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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Hour of Judgment

    The time has come, that all important day,
    When sins must be confessed and washed away!
    When hearts must feel, and conscience’ voice be heard
    In swift obedience to God’s holy word.
    PSAS 75.4

    “Be zealous and repent,” is God’s command.
    We must in humble ranks united stand.
    With us, ‘tis said, the judgment first begins;
    And we must soon be cleansed from all our sins.
    PSAS 75.5

    We must let Jesus in. Our mighty foe
    Is ready to effect our overthrow.
    With Christ we’re safe; in conflict he’ll united,
    Help on to victory, and maintain the right.
    PSAS 75.6

    The eye-salve, well applied, sheds light around,
    And all our secret faults and sins are found,
    To be confessed, while Jesus intercedes,
    And while for us his precious blood he pleads.
    PSAS 76.1

    Though scarlet be our sins-of crimson dye-
    If penitent, he’ll not our suit deny.
    He waits for full confession, which, when made,
    Whate’er our sin and guilt, he’ll not upbraid.
    PSAS 76.2

    He’s ready to acquit and set us free,
    And will proclaim our perfect liberty.
    He’ll seal us his, and make us here his care;
    He’ll fit us for his throne, and take us there.
    PSAS 76.3

    He’s cutting short his work in righteousness,
    And coming soon his waiting saints to bless.
    When once he’s left the mediatorial place,
    No ray of mercy lights our ruined race.
    PSAS 76.4

    ‘Twill then be known, the offers we’ve refused,
    The blood-bought privileges that we’ve abused-
    How must it sharpen every pang of guilt
    To think, for us the Saviour’s blood was spilt;
    PSAS 76.5

    To know we might have had our sins forgiven,
    And lived forever with the loved in Heaven.
    In view of anguish deep we then must feel.
    No wounds of sin may we here slightly heal.
    PSAS 76.6

    Broad as th’ offense, confession I will make,
    And all my dear, loved idol sins forsake.
    Yes, glory be to God! the victory’s gained,
    And self-denial shall be hence maintained.
    PSAS 76.7

    ‘Twill take our all to buy the pure tried gold;
    And naught of earth can we in heart withhold.
    A cheaper way I would not, could I, go;
    A dearer way no one can ever show.
    PSAS 76.8

    I love the blessed way; it buoys me up;
    My Saviour’s here, and with him I may sup.
    I’ll be content with nothing short of this;
    And this alone makes Heaven perpetual bliss.
    PSAS 77.1

    Then let us make our hope and calling sure;
    And all our trials patiently endure.
    They’ll soon be o’er; our lives we’ll not hold dear.
    And soon in glory with our Lord appear.
    PSAS 77.2

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