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    By faith, as wandering pilgrims here,
    We sojourn in this vale of tears,
    It points us to His coming, near,
    That ends our sighs, and groans, and fears,
    Though raging hosts of foes assail,
    The conqueror’s trophies, won, will be;
    Through sword and flame we shall prevail
    By faith, and gain the victory!
    HHHH 43.1

    Though clouds and tempests, hovering near,
    May o’er thy pathway seem to frown,
    It bids them quickly disappear,
    And brings the promised blessing down.
    It breaks the bands that round thee cling-
    From sin and bondage sets thee free,
    To rise on its triumphant wing,
    And shout, by faith, the victory!
    HHHH 43.2

    Faith, living faith, ascends the skies,
    To Christ, within the second vail,
    “It will be done,” still firmly cries,
    And trusts his word that ne’er can fail,
    Till rays of light shine from above,
    And darkness, doubt and terror flee,
    And glory from the throne of love,
    To swell the note of victory!
    HHHH 43.3

    The Promised Land it keeps in view.
    The Glorious City of our God,
    Soon will it bear us safely through,
    UP to that bright and blest abode;
    Where faith is lost in joyful sigh,
    And prayer to praises turned shall be,
    When all the ransomed shall unite
    To sing the song of victory.
    HHHH 44.1

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