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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    We fail not, when watching, our duty to know,
    While Jesus makes out all our pathway below.
    When he bids be buried with him ‘neath the wave,
    Let nought keep us back from the watery grave.
    PSAS 14.4

    Go forward; these waters are ever the place,
    Where Jesus is found with his presence to grace;
    While angels make each of its subjects their care,
    And the Spirit of God sheds its blessedness there.
    PSAS 14.5

    Oh, blest institution! the Lord owns it still,
    And moves on his people his word to fulfill;
    In newness of life will he help to arise,
    While they humbly press on toward the mark for the prize.
    PSAS 14.6

    How heavenly the sight of an ordinance like this;
    The pledge, it would seem, of perpetual bliss :
    God honored below, while his people rejoice,
    Making known to the world, they obey him from choice.
    PSAS 14.7

    We’ll follow the footsteps of Jesus, our King,
    Till we the glad songs of deliverance sing.
    We’ll exalt him while here, we will love and adore,
    And with the redeemed sound his praise evermore.
    PSAS 15.1

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