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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Passed Away

    Passed away from earth forever,
    Free from all its cares and fears,
    She again will join us never
    While we tread this vale of tears;
    For the turf is now her pillow,
    And she sleeps among the dead;
    While the cypress and the willow
    Wave above her lowly bed.
    There she slumbers, calmly slumbers,
    With the silent, peaceful dead.
    PSAS 135.5

    With what grief and anguish riven,
    Should we see the loved depart,
    If there were no promise given,
    Which could soothe the wounded heart!
    If the chains with which death binds them,
    Ne’er again should broken be;
    And his prison which confines them,
    Ne’er be burst to set them free;
    If forever there to leave them,
    Were our hopeless destiny.
    PSAS 136.1

    But a glorious day is nearing,
    Earth’s long-wished-for jubilee;
    When creation’s King appearing,
    Shall proclaim his people free;
    When upborne on Love’s bright pinion,
    They shall shout from land and sea,
    Death! where is thy dark dominion!
    Grave! where is thy victory!
    Then we’ll meet her, gladly meet her,
    When we’ll never parted be.
    PSAS 136.2