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    Written for the anniversary exercises of the Golden Branch
    Society of Phillips’ Exeter Academy, June, 1851.
    POUS 138.1

    We’ve met again within these halls—
    These halls to mem’ry dear,
    Where scenes of harmony and peace
    Have filled the by-gone year.
    But e’en while recollections fond
    Still cling around the heart,
    One bitter thought disturbs our joy:
    For we have met to part.
    POUS 138.2

    Full well we know, our path through life
    Can ne’er be always bright;
    The sweetest hours to mortals given
    Are swiftest in their flight.
    Then let us follow duty’s call,
    With calm, undaunted brow,
    Nor weakly chide the stern behest,
    Which separates us now.
    POUS 138.3

    Ye whom this consecrated spot
    Still sheds its blessings o’er,
    Use well the moments as they pass,
    For they return no more.
    Here you must gird your armor on,
    Survey the field of life,
    And then go forth to earn a name,
    Or perish in the strife.
    POUS 138.4

    Great men have been before us here,
    Whose fame the wide world knows;
    Excelsior still shines for us—
    The star by which they rose.
    POUS 138.5

    They’re shedding now a mighty spell
    On all the paths we tread;
    On living brows bloom laurel wreaths,
    While cypress mourns the dead.
    POUS 139.1

    Then let us form the high resolve
    To make our lives sublime,
    And mark a clear and noble track
    Upon the sands of time,
    And bring fresh honors to the list
    Of men and heroes all,
    Whose power is felt from pole to pole—
    The sons of Phillips’ Hall.
    POUS 139.2

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