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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Unchanged

    I saw her ‘mid the birds and blossoms when a rosy laughing child
    Playing by the silver rivulet, joyous in its murmurings wild;
    Now wandering o’er the sunny green with buoyant step and free,
    In the mild and balmy breeze that fanned the flowery lee.
    PSAS 119.3

    In life’s fair spring-time, when the heart is lightest, free from care,
    When fancy spreads her pinions wide and soars on wings of air,
    Earth’s mantling robe, so brightly decked with rainbow-colored hue.
    Came o’er the soul in visions soft as falls the pearly dew.
    PSAS 119.4

    The morn of youth was on her cheek when love her bosom thrilled,
    With golden dreams of future bliss her gentle soul was filled-
    Unsullied by the world’s cold strife, its darkness and untruth
    When in its tender infancy, the guileless love of youth.
    PSAS 120.1

    She thought the world could ne’er be lone while one might not depart,
    Who was the worshiped idol of her young and trusting heart;
    His dark eyes woke the flame within of soul-lit lustrous hue,
    To be unquenched-the holy light of pure devotion true.
    PSAS 120.2

    Genius marked his lofty brow for wreathing chaplets fair,
    And from the deeply-treasured fount of knowledge rich and rare,
    She quaffed the crystal streams that flowed, with kind and fervent heart,
    As flowers will gather sweetness that may never more depart.
    PSAS 120.3

    And oft she gazed with rapture on that bright angelic face,
    So radiant and beautiful with eloquence and grace;
    His voice, like tones of music sweet, bound with a magic spell,
    As gems of wisdom from his lips in heavenly accents fell.
    PSAS 120.4

    In fashion’s brilliant halls, where gay alluring pleasures throng,
    No flattering smiles could win her from her childhood’s happy song;
    PSAS 120.5

    When many a garland twined her brow and passions voice soft fell,
    She was true to him who knew not how she had loved so well.
    PSAS 121.1

    Ah! cruel fate that bids the shades of change with fleeting years,
    Sad separation’s bitter pang must dim with burning tears-
    Like some lone beacon’s glimmering ray the star of hope shall be,
    To guide the bark by tempest driven o’er life’s dark, troubled sea.
    PSAS 121.2

    The cherished love of early years say not she can forget,
    That springs in youth’s fresh vernal prime, and with its tears are wet;
    Its tender buildings crushed may be, and blighted its return,
    Its wasted fragrance lingers still around its broken urn.
    PSAS 121.3

    When time shall fade youth’s glowing charms, its joy and romance fled,
    Love’s purest flame is shining o’er the altar of the dead-
    Through desert paths and weary of life’s ever-changing day,
    With light and peace his memory shall pave her lonely way.
    PSAS 121.4

    I saw her in the moonlit vale, a lovely maiden’s form,
    Her spirit in illusions wrapped, her cheek with vigor warm;
    Untouched by sorrow’s withering hand, so pale, for hers were dreams
    Of other years-that for the night had cast their halo beams.
    PSAS 121.5

    And may the silken tie so fond, unbroken e’er remain,
    Bright angels hover round her way to shield till life shall wane;
    Unchanging be the heart’s first love, till in immortal bloom,
    In yonder Paradise her home and rest beyond the tomb.
    PSAS 122.1

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