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    Exposition of Miller’s Chart of the Chronology of the World, and of the Prophetic Periods

    1. The scale of the Chart represents 6000 years from the creation. Period
    B. C.
    A. D
    2. The first space on the Chart represents the six millenniums, before the “Great Sabbath of rest.”
    See “Miller’s Views,” page 157, Lecture on the Great Sabbath, where this subject is fully explained.
    This space is also divided into different parts, showing the chronology of the most important events in the history of the world and the church.1The critical student will readily observe the different periods in this Exposition, marked on the twelve Spaces of the Chart, so that we have no need to make distinct reference to them in every period described.
    1. The flood, in the 600th year of Noah’s age Periods
    A. M.
    B. C.
    2. From the flood to the Exode, 428 years. 428 2084 2073
    3. The Israelites enter Canaan --- 470 years from the Exode. Period
    A. M.
    B. C.
    4. Administration of Joshua, and the Judges began, A. M. 2554, and continued 473 years ---------- ending 473 3027 1130
    5. Beginning of the Temple by Solomon, being a period of 108 years from Samuel the prophet, or the end of the Judges. 108 3135 1022
    6. The beginning of the four Monarchies represented in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Daniel 2:31-35, 7:2-14. At this period, the people of God became permanently subject to the kingdoms of the world, as a punishment for their rebellion against God. The Ten Tribes were carried into captivity by Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, and were broken, scattered, and ceased to be a nation; Manasseh, king of Judah, was carried to Babylon in fetters of iron: making a period of 345 years from the foundation of the Temple. Period
    A. M
    B. C.
    7. The seventy years’ captivity began under Jehoiakim, in the third year of his reign, by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. This included a period of 70 years. Here the Jubilees of the Jewish institution ceased. From the time of the keeping of the 1st Jubilee by the Jewish nation to 1843, is just 49 Jubilees, or 2450 years; which brings us to the Grand Jubilee of Jubilees. 70 3350 607
    8. Seventy weeks of Daniel 9:24-27, begin. The time of the going forth of the decree of ARTAXERXES (in the seventh year of his reign) to Ezra,
    to restore the law and the captives; under the administration of Ezra and Nehemiah, the walls and streets were built in troublous times. At this date the vision of the Ram pushing— Persia against Grecia—commences;—it being a period of 150 years from the great captivity. Period
    9. Beginning of the Roman government, or the period of its connexion with the people of God, by the league formed. A period of 299 years, during the governments of Persia and Grecia. 299 3999 158
    10. The birth of Christ, a period of 158 years from the league with the Romans. 158 4157
    11. The crucifixion—Death of the Messiah—a period of 33 years from his birth. 33 4190 A.D.
    12. The end of Pagan Rome. The ten kings converted to the Christian faith, and become of “one mind.” Here the daily sacrifice, or Pagan Rome, was taken away.— Daniel’s 1290 days, the 1335 days, both begin at this period. The 1335 days carry us down to the time when Daniel will “stand in his lot,” in the “first resurrection.” 12:11-13. 475 4695 508
    13. The reign of the ten kings “one hour,” or 30 years, in the Roman empire. Here the abomination that maketh desolate, or Papal Rome, was set up. His power originated in the “Code of Laws” established by Justinian, the emperor of Rome, called the dragon; who “gave him his power, and 30 4735 508
    seat, and great authority;” and gave him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies; and power was given him to make war 42 months, or 1260 years. (Revelation 13:2-5.) The ten kings at this period gave up their power and strength to the Papal beast. (Revelation 17:13-17.) The blasphemous power of Papacy begins and continues 42 months, or 1260 days, meaning years. (Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:5.) Period A.M. A.D.
    The two witnesses clothed in sackcloth prophesying 1260 years. (Revelation 11:3.) The church fled into the wilderness, where she was fed 1260 years. (Revelation 12:6-14.) A period of 761 years. 761 5456 1299
    14. Beginning of the Ottoman power, under the Fifth Trumpet.
    In Revelation 9:5-10, we have the history of 150 years of the fifth Trumpet, in which the four angels were bound in the river Euphrates one hundred and fifty years.
    150 5606 1449
    15. Sixth Trumpet, which was to sound 391 years and 15 days.
    Revelation 9:13-21.) Here the four angels were loosed, viz., the Turks,
    Tartars, Arabs and Saracens. Mehemet II. attacked the Greek empire, and in the year 1453 he took
    Constantinople, and constituted it the capital of the Ottoman empire.
    391 5997 1840
    16. The Seventh Trumpet. Here the Ottoman power, or the great River Euphrates, was dried up. (See Revelation 16:12.) And the seventh trumpet begins to sound. (Revelation 9:15-19.) 3 6000 1843
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