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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Depart from Sin

    Could the deluded votaries
    Of fashion and of song,
    But see their danger, they would cry,
    We’ve ventured here too long.
    PSAS 16.1

    Yes, ventured o’er a precipice,
    Held by a brittle thread,
    While “fiery billows roll beneath”
    The slippery paths we tread.
    PSAS 16.2

    We’ve ventured to reject the call,
    In love and pity given,
    To flee sin’s awful destiny,
    And seek a home in Heaven.
    PSAS 16.3

    Could tears prevail, could pity move,
    You would not longer stand,
    Exposed by every dashing wave
    In you broad gulf to land.
    PSAS 16.4

    But tears and pity cannot save,
    Nor for one sin atone,
    Redemption’s purchased with the blood
    Of Jesus Christ alone.
    PSAS 16.5

    The debt is paid; salvation’s free,
    Though Jesus’ life it cost,
    And all who come to him he’ll save;
    Then why should you be lost?
    PSAS 16.6

    Oh! be entreated to forsake
    The road that leads to hell,
    And thus be fitted for the place
    Where saints and angels dwell.
    PSAS 16.7

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