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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Home for the Weary

    If there’s rest for the weary, a home for the meek,
    Hope for the trembling and strength for the weak,
    Take courage, worn pilgrim, nor sink in despair,
    While braving the storms that but hasten us there.
    PSAS 40.3

    The waves and the billows will over us go,
    And waters most bitter will oft overflow.
    Our hearts with fierce conflicts and anguish be riven,
    But hope to the end; there’s salvation in Heaven.
    PSAS 40.4

    Oh, who will endure the last searching test,
    With Abrah’m and Isaac and Jacob be blest
    In the kingdom of God? and who will be lost,
    To find when too late, what earth’s pleasures have cost?
    PSAS 40.5

    Shall we cling, then, to what Christ would have us give up?
    Oh, no! grieve him not, and he with us will sup.
    He’ll shelter us here in the last coming strife,
    And give us to drink of the water of life.
    PSAS 41.1

    How blest to be ready and waiting to hear
    The last trumpet sound, and see Jesus appear!
    Such then will rejoice that redemption has come,
    Be changed to his image, and received to their home.
    PSAS 41.2

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