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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Lines. Written on the death of Annie R. Smith

    Let Annie sleep; her rest is with the dead;
    All sorrow past, her last sad tear is shed;
    Why call to mind the sufferings here she bore,
    When now with her they are forever o’er?
    PSAS 30.4

    Why ope the wound-that wound so deeply given,
    When from the parent tree this branch was riven?
    Oh! spare thy tears, wake not the fount of grief;
    No human power can aid or give relief.
    PSAS 30.5

    She died in hope of living evermore
    With those she loved, when Time’s last scene is o’er.
    When Jesus comes, we trust there’ll be a place
    Prepared for her with all the ransomed race.
    PSAS 30.6

    Shall we then see her in immortal bloom,
    Risen triumphant from the silent tomb?
    Shall we there meet her all in bright array,
    And spend in Heaven with her an endless day?
    PSAS 31.1

    Shall we behold the glorious city fair,
    And by the King of kings be welcomed there?
    To eat with her the fruit of earth made new,
    And given to Jesus praise and glory due?
    PSAS 31.2

    Oh, ‘tis enough! Let earthly sorrow cease,
    While Jesus says in him we shall have peace.
    That God in us may his designs fulfill,
    We’ll meekly suffer all his holy will.
    PSAS 31.3

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