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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. Caleb represented the tribe of ________________ and Joshua represented the tribe of ______________ when they spied out the land. See Numbers 13.SR-SG 38.2

    2. What reports were brought by the spies sent to Canaan? (p. 158)
    a. Positive
    b. Negative
    SR-SG 38.3

    3. “The Israelites not only gave vent to their ________________ against Moses but accused _____________ Himself of dealing deceitfully with them by _______________ them a land which they were unable to _________________.” (p. 160)SR-SG 38.4

    4. In what way did Israel go further in rebellion at this time than they had ever gone before? (p. 160).

    SR-SG 38.5

    5. Explain the statement: “‘Their defence is departed from them.’” (p. 160)

    SR-SG 38.6

    6. What stopped Israel from stoning Caleb and Joshua? (p. 161)

    SR-SG 39.1

    7. How did God take Israel at their word after the spy report? (p. 163)

    SR-SG 39.2

    8. Why did the miraculous stream of water cease just as Israel was about to enter Canaan? (p. 164)

    SR-SG 39.3

    9. For what reasons was it wrong for Moses to strike the rock? (pp. 165, 166)

    SR-SG 39.4

    10. “God had forgiven the people greater _______________ than this error on the part of _______________, but He could not regard a sin in a _______________ of His people as in those who were led.” (p. 166)SR-SG 39.5

    11. What impression did God forever remove from the minds of Israel by forbidding Moses to enter Canaan? (p. 167)

    SR-SG 39.6

    12. “All will be judged according to the _________________ they have had, and the _____________ and _______________ bestowed.” (p. 168)SR-SG 40.1

    13. “The ________________ of good men, whose general deportment has been worthy of _________________ , are peculiarly _____________________ to God.” (p. 168)SR-SG 40.2

    14. What remarkable transformation of character took place in Moses’ life? (p. 168)

    SR-SG 40.3

    15. Why was the law repeated by Moses as well as all of the wilderness experiences just before Israel entered Canaan? (p. 170)

    SR-SG 40.4

    16. List items that Moses had written in a book. (pp. 170, 171)

    SR-SG 40.5

    17. Moses’ “secret __________________ was to prevent the people from sinning against the Lord by committing ___________________ over his _________________.” (p. 173)SR-SG 40.6

    18. What would have been Moses’ privilege if he had not struck the rock? (p. 173)

    SR-SG 41.1

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