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    and how the “streams of light” before mentioned are fast making their way around the world.LDT 202.2

    Instead of that one little eight-page paper, eight by five inches, of which Elder White printed eleven numbers, in the years 1849 and 1850, Seventh-day Adventists, according to statements made in the General Conference Year Book of 1911, now have twenty-seven publishing houses, issuing literature in sixty-seven languages, with an annual circulation of approximately $1,550,000 worth a year, in the form of 333 bound books, 287 pamphlets, 126 periodicals, and 1,096 tracts,-a total of 1,842 publications. To obtain one copy of each would require $493.00.LDT 202.3

    The number of educational institutions at the close of 1910, is noted as follows: Ninety-one doing work above the primary grades. These schools, located in twenty-two countries, have an enrollment of about 7,000, employ more than 500 teachers, and their estimated value is over $1,500,000. The special object before these schools is preparation for active service in some branch of the denominational work. Besides this, in the different countries, there are 576 primary schools doing work in grades one to eight, with 668 teachers, and having an enrollment of 11,835, and a valuation of $144,318.84.LDT 202.4

    Another agency for the preparation of workers is the sanitariums of the denomination, in which medical missionaries are prepared for active service in that line. The Year Book gives a total of eighty-one of these institutions in different parts of the world. More than a thousand physicians and nurses are employed. The total valuation of these institutions is over three million dollars. In connection with this work there is annually expended, in charity, nearly $100,000.LDT 203.1

    The work of the denomination is embraced in 110 local conferences and 96 mission fields. During 1909, 134 additional laborers were sent to these missions. In fact the denomination has more missions among veritable heathen than any other one denomination. The New York Methodist Christian Advocate recently said of the work of the Seventh-day Adventists: “Its aim avowedly is to run the earth; and small though the denomination still is, it has its missionaries scattered through every region of the globe.” The last four years the denomination has sent out 393 missionaries, and contributed $383,000 for their support.LDT 203.2

    The number of organized churches, as given in the Year Book, is 2,691; and the communicants are given as about 100,000. The number of evangelistic laborers is given as 4,104; institutional laborers 3,611; a total of 7,715. The funds contributed in one year for the support of the evangelistic work are $1,770,649.07.LDT 204.1

    It may be a matter of interest to the reader to have a list of the languages in which the printed matter of the denomination is circulated. The following is given in the Year Book:LDT 204.2

    Arabic Hawaiian
    Armenian Hebrew
    Armeno-Turkish Hindi
    Battak Hungarian
    Bengali Icelandic
    Bohemian Italian
    Bulgarian Japanese
    Burmese Java-Malay
    Cantonese (China) Kafir (Xhosa)
    Chasu (East Africa) Korean
    Chitonga (South Africa) Laplandish
    Croatian Lettonian
    Danish-Norwegian Lithuanian
    Dutch Malay (Singapore)
    English Mandarin (China)
    Esthonian Manganja (East Africa)
    Fijian Maori (New Zealand)
    Finnish Marathi
    French Niue
    German Polish
    Greek (Modern) Portuguese
    Greco-Turkish Raratongan
    Rumanian Tahitian
    Russian Tamil (India)
    Samoan Tongan
    Santali Turkish
    Servian Urdu (Roman)
    Sesuto (South Africa) Urdu (Persian)
    Slovakian Welsh
    Soenda (Roman) Wendie
    Spanish Wen-li (China)
    Swahili Yiddish
    Swedish Zulu

    The above figures and facts are given with no spirit of vaunting, but rather with that of gratitude to the Giver of all good for His blessings, which have been innumerable, and without which our efforts would have been unavailing, and the work long before this would have come to naught. Had there been a zeal and devotion to the cause such as the work demands, the visible progress would be still greater.LDT 205.1

    Beholding the Seventh-day Adventists with their publishing houses, publications, schools, sanitariums, missions, and missionaries pressing on with this truth to the different peoples, nations, and tongues of the earth, can it not be confidently affirmed that here, in the order of events, in this line of prophecy, is the true third angel’s message? The Lord’s time came for such a call to be given, and here is the message. As of the other portions of the advent prophecy, so it may be said of this, the message must be the true fulfilment, for it came in just the time for such a warning, and is doing just the work predicted that it should do.LDT 205.2

    Happy will it be for those who recognize the hand of God in the work for this time, and place themselves on the side of His truth, yielding to Him mind, might, and strength for His work. But how will it be with those who reject the warning, refuse the gracious invitation to come and take of the water of life freely? “The Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, COME.... And whosoever will, let him” COME.LDT 206.1

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