred Days, The 55
    Ungodly, Fate of the 56
    Union College, Nebraska 397
    United Labors, The, of Miller and Himes 123
    Unity Between Two Extremes 345
    Unity in Diversity 356
    Unpopularity, Truth Has a Baptism of 196
    Utterance, A Door of 218
    Vicious Horse Suddenly Tamed 261
    Vindication of Their Work 155
    Visible Proof of Christ’s Messiahship 62
    Vision, A, With Wonderful Use of Bible 269
    Vision, A Wonderful Received 388
    Vision, Children in 141
    Vision, Convincing Nature of the 388
    Vision, How Written 389
    Vision, Mrs. White’s Before the Rochester Company 318
    Vision of Mrs. White, Description of Condition While in 204
    Vision of the Three Steps 146
    Vision, The First in Michigan 322
    Vision, The Given Christmas Night 380
    Vision, The Topsham 237
    Visions, Elder Bates, Skeptical of the 255
    Visions, Elder Bates’s Testimony on the 263
    Visions, Manner of Writing Out the 390
    Visions, Proof of the Divine Origin of 366
    Voice, The, From Heaven 61
    Volga, Russia, Work on the 409
    Waggoner, Elder J.H. Accepts the Message 333
    Waggoner, Elder, in Europe 407
    Walks, Jesus, Into the Country 69
    Walla Walla College 399
    War Implements, Comparison of 279
    Warning, The Most Solemn in the Bible 247
    West Indies 431
    What Elder White Turned Over to the Association 294
    Where is the Success? 472
    Whitby, Daniel, on the Millennium 75
    White, Elder, on Organization 344
    White, Elder, Death of 449
    White, Elder, in Oswego. N.Y 283
    White, Mrs., Visits Europe 407
    Whitney, Elder, Goes to Europe—death of Elder Andrews 405
    Wise, Not Many Called 35
    Witnesses, The Two Slain 80
    Wolff, Joseph, The Twenty Others 87
    Wolff, Joseph, Labor of 101
    Wonders Fulfilling Scripture Predictions 117
    Wonders in the Heavens 111
    Word of God Emerging From Obscurity 82
    Word of the Lord Versus Human Wisdom 37
    Words, The, Uttered as Predicted 324
    Words Spoken in the Vision 274
    Workers in the South 436
    World’s Fair Legislation 453
    Worldly Possessions Disposed of 166
    Wrath of Man Made to Praise the Lord 453
    Wrath of the Wicked Displayed 180
    Youth’s Instructor, The Started 286
    Youth’s Instructor Made a Weekly 294
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