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Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide

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    Lesson 6

    Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 87-111; Acts 6-8

    1. When Satan failed to spread the “spirit” of Ananias and Sapphira among the early believers, what was his next move (87:3-88:1)?
    AA-SG 12.1

    2. What was to be the responsibility of the new leaders within the church, and what did the apostles consider their responsibility to be (89:1-90-1; Acts 6:2-4)?
    AA-SG 12.2

    3. Under what conditions only could the church hope to advance from victory to victory (90:2-91:1)?
    AA-SG 12.3

    4. What qualified Stephen to be an effective preacher (97:1)?
    AA-SG 12.4

    5. Compare the Jews’ reaction to the teachings of Jesus and Stephen, and how they treated both of these preachers (98:1-99:1).
    AA-SG 12.5

    6. What was it about Stephen’s sermon that angered the Jews (99:2 -100:2)?
    AA-SG 12.6

    7. At what point in time was Saul elected to the Sanhedrin (102:1)?
    AA-SG 12.7

    8. At what point in time did Nicodemus publicly demonstrate his faith in Jesus (104:1, 105:1)?
    AA-SG 12.8

    9. How much did his faith in Jesus cost Nicodemus (105:1)?
    AA-SG 12.9

    10. What danger did the church in Jerusalem face as a result of the success God had given to them in soul winning (105:2)?
    AA-SG 13.1

    11. Give the historical background for Philip’s success in Samaria (106:2-107:0).
    AA-SG 13.2

    12. What lesson can we learn from the experience of Philip (109:2, 4; 110:0)?
    AA-SG 13.3

    13. Complete the following sentence: “God’s ___________________ have always been ___________________, consecrating their ___________________ to the honor of His name and wisely using their ___________________ in His ___________________” (109:3).AA-SG 13.4

    14. Who in the church is called to work for the salvation of souls (110:1, 2)?
    AA-SG 13.5

    Thought Question: Point out the similarities between the experience of the church in Jerusalem after a period of success and the experience of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today (see 105:2).
    AA-SG 13.6

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