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    Lesson 5 - Divine Techniques of Service

    Christian Service, pp. 113-144.
    ChS-SG 16.1

    “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.
    ChS-SG 16.2

    1. There are two types of work—public efforts, and house to house work. Compare these two types of special effort. (P. 113, par. 1.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 16.3

    2. What are some of the things that can be done by those who go from house to house? (Pp. 113-116.) a.___________________________ b. ____________________ c. _______________ d. ____________ e. __________________ChS-SG 16.4

    3. “The work of Christ was largely made up of___________________ _____________. He had a faithful regard for the _______________ ___________________. “(P. 116, par 3.)ChS-SG 16.5

    4. How did the calling of the disciples illustrate this “one soul” approach? (P. 118, par. 1.) __________________________________________
    ChS-SG 16.6

    5. Where will we find these “one soul” audiences to work with? (Pp. 118, 119.) ______________________________________________ChS-SG 16.7

    6. Mrs. White speaks of four things we should tell these people we meet. What are they? (P. 124, par. 3.)
    a. ______________________________________________________
    b. _____________________________________________________
    c. ______________________________________________________
    d. ______________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 16.8

    7. Jesus “varied” His messages. “He had __________________ meet the prejudiced minds, and surprise them with ________________________________________________.” (P. 125, par. 2.)ChS-SG 16.9

    8. Before his conversion, Paul “often sought to impress his hearers by _____________________ .” But after his conversion he “sought by the use of ___________________ to bring home to the heart the truths that are of vital importance.” (P. 126, par. 1.)ChS-SG 16.10

    9. How should one meet opposition? Whose help will we have to meet it? (P. 126, par.2. ) _______________________________________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 16.11

    10. What different places are mentioned as areas in which ministers and canvassers should be located in order to meet those searching for Christ? What two books are mentioned as being “peculiarly adapted” for use here? (P. 127, par. 1.) ________________________________
    ChS-SG 17.1

    11. Why did Jesus send for the twelve, and later the seventy, two by two? (Pp. 127, 128.) __________________________________________
    ChS-SG 17.2

    12. Is this method to be recommended for use at this time? (P. 128, par. 0.) ___________________________________________________ChS-SG 17.3

    13. What particular things can be done for the poor? (P. 129.)________
    ChS-SG 17.4

    14. What special field is there here for women? (P. 129, par. 4.) _______________________________________________________ChS-SG 17.5

    15. Match the following phrases by drawing a line from the first column to the phrase in the second column that completes it: (Pp. 132-134.)
    “The medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the third angel’s message that . . . are to advance together.”
    “First meet the temporal necessities of the needy, . .the gospel practised.”
    “The gospel and the medical missionary work . . . the arm and hand bear to the body.”
    “During His ministry, Jesus devoted More time to healing the sick . . . the pioneer work of the gospel.”
    “Genuine medical missionary work is . . . and you will then find an open avenue to the heart.”
    “Medical missionary work is. . . than to preaching”
    ChS-SG 17.6

    16. Christ did medical missionary work while He was on earth. He “is no longer in this world in person . . . but ________________________ ____________________ to carry forward the . . . work that He began.” (P. 135, par. 5.)ChS-SG 18.1

    17. What will give character to the work of God? (P. 136, par. 2.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 18.2

    18. Two other lines of medical endeavor are mentioned in Testimonies, vol. 7, that could well be established. These are: (Pp. 138, 139.) a. _____________________ b. ____________________ChS-SG 18.3

    19. Those who come to such places “should be supplied ____________ ____________” on “___________ and __________reform, and leaflets treating on the lessons of __________________ should also be given them.” (P. 138, par. 4.)ChS-SG 18.4

    20. What chapter of the Bible is strongly recommended for study by all Sabbathkeepers who believe in the third angel’s message? (Pp. 139, 140.) __________________________________________________ChS-SG 18.5

    21. Relate the vision Mrs. White saw of the two Bible workers. (P. 142, par. 6.) What is its applicationChS-SG 18.6

    to our denominational work today? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 18.7

    22. But before we can give Bible studies, what is necessary? (P. 143, par. 2.) ____________________________________________________ChS-SG 18.8

    23. “A great work can be done by _____________________________ the ___________________ just as it reads. . . . Admonish them to take the Bible ______________, to implore _______________.” (P. 144, par. 2.)ChS-SG 18.9

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