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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Race and Warfare

    Are we loitering on the way
    To the realms of endless day?
    Sleep we on while danger’s near?
    Have we nought to dread or fear?
    PSAS 72.2

    Let us heed the call, Awake!
    Our eternal all’s at stake;
    One false step our fate may seal,
    Ruin, soon our souls may feel.
    PSAS 72.3

    Foes our every move to spy,
    All around in ambush lie;
    Watching, they will take the place
    Left unfortified by grace.
    PSAS 72.4

    Oh! what havoc then is made,
    Structures fair in ruin laid;
    Messengers driven from the field,
    Those who should be valiant, yield.
    PSAS 72.5

    Some who started to go through
    Now a wicked course pursue;
    What account must soon be given!
    Why thus sink in sight of Heaven?
    PSAS 72.6

    Flee, oh! flee the tempter’s snare!
    There is power with God in prayer;
    He is ready to forgive,
    Saying, Look to me and live.
    PSAS 72.7

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