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    Section I

    Home, The First School

    Date ________CG-SG 5.2

    A. Read pages 13-28.CG-SG 5.3

    B. Check your knowledge:CG-SG 5.4

    1. Where is the child’s first school located? (17:1)*The number before the colon is the page of Child Guidance on which the answer is found; the number following the colon gives the paragraph.

    CG-SG 5.5

    2. Who are to be his first teachers? (17:1)

    CG-SG 5.6

    3. What important lifelong lessons is the child to learn above all others? (17:1)CG-SG 5.7

    CG-SG 5.8

    4. For what is the home a training school? (17:3)

    CG-SG 5.9

    5. Complete: “Teach your children to be _______________________ and _______________________.” (17:3)CG-SG 6.1

    6. If parents neglect this home training, they neglect a ______________________ duty. (18:3)CG-SG 6.2

    7. On whose work do schoolteachers build? (19:2)

    CG-SG 6.3

    8. When should parents begin preparation for the training of their children? (21:2)

    CG-SG 6.4

    9. What dual purpose should be the objective of this parental training? (21:3)

    CG-SG 6.5

    10. What two things are parents to seek to secure for their children? (22:0)

    CG-SG 6.6

    11. What prayer are we to offer for our children? (22:2)

    CG-SG 6.7

    12. Complete: “God cannot keep children from evil if the _______________________ do not cooperate with Him.” (22:2)CG-SG 6.8

    13. Why did John the Baptist’s parents move to the country? (23:1)

    CG-SG 7.1

    14. What is the most sacred work of parents? (23:3)

    CG-SG 7.2

    15. Complete: “You are to _______________________ your little ones to know ___________________.” (23:4)CG-SG 7.3

    16. What disciplinary training does Christ want children to receive at home? (24:0)CG-SG 7.4

    CG-SG 7.5

    17. What terrible accusation is laid against careless parents? (24:1)

    CG-SG 7.6

    18. Complete:CG-SG 7.7

    a. “They [parents] are to be very _______________________ and very _______________________ in their speech.” (24:2)CG-SG 7.8

    b. “They are to be _______________________ and _______________________ to each other.” (24:2)CG-SG 7.9

    c. They are “to bring into the home a _______________________, wholesome _______________________.” (24:2)CG-SG 7.10

    d. “They [parents] should not _______________________ in the presence of their children.” (24:2)CG-SG 7.11

    19. Why is the mother, of necessity, the special instructor of her children? (24:3)

    CG-SG 7.12

    20. How can parents best teach respect and obedience? (24:4)CG-SG 8.1

    CG-SG 8.2

    21. What will never pass inspection in the judgment? (25:1)

    CG-SG 8.3

    22. As soon as a child can form an idea, what is to begin? (26:2)

    CG-SG 8.4

    23. What can a child learn from its parents even before its reason fully develops? (27:0)

    CG-SG 8.5

    24. When only are parents prepared to be the teachers of their children? (27:1)

    CG-SG 8.6

    25. Why is proper habit formation vital in infancy and early childhood? (27:3)

    CG-SG 8.7

    26. Why should the firstborn child be trained with the greatest of care? (27:4)

    CG-SG 9.1

    C. Rate your home as a school: Excellent____ Good____ Poor____ Bad____CG-SG 9.2

    1. Where does it rate the highest?

    CG-SG 9.3

    2. Where does it rate the lowest?

    CG-SG 9.4

    D. Discuss with others: *Others means your companion, other relatives, neighbors, church members, or the Home and School study group.CG-SG 9.5

    1. Name two ways light has been shining “so that none need err in regard to their duty.” (13:2)

    CG-SG 9.6

    2. What is true education? (Book learning? Technical? Professional? Character?)

    CG-SG 9.7

    3. Why is the “school in the home” so important to the child? (17:1)

    CG-SG 9.8

    4. What four subjects are to be taught in this developing process? (17:1)

    CG-SG 9.9

    5. Why should parents know about physiology, anatomy, and the laws of health?

    CG-SG 9.10

    6. When can parents say, “My educating days are over”?

    CG-SG 9.11

    7. Why cannot parents wait and leave child training to schoolteachers?

    CG-SG 9.12

    8. Why such emphasis on careful training of our firstborn? (27:4)

    CG-SG 9.13

    9. How do the principles laid down in this lesson fit with Proverbs 22:6?

    CG-SG 9.14

    E. Think on these things:CG-SG 10.1

    1. Will it be my privilege to have the gate of heaven thrown open to me and my children? (13:1)

    CG-SG 10.2

    2. If so, what have I done for my children? (13:1)

    CG-SG 10.3

    3. If the gate is closed and a hand raised to keep me from entering, what will the voice say I have neglected? (13:1)

    CG-SG 10.4

    4. Will God accept church activities or offerings as a substitute for neglecting my own children?

    CG-SG 10.5

    5. How can I answer the questions on page 25, paragraph 2?

    CG-SG 10.6

    6. How nearly am I as a father measuring up to the pattern laid down for me?

    CG-SG 10.7

    7. Am I as a mother fulfilling my greatest mission in life—to my children?

    CG-SG 10.8

    F. Name one way I as the (husband, wife, son, daughter) can make my home today a better school.CG-SG 10.9


    ______ Husband ______ Wife ______ Son ______ DaughterCG-SG 11.2

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