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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Lines. Read at the gathering of the oldest people of Wilton, at Miss Sarah Livermore’s, November, 1870

    Now far advanced in life we’re here,
    To visit one long held most dear;
    Though we have all been young and gay,
    Time’s rolling years have worked decay.
    PSAS 35.3

    Though lingering here on earth’s broad shore,
    Life’s journey must be nearly o’er;
    And may this friendly, gathering call,
    A blessing prove to one and all.
    PSAS 35.4

    Convened here, then, be this our aim,
    To make each other glad we came;
    In union these rich blessings share,
    And say, ‘Twas good that we were there.
    PSAS 35.5

    Refreshed, we’d patiently pursue
    This last part of our journey through.
    On those who entertain these guests,
    Would ask that they be doubly blest.
    PSAS 35.6

    We would not fail while here to see
    All we’re required to do and be.
    Would advocate and teach the right,
    Still hastening toward perfection’s hight.
    PSAS 36.1

    Earth’s pleasures then will be increased
    By this delightful, social feast.
    And we prepared to meet in Heaven,
    Where joys eternal will be given.
    PSAS 36.2

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