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    LINES On the death of Anna White

    Editress of the Youth’s
    Instructor, who died in Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 30th,
    1854, in the 26th year of her age.
    HHHH 74.1

    She hath passed Death’s chilling billow,
    And gone to rest;
    Jesus smoothed her dying billow-
    Her slumbers blest.
    HHHH 74.2

    Parents saw with grief unspoken,
    Only in tears,
    Their sweet bud of promise broken-
    In early years.
    HHHH 74.3

    In yon, lonely grave, a Brother,
    Friends, weeping, laid;
    Called so soon to see another,
    As lovely, fade.
    HHHH 74.4

    God support, while hopes have perished
    In Sorrow’s tide;
    While a Sister, loved and cherished,
    Sleeps by his side.
    HHHH 74.5

    Precious seed had she been sowing
    On Life’s broad field;
    Rich will be the harvest, showing
    The Sheaves t’will yield.
    HHHH 75.1

    Youth and children now are sighing,
    Who feel her worth,
    That her cold, pale form is lying
    Low in the earth.
    HHHH 75.2

    From the bitter cup that’s given,
    We should not shrink;
    Since the mandate is from Heaven,
    That bids us drink.
    HHHH 75.3

    Sleep, dear Sister, kind and tender,
    To friendship true,
    While with feeling hearts we render
    This tribute due.
    HHHH 75.4

    When the morn of glory, breaking,
    Shall light the tomb,
    Beautiful will be thy waking,
    In fadeless bloom.
    HHHH 75.5

    Where no wintry winds are blowing,
    No burial train,
    Crowned with gems celestial, glowing,
    We’ll meet again!
    HHHH 75.6

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