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The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide

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    “An Educational Center” (362-370)

    1. In 1903 Ellen White wrote: “Medical missionary work is yet in its __________________. The meaning of __________________ medical missionary work is known by but __________________.” In 1905 she wrote: “Henceforth medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an __________________ with which it has never yet been __________________.” What happened between these two statements that changed the outlook from doubt to optimism? (362, 363)

    SHM-SG 40.2

    2. What appeal did Ellen White make to her long-time friend and associate, Elder S. N. Haskell? (363)

    SHM-SG 40.3

    3. Shortly after the institution opened in November 1905, how were the workers to demonstrate their missionary spirit? (364)

    SHM-SG 40.4

    4. Seven nursing students in the first class joined in introducing Mrs. White’s book ____________________________________, the profits of which had been dedicated by the author for medical missionary work. (365)SHM-SG 40.5

    5. In April 1906, plans were laid for an advanced training school at Loma Linda. At this time the sanitarium was dedicated and Ellen White spoke. Of her address she wrote: “I tried to make it plain that sanitarium __________________ and __________________ were to cooperate with God in __________________ not only through the use of the __________________ agencies He has placed within our reach, but also by __________________ their patients to lay hold on __________________ through obedience to the __________________ of God.” (365, 366)SHM-SG 40.6

    6. In a calendar for the new school what four courses were offered? (369)

    SHM-SG 40.7

    “We Wait For Light” (371-379)SHM-SG 41.1

    1. What two alternatives regarding school policy immediately faced the organizers of the College of Evangelists? (371, 372)

    SHM-SG 41.2

    2. How was practical field work linked with the study program at Loma Linda from the very beginning? (372)

    SHM-SG 41.3

    3. At a council held in October 1907, shortly after the second school year began, Ellen White urged the development of “a school of the highest order.” She was asked whether this meant only nurses or whether it included qualifications for physicians. She replied: “______________________________________________________.” (374, 375)SHM-SG 41.4

    4. In following through on this clear counsel, what organizations beyond the local Southern California Conference were drawn into the financial support of the institution? (375)

    SHM-SG 41.5

    5. Why did Ellen White advise caution regarding quick expansion in the early years of the institution? (377, 378)

    SHM-SG 41.6

    6. What books appeared from Ellen White’s pen during this period with extensive counsel regarding the medical work of the church? (378, 379)
    SHM-SG 41.7

    7. A compilation that appeared in 1932 entitled __________________ also incorporated many counsels that were given during this time. (379)SHM-SG 41.8

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