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The Doctrine of Christ

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    LESSON SIXTY-FOUR Christ with Us

    1. The glorification of Christ by his death, and his ascension to heaven, were necessary to the fulfillment of his’ promised presence in the Spirit. John 7:38, 39; 16:7; Acts 2:33.TDOC 180.2

    2. The promise of the Holy Spirit is the provision for the presence of Christ in his disciples. John 17:26.TDOC 180.3

    3. The presence of the indwelling Christ through his Spirit is essential for every Christian. Romans 8:8, 10; John 15:5.TDOC 180.4

    4. This is the fellowship with Christ into which every believer is called. 1 Corinthians 1:9; 1 John 1:3.TDOC 180.5

    Fellowship with God

    “When the Son of God came to earth, and revealed the Father, it was that such intercourse with God, and the assurance of his favor, might become clearer, and be the abiding portion of every child of God. When he was exalted to the throne of glory, it was that he might send down into our hearts the Holy Spirit, to maintain in us, in divine power, the blessed life of fellowship with God.”TDOC 180.6

    The one need

    “Has, the Holy Spirit the place in the church which our Lord Jesus would wish him to have? When our hearts open to the inconceivably glorious truth that he is the mighty power of God dwelling in us, that in him the living Christ works through, us, that he is the real presence with us of the glorified Lord on the throne, we shall feel that the one need of the ministry and the church is this: to wait at the footstool of the, throne without ceasing for the clothing with the power that, comes from on high. The Spirit of Christ, in his love and power, in his death and life, if; the Spirit of the ministry.”TDOC 181.1

    Christ restored

    “All that Christ had been to them, the Spirit was to restore in greater power, and in a blessedness that should know no break. They were to be far, happier and safer and stronger with Jesus in heaven, than they ever could have been with him on earth. This, the chief beauty and blessedness of their discipleship of such a Master, that he was so wise and patient to give to each one just what he needed, and to make each one feel that he had in him his best friend, could never be left out. The indwelling of the Spirit was meant to restore Christ’s most personal intercourse and guidance, his direct personal friendship.”TDOC 181.2

    The Spirit of the God-man

    “But now there comes the last, the long-promised, an entirely new manifestation of the divine Spirit. The Spirit that has dwelt in Jesus Christ, and, in his life of obedience, has taken up his human spirit into perfect fellowship and unity with himself, is now the Spirit of the exalted God-man. As the man Christ Jesus enters the glory of God and the full fellowship of that Spirit-life in which God dwells, he receives from the Father the right to send forth this Spirit into his disciples, yea, in the Spirit to descend himself, and dwell in them.”TDOC 181.3

    A Personality

    “The Spirit here spoken of is a personal existence. Throughout all that our Lord says in this last conversation regarding the Spirit, personal epithets are applied to him, and the actions ascribed to him are personal actions. He is to be the substitute of the most marked and influential, Personality with whom the disciples had ever been brought in contact. He is to supply his vacated place.”TDOC 181.4

    An unappreciated promise

    “Christ declared that the divine influence of the Spirit was to be with his followers unto the end. But the promise is not appreciated as it should be; and therefore its fulfillment is not seen as it might be.TDOC 181.5

    The promise of the Spirit is a matter little thought of and the result is only what might be expected, spiritual drought, spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death. Minor matters occupy the attention, and the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church, and which would bring all other blessings in its train, is lacking, though offered in its infinite plenitude.TDOC 182.1

    “It is the absence of the Spirit that makes the gospel ministry so powerless. Learning, talent, eloquence, every natural or acquired endowment, may be possessed; but, without the presence of the Spirit of God, no heart will be touched, no sinner won to Christ. On the other hand, if they are connected with Christ, if the gifts of the Spirit are theirs, the poorest and most ignorant of his disciples will have a power that will tell upon hearts. God makes them channels for the out flowing of the highest influence in the universe.”TDOC 182.2

    “Why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit, since this is the means by which we are to receive power? Why do we not talk of it, pray for it, preach concerning it? The Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to us than parents are to give good gifts to their children. For the baptism of the Spirit every worker should be pleading with God. Companies should be gathered together to ask for special help, for heavenly wisdom, that they may know how to plan and execute wisely. Especially should men pray that God will baptize his missionaries with the Holy Spirit.”TDOC 182.3

    “The presence of the Spirit with God’s workers will give the presentation of the truth a power that not an the honor or glory of the world could give. The Spirit furnishes the strength that sustains striving, wrestling souls in every emergency, amidst the unfriendliness of relatives, the hatred of the world, and the realization of their own imperfections and mistakes.”-Testimonies for the Church 8:21, 22.TDOC 182.4

    A personal agent

    “The Spirit performs such actions as a person only can perform. Thus we read in Scripture:TDOC 182.5

    He strives with the ungodly.TDOC 182.6

    “He convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He performs miracles.TDOC 182.7

    “He caused the Virgin Mary to conceive. He inspired the sacred writers.TDOC 182.8

    “He speaks expressly of events in the latter times.TDOC 182.9

    “He said to the churches the messages of the Son of man. He appoints ministers in the church.TDOC 182.10

    “He commands and forbids.TDOC 182.11

    “He new creates the soul.TDOC 182.12

    “He intercedes for us in prayer.TDOC 182.13

    “He teaches, and comforts, and guides us into all truth. He sheds abroad the love of God in the heart.TDOC 182.14

    “He seals the soul unto the day of redemption.TDOC 183.1

    “He cries in our heart, until he teaches us to cry, Abba, Father.TDOC 183.2

    “He testifies with personal witnesses. ‘He shall testify, and you also testify.’TDOC 183.3

    “He approves with personal counselors. ‘It seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us.’TDOC 183.4

    “He invites with personal messengers. ‘The Spirit and bride say, Come.’TDOC 183.5

    “He repeats the beatitude pronounced on those who die in the Lord. ‘Yea, said the Spirit, they rest from their labors and their works do follow them.’ Here are some twenty different actions, some of them standing forth as the greatest facts in the past history of the church of Christ, and many of them being repeated continually in the experience of believers, but all proving beyond contradiction, the operation of an intelligent and personal agent.”TDOC 183.6

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