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Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide

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    Lesson 29

    Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 578-602; Revelation 1-3

    1. What do you see as the primary experience of the church at Ephesus while they were still in their “first love” (578:3-580:0)?
    AA-SG 62.1

    2. What caused the decline in zeal among the Ephesians (580:1-581:0)?
    AA-SG 62.2

    3. What is presented to God’s people in the book of Revelation (582:3-583:1)?
    AA-SG 62.3

    4. What do the seven churches symbolize (585:3)?
    AA-SG 62.4

    5. How is Jesus’ untiring care for His church symbolized (586:1)?
    AA-SG 62.5

    6. What is the meaning of Jesus holding seven stars in His right hand (586:2-587:0)?
    AA-SG 62.6

    7. What is communicated to the world and to God’s church through the symbols of a lion and lamb (589:2)?
    AA-SG 62.7

    8. What does God intend to teach His children by allowing them to face sore conflicts (590:2)?
    AA-SG 62.8

    9. Why was the history of the apostolic church recorded (593:1)?
    AA-SG 62.9

    10. Give a description of what is involved in the experience of consecration to Jesus (593:3-594:0).
    AA-SG 63.1

    11. Why were the apostles able to accomplish so much for God (594:1)?
    AA-SG 63.2

    12. Why are the apostles spoken of as “builders” (595:3-597:1)?
    AA-SG 63.3

    13. How did later reformers contribute to the erection of God’s temple (598:1-599:0)?
    AA-SG 63.4

    14. Why has not the building of God’s temple been completed today (599:1)?
    AA-SG 63.5

    15. What does God expect of His people today (600:1)?
    AA-SG 63.6

    16. Complete the following sentences, “The church is God’s ___________________ for the ___________________ of truth, ___________________ by Him to do a ___________________ work; and if she is ___________________ to Him, ___________________ to all His commandments, there will dwell within her the ___________________ of divine ___________________. If she will be ___________________ to her ___________________, if she will ___________________ the Lord God of Israel, there is no ___________________ that can against her” (600:2).AA-SG 63.7

    17. What is the privilege of every Christian (600:3)?
    AA-SG 63.8

    18. Endowed with divine energy, what is the message of God able to do (601:1)?
    AA-SG 63.9

    Thought Question: What is hindering the church today from seeing accomplishments similar to those achieved by the apostles?AA-SG 63.10

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