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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Remnant Church

    There is a people coming up, with gifts and power divine,
    Whose holy influence will be felt, whose holy light will shine;
    It will be known who do in truth, the solemn message heed,
    Such will be zealous and repent, becoming saints indeed.
    PSAS 77.3

    Their love and union will increase, their interests will be one;
    They’ll know that they are heirs of God, and joint heirs with his Son;
    They’ll love God for his own dear sake, not that He’s them forgiven;
    And truly “sin will be their hell, and holiness their Heaven.”
    PSAS 77.4

    Their company will be the saints, and each will be so dear,
    They’ll love to make a sacrifice to benefit them here.
    They’ll love for their Redeemer’s sake; as answers face to face,
    So will their hearts while they in each, his lovely image trace.
    PSAS 77.5

    This dread, dull sameness will not long among the saints bear sway,
    The glory in their midst will soon purge all the chaff away;
    Thus separated from the vile, the strong be stronger still;
    The great refreshing time is near, and all may come who will.
    PSAS 78.1

    But, oh! some will not be refined, nor give their idols up;
    Such never will let Jesus in, nor with him ever sup.
    They yet may linger round the shore, and think to get on board,
    But they must come to Heaven’s terms; the standard can’t be lowered.
    PSAS 78.2

    Thrice happy they who’re in the ship, though tossed with angry waves!
    “Our Father’s at the helm,” and all who trust in him he saves;
    Those who in heart give up their all, lie passive in his hand,
    He’ll bring with safety into port, to their own promised land.
    PSAS 78.3

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