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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Emptiness of Earth

    What though while here we soar in fame,
    And gain earth’s most illustrious name,
    Have heaps on heaps of sordid gold,
    No pleasures here desired, withhold.
    PSAS 94.4

    Be mayor, emperor and king;
    To light and use improvements bring;
    For having some great place explored,
    PSAS 94.5

    Be worshiped, honored and adored;
    Your influence o’er an empire spread,
    And you looked up to as the head;
    What then? the king and hero dies;
    And though ‘tis said the great here lies,
    ‘T might well be asked, “False marble, where?
    Nothing but sordid dust lies here.”
    Thus earth’s career, however grand,
    When called before their judge to stand,
    If not to God and Heaven resigned,
    Ere to the tomb they were consigned,
    Will prove no covering for the head,
    Though banners here were for them spread.
    What horror then must seize the heart,
    When God commands, from him depart;
    Though laws and statutes here they made,
    This sentence then must be obeyed.
    PSAS 95.1

    Sin’s dread beginning here we know,
    Its issue none on earth can show;
    But oh! the “end, the dreadful end,“
    Of those who have in God no friend.
    PSAS 95.2

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