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Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide

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    Lesson 15

    Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 298-334; 1 and 2 Corinthians

    1. Complete the following sentences: “The ___________________ must be ___________________. Every weak, doubting, struggling soul who ___________________ fully to the Lord is placed in direct ___________________ with ___________________ that enable him to ___________________ is near to him, and he has the ___________________ and ___________________ of ___________________ of mercy in every time of ___________________ and ___________________” (299:1).AA-SG 30.1

    2. What effect did Paul’s presence have upon the believers in Corinth (299:2)?
    AA-SG 30.2

    3. When Paul left Corinth, what happened (299:3-300:0)?
    AA-SG 30.3

    4. Describe the nature of the letter that the Corinthian believers sent to Paul while he was in Ephesus (300:2)?
    AA-SG 30.4

    5. Identify five problems that had come into the Corinthian church (300:3):
    AA-SG 30.5

    6. How does Ellen White describe the book of First Corinthians (301:0)?
    AA-SG 30.6

    7. How is it that we can consider what Paul wrote in First Corinthians as being inspired when God did not give him direct communications about some of the matters in Corinth (302:3-303:0)?
    AA-SG 30.7

    8. What was one of the more serious evils that developed among the Corinthians (303:2-304:0; 1 Cor.5:1)?AA-SG 31.1

    9. How are the Olympic races and the Christian’s preparation for heaven compared (309:1-312:0)?
    AA-SG 31.2

    10. List the weights that hinder Christian progress and that must be laid aside (312:1).
    AA-SG 31.3

    11. What effect will one cherished sin have on a person’s character (312:1)?
    AA-SG 31.4

    12. How much effort is necessary to gain the eternal prize (314:1-315:0)?
    AA-SG 31.5

    13. What sins and conditions led to the downfall of ancient Israel at Baalpeor (315:2-316:0)?
    AA-SG 31.6

    14. What does Paul include in the term idolatry (317:1)?
    AA-SG 31.7

    15. What virtue characterizes the life of a true disciple (318:2-319:0)?
    AA-SG 31.8

    16. How did Paul meet the idea that there is no resurrection of the dead (319:5-321:1)?
    AA-SG 31.9

    17. What were Paul’s feelings after he sent his first letter to the Corinthians (321:3-322:0)?
    AA-SG 31.10

    18. Give the background for the writing of Second Corinthians (323:1-325:0).
    AA-SG 32.1

    19. What was Paul’s reaction to the way his first letter had been received by the Corinthian church (324:3-325:2)?
    AA-SG 32.2

    20. What did Paul mean when he wrote, “Ye are our epistle” (327:2-328:1; 2 Cor. 3:2)?
    AA-SG 32.3

    21. How is a true minister for Christ described by Ellen White (328:2-329:1)?
    AA-SG 32.4

    22. How great was the price paid by Paul and his fellow laborers in order to bring the gospel to the Corinthians (330:2-332:2)?
    AA-SG 32.5

    Thought Question: How would you have handled the problems that plagued the church in Corinth?

    AA-SG 32.6

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