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    Section V

    Other Basic Lessons

    Date ________CG-SG 27.5

    A. Read pages 91-116.CG-SG 27.6

    B. Check your knowledge:CG-SG 27.7

    1. To what must mothers train their children to yield? (91:2)

    CG-SG 27.8

    2. What is the “veriest cruelty” to a child? (91:3)

    CG-SG 27.9

    3. How much shall we give a child who cries in demand? (92:1)

    CG-SG 27.10

    4. How often may we safely permit a child to manifest anger? (92:2)

    CG-SG 27.11

    5. In what must a child be encouraged? (93:1)

    CG-SG 27.12

    6. What will ruin a child of perverse disposition? (93:3)

    CG-SG 28.1

    7. How do scolding and faultfinding affect a child? (94:2)

    CG-SG 28.2

    8. What two attitudes are to be taught in the home? (97:1)

    CG-SG 28.3

    9. Complete: “They [children] should not be allowed to be careless and _______________________.”(97:3)CG-SG 28.4

    10. How many disrespectful words may children speak to parents? (98:5)

    CG-SG 28.5

    11. What grace should be cherished carefully? (99:1)

    CG-SG 28.6

    12. What must a child be taught about things in the home? (101:1)

    CG-SG 28.7

    13. Complete: “Children should be taught that they must not _______________________ the property of _______________________.” (101:3)CG-SG 28.8

    14. Complete: “Let them have a few _______________________, and let these be _______________________ and _______________________.” (102:1)CG-SG 28.9

    15. If we cooperate with God and obey His laws, what has He promised to do? (103:1)

    CG-SG 29.1

    16. To ensure future happiness what two areas of education must come first in child training? (103:5)

    CG-SG 29.2

    17. When does God check up on lax habits and unsanitary home conditions? (106:1)

    CG-SG 29.3

    18. Are children to be kept indoors constantly, dressed like dolls? (107:4)

    CG-SG 29.4

    19. What is essential to the health, cheerfulness, and vigor of the family? (108:1)

    CG-SG 29.5

    20. What two elements are to be cultivated in our children? (110:1)

    CG-SG 29.6

    21. Why should a child have a room of his own? (111:3)

    CG-SG 29.7

    22. By forming habits of regularity and order, in what four things would children improve? (112:1)CG-SG 30.1

    CG-SG 30.2

    23. To maintain purity, what must be guarded? (114:0)CG-SG 30.3

    CG-SG 30.4

    24. Complete: “Do not allow them to be _______________________ with other _______________________.” (114:3)CG-SG 30.5

    25. Against what should we erect barriers? (115:1)

    CG-SG 30.6

    C. Rate yourself in self-control: Good ____ Easily disturbed ____ Fair ____Very nervous ____CG-SG 30.7

    1. I have good self-control when ICG-SG 30.8

    2. I find it hardest when ICG-SG 30.9

    D. Discuss with others:CG-SG 31.1

    1. Should children be permitted to romp about the house?

    CG-SG 31.2

    2. How shall we deal with tantrums and temper spells in our children?

    CG-SG 31.3

    3. Why must parents have kindly yet firm discipline in the home training?

    CG-SG 31.4

    4. Discuss the impudent child—cause and cure.

    CG-SG 31.5

    5. How shall we deal with destructive tendencies in children?

    CG-SG 31.6

    6. How can children best learn the “cause and effect” in relation to disease?

    CG-SG 31.7

    7. Discuss the impact of home surroundings on the child’s character.

    CG-SG 31.8

    8. Can we be too tidy and too clean? (109:3)

    CG-SG 31.9

    9. Discuss: “Correct habits.” (110:4)

    CG-SG 31.10

    10. What about the sleeping habits of children? Should they be permitted to sleep with other children?

    CG-SG 31.11

    11. Where do TV, movies, fiction, “funnies,” magazines, etc., fit in with training children to be pure in heart?CG-SG 31.12

    12. How carefully are we to watch our developing children? Why?

    CG-SG 31.13

    E. Think on these things:CG-SG 31.14

    1. What types of music does my child hear? (93:2)

    CG-SG 31.15

    2. What lessons have I learned with my child? (94:3)

    CG-SG 31.16

    3. “It is a sin to speak impatiently and fretfully or to feel angry—even though we do not speak.” (95:1)CG-SG 31.17

    4. Where does sin lie if my child is disobedient or peevish? (98:2)

    CG-SG 31.18

    5. “Parents and children are to sustain so close a relation to God that the heavenly angels can communicate with them.” (99:2)CG-SG 31.19

    6. “The boys and girls of the family should feel that they are a part of the home firm.” (107:5, 108:0)CG-SG 31.20

    7. Is my home clean?

    CG-SG 32.1

    8. Do I take a bath every day?

    CG-SG 32.2

    9. Am I “too dirt conscious” so that no one can be comfortable in the home?

    CG-SG 32.3

    10. Is my home neat?

    CG-SG 32.4

    11. Am I pure in heart?

    CG-SG 32.5

    12. Do I permit my child to spend the night with his friends?CG-SG 32.6

    F. Name one way I have shown reverence to God today.CG-SG 32.7


    ______ Husband ______ Wife ______ Son ______ DaughterCG-SG 32.9

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