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The Signs of the Times, vol. 9

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    June 28, 1883

    “Upper Columbia Conference” The Signs of the Times 9, 25, p. 297.

    THE third annual session of the Upper Columbia Conference convened at the Milton camp-ground, June 6-12, 1883. First meeting June 7, 5 P. M. President in the chair. Prayer by Eld. Haskell. Credentials of delegates called for and presented as follows: Milton, 3; Walla Walla 3; Pataha, 1; Farmington, 1; Echo, 1; Dayton, 1; Alba, 1.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.1

    The church of Farmington, W. T., 15 members, was admitted into the Conference, also the church of Echo, Oregon, 11 members. Voted that Bro. Wm. Russell be invited to act as representative of the brethren in the Spokane Country. Voted that Eld. Haskell, of General Conference, Eld Boyd, of N. P. Conference, and Bro. W. C. White, of P. S. D. A. Pub. Association, be invited to participate in the deliberations of the conference. Minutes of last session read and approved. Voted that all comm9ittees be appointed by the chair.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.2

    Remarks were made by Elds. Haskell and Boyd on the point of turning the “moving” spirit to good account, by all who move into new places making of themselves active missionaries in the places where they go.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.3

    Committees were named as follows: on Resolutions, Elds. Haskell, A. T. Jones, and Bro. W. J. Goodwin; on Nominations, W. A. Gibson, G. W. Rees, C. W. Hick; on Credentials, I. M. Johns, G. S. Rogers, T. Chabot; on Auditing, Wm. Russell, C. W. Hicks, N. W. Miller, C. I. Ford, W. A. Gibson, Wm. J. Goodwin. Adjourned to call of chair.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.4

    SECOND MEETING, JUNE 11, 5:30 P. M

    Prayer by Bro. Goodwin. Voted that Bro. H. A. Wilder act as representative of the Basket Mountain company. The reading of minutes was waived, and reports of committees called for.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.5

    Committee on Nominations reported as follows: President, Eld. G. W. Colcord; Secretary, Eld. A. T. Jones; Treasurer, Wm. Nichols; Ex. Committee, T. I. Ragsdale, Wm. J. Goodwin. These were all elected.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.6

    Committee on Credentials and Licenses reported as follows: That the credentials of Elds. G. W. Colcord and Alonzo T. Jones, and the licenses of W. A. Gilson and Wm. Russell, be renewed, and that colporteur’s licenses be granted to C. L. Ford and H. A. Wilder. After remarks by Elds. Haskell and Colcord and the candidates, the report was adopted.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.7

    Committee on Resolutions reported as follows:SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.8

    WHEREAS, The evidences of the near coming of the Lord are daily increasing, and the time for laboring for the salvation of souls is short, thereforeSITI June 28, 1883, page 297.9

    Resolved, That it be the view of this Conference that our brethren should not retain the labors of the ministers, but that they be free to labor in such fields as may present a prospect of raising up new churches.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.10

    Resolved, That we heartily recommend to our brethren and sisters the plan adopted by other Conferences in obtaining subscribers for the SIGNS OF THE TIMES for a short period, and visiting, and their laboring to awaken an interest in new fields.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.11

    Resolved, That it is the view of this Conference that Bro. Wm. Russell be employed in labor in the missionary work, and to visit the brethren at their homes and churches, and encourage the study of the Bible and mission work.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.12

    Resolved, That Bro. Wm. Nichols be requested to assist Bro. Russell, as far as he can, consistently with his other duties.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.13

    Resolved, That we recommend that Bro. Goodwin devote his time to the missionary and canvassing work; especially the “Home Hand Book.” And that he shape his financial affairs so that he can work where he can do the most good.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.14

    WHEREAS, There is a feeling among many of our brethren and sisters that a school is needed in this Conference, where the young can be brought under proper influences, as well as shielded from the corruptions which are common to many of the schools of the present day, andSITI June 28, 1883, page 297.15

    WHEREAS, When such school shall be established, there should be connected therewith teachers who can also give instruction to young men and women, by which they may be fitted for positions of usefulness in the cause of God. And as at present we have not teachers of such experience, nor a suitable place selected for the establishment of such a school, thereforeSITI June 28, 1883, page 297.16

    Resolved, That we recommend that those of our brethren and sisters who have in view the work of teaching, attend the school at Healdsburg, Cal., that thus they may obtain the instruction and experience which will enable them to efficiently connect themselves with such school whenever in the providence of God it may be founded.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.17

    Resolved, That we recommend also that those young men and women who design giving themselves to labor in the cause of God, either in the work of the ministry or otherwise, and are not prepared, through lack of instruction, to enter the field, attend the school at Healdsburg, and thus obtain such information and experience as will enable them to labor more successfully in the work of the Third Angel’s Message.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.18

    After the reading and full discussion of each of the resolutions, they were adopted unanimously.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.19

    Voted, That we extend the thanks of this Conference to the General Conference for the labors of Eld. Haskell, to the N. P. Conference for the help of Eld. C. L. Boyd, to the P. S. D. A. P. A. for the assistance of Bro. W. C. White.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.20

    Voted, That the thanks of the Conference be extended to the O. R. & N. Co., and the Northern Pacific R. R. for the favor granted, in returning to their homes at reduced rates all who have come to this meeting over their lines.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.21

    Voted, That we heartily thank Bro. Nichols for the free use of the camp-ground.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.22

    Voted, That Wm. Nichols, W. J. Goodwin, Ambrose Johnson, Wm. McCoy, and T. L. Ragsdale, comprise the camp-meeting committee for the ensuing year. Following is the Treasurer’s Report:SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.23

    FROM JUNE 1, 1882, TO JUNE 1, 1883.

    Amount received........................ $1516.25SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.24

    Amount paid to Gen’l. Conf. and Ministers .... 953.20SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.25

    Balance on hand ....................... $503.05SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.26

    WM. NICHOLS, Treasurer,SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.27

    Adjourned without day.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.28

    G. W. COLCORD, President.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.29

    ALONZO T. JONES, Secretary.SITI June 28, 1883, page 297.30

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