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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Advent

    Those who’ve heard the proclamation
    Of a coming Saviour near,
    Will behold him in great splendor,
    When in clouds he shall appear.
    PSAS 57.3

    He will come; this generation
    Will not pass till all is o’er.
    Signs foretell he’s now approaching,
    And is even at the door.
    PSAS 57.4

    Oh! what scenes will burst upon us,
    When the heavens and earth shall shake,
    When the trump of God is sounding,
    And the dead in Christ awake!
    PSAS 57.5

    Saints now living, made immortal,
    With the risen from the dead,
    All arrayed in robes of honor,
    With their Saviour at their head.
    PSAS 57.6

    Freed from sin and every sorrow,
    Ever to be with their Lord,
    And for all they’ve suffered for him,
    Meet a rich and sure reward.
    PSAS 57.7

    But where will the thoughtless sinner
    Find a secret place to hide,
    From the wrath of him who loved us,
    And for us was crucified?
    PSAS 58.1

    Rocks and mountains cannot hide them,
    Caves and dens are sought in vain;
    Unlamented and unburied,
    Will be found the wicked slain.
    PSAS 58.2

    If there’s yet one ray of mercy,
    Lingering for transgressors here,
    Let them haste to gain the treasure,
    Bought and paid for us so dear.
    PSAS 58.3

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