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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers to Lesson 9

    1. Sorrowful, self-denying, lonely, separated from family.SR-SG 108.1

    2. Those who had personal contact with Christ were more privileged and honored and had more pleasure than John.SR-SG 108.2

    3. Spirit, Elijah, advent, Jesus.SR-SG 108.3

    4. Yes.SR-SG 108.4

    5. We are to bear it patiently if our rights are disputed, and are to use Scriptures as our best defense.SR-SG 108.5

    6. Unbelief was inspired in others as to His being the Saviour.SR-SG 108.6

    7. Work, power, suffering.SR-SG 108.7

    8. He spoke words of love, tenderness, encouragement to the weak and afflicted, in a voice of authority He rebuked Satan, words of wisdom.SR-SG 108.8

    9. a. Those to be resurrected.SR-SG 108.9

    b. Those to be translated not dying.SR-SG 108.10

    10. His heart was carnal, he was close, covetous, loved money, complained in anger, selfish, appropriated money falsely, inattentive to Christ’s comfort and wants.SR-SG 108.11

    11. a. Fear of the people attracted to Jesus.SR-SG 108.12

    b. Fear of losing their position.SR-SG 108.13

    12. By cursing and swearing.SR-SG 109.1

    13. The mockery and violence of the crowd were used to try to make Christ show His divine power for escape.SR-SG 109.2

    14. The look of Jesus.SR-SG 109.3

    15. Jesus needed to go through this trial alone to make His sacrifice complete.SR-SG 109.4

    16. The Mount of Transfiguration.SR-SG 109.5

    17. Bitter remorse, shame, overcome, deeply felt his guilt, haggard, guilty appearance, overwhelmed with anguish, despised the money, horror.SR-SG 109.6

    18. Jesus, money.SR-SG 109.7

    19. Not a frown or troubled expression, dignified, composed, eye was mild, clear, and undaunted, forehead was broad and high, every feature marked with benevolence and noble principle, patience and forbearance, noble, Godlike bearing.SR-SG 109.8

    20. Power, salvation, behalf.SR-SG 109.9

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