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    Lesson 4


    Welfare Ministry, pp. 116-166WM-SG 17.1

    Study Questions on Section V: WM-SG 17.2

    “Relieving Suffering Humanity”WM-SG 17.3

    1. Where may we find the footsteps of Jesus? (p. 119)

    WM-SG 17.4

    2. Where is your welfare ministry to begin? (p. 119)

    WM-SG 17.5

    3. The gospel ministry combines what two branches of work? (p. 121)
    WM-SG 17.6

    4. What work has been left undone? (p. 122)

    WM-SG 17.7

    5. When the medical missionary work is combined with the giving of the three angels’ messages, what will happen in the churches? (p. 124)

    WM-SG 17.8

    6. How can we learn how to minister to the sorrowing and disappointed? (p. 125)

    WM-SG 17.9

    7. What are we to teach people to do? (p. 127)

    WM-SG 18.1

    8. In what subject do we need a “genuine education”? (p. 128)

    WM-SG 18.2

    9. Why should no one think himself a criterion for all? (p. 130)

    WM-SG 18.3

    10. Why does God permit disasters? (p. 135)

    WM-SG 18.4

    11. When God shall “bid His angels loose the winds” what are some of the catastrophes that will befall this earth? (p. 135)

    WM-SG 18.5

    12. In what places is only “a thousandth part” of the work being done? (p. 136)

    WM-SG 18.6

    13. As we have opportunity, what are we to be ready to do? (p. 137)

    WM-SG 19.1

    14. What type of work should every member take hold of now? (p. 138)

    WM-SG 19.2

    15. What did Mrs. White wish us to tell at this time? (p. 139)

    WM-SG 19.3

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