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    Daily Sacrifice, The - Drunkenness

    Daily Sacrifice, The

    Ordained in mount Sinai Numbers 28:6; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.3

    A lamb as a burnt offering morning and evening Exodus 29:38; Numbers 28:3; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.4

    Doubled on the sabbath Numbers 28:9; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.5

    Peculiarly acceptable Numbers 28:8; Psalm 141:2; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.6

    Secured God's presence and favour Exodus 29:43; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.7

    Times of offering, were seasons of prayer Ezra 9:5; Daniel 9:20; Acts 3:1; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.8

    Restored after the captivity Ezra 3:3; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.9

    The abolition of, foretold Daniel 9:26; 11:31; TTI .Daily Sacrifice, The.10

    Dan, The Tribe of

    Descended from Jacob's fifth son Genesis 30:6; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.3

    Predictions respecting Genesis 49:16; Deuteronomy 33:22; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.4

    Strength of, on leaving Egypt Numbers 1:38; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.5

    Led the fourth and last division of Israel Numbers 2:31; 10:25; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.6

    Encamped north of the tabernacle Numbers 2:25; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.7

    Offering of, at dedication Numbers 7:66; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.8

    Families of Numbers 26:42; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.9

    Strength of, entering Canaan Numbers 26:43; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.10

    On Ebal, said amen to the curses Deuteronomy 27:13; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.11

    Bounds of its inheritance Joshua 19:40; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.12

    A commercial people Judges 5:17; Ezekiel 27:19; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.13

    Restricted to the hills by Amorites Judges 1:34; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.14

    Reproved for not aiding against Sisera Judges 5:17; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.15

    Samson was of Judges 13:2; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.16

    Some of, at coronation of David 1Chronicles 12:35; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.17

    Ruler appointed over, by David 1Chronicles 27:22; TTI .Dan, The Tribe of.18


    Created by God Psalm 104:20; Isaiah 45:7; TTI .Darkness.3

    Originally covered the earth Genesis 1:2; TTI .Darkness.4

    Separated from the light Genesis 1:4; TTI .Darkness.5

    Called night Genesis 1:5; TTI .Darkness.6

    Caused by the setting of the sun Genesis 15:17; John 6:17; TTI .Darkness.7

    Inexplicable nature of Job 38:19; TTI .Darkness.8

    Exhibits God's power and greatness Job 38:8; TTI .Darkness.9

    Often put for night Psalm 91:6; TTI .Darkness.10

    Called the swaddling band of the sea Job 38:9; TTI .Darkness.11

    Cannot hide us from God Psalm 139:11; TTI .Darkness.12


    The light first called Genesis 1:5; TTI .Day.3

    Natural, from evening to evening Genesis 1:5; Leviticus 23:32; TTI .Day.4

    Artificial, the time of the sun's continuance above the horizon Genesis 31:39; Nehemiah 4:21; TTI .Day.5

    Prophetical, a year Ezekiel 4:6; Daniel 12:12; TTI .Day.6

    Sometimes divided into four parts Nehemiah 9:3; TTI .Day.7

    Later subdivided into twelve hours Matthew 20:3; John 11:9; TTI .Day.8

    Time of, ascertained by the dial 2Kings 20:11; TTI .Day.9

    Succession of, secured by covenant Genesis 8:22; TTI .Day.10

    Made for the glory of God Psalm 74:16; TTI .Day.11

    Proclaims the glory of God Psalm 19:2; TTI .Day.12

    Under the control of God Amos 5:8; 8:9; TTI .Day.13

    The time for labour Psalm 104:22; TTI .Day.14

    Wild beasts hide during Psalm 104:22; TTI .Day.15

    Dead, The

    They who have departed this life Genesis 23:2; 25:8; Job 1:19; TTI .Dead, The.3

    Return not to this life Job 7:9; 14:10,14; TTI .Dead, The.4

    Eyes of, closed by nearest of kin Genesis 46:4; TTI .Dead, The.5

    Were washed and laid out Acts 9:37; TTI .Dead, The.6

    Were wrapped in lined with spices John 19:40; TTI .Dead, The.7

    Regard often shown to the memory of Revelation 1:8; TTI .Dead, The.8

    Too soon forgotten Psalm 31:12; Ecclesiastes 9:5; TTI .Dead, The.9

    Heathenish expressions of grief for, forbidden Leviticus 19:28; Deuteronomy 14:1; TTI .Dead, The.10

    All offerings to, forbidden Deuteronomy 26:14; TTI .Dead, The.11

    Touching of, caused uncleanness Numbers 19:11; 9:6,7; TTI .Dead, The.12

    In a house rendered it unclean Numbers 19:14; TTI .Dead, The.13

    Even bones of, caused uncleanness Numbers 19:16; 2Chronicles 34:5; TTI .Dead, The.14

    A priest not to mourn for, except when near of kin Leviticus 21:1; Ezekiel 44:25; TTI .Dead, The.15

    High priest in no case to mourn for Leviticus 21:10; TTI .Dead, The.16

    Nazarites not to touch or mourn for Numbers 6:6; TTI .Dead, The.17

    Those defiled by, removed from the camp Numbers 5:2; TTI .Dead, The.18

    Uncleanness contracted from, removed by the water separation Numbers 19:12; TTI .Dead, The.19

    The Jews looked for a resurrection from Isaiah 26:19; Acts 24:15; TTI .Dead, The.20

    Instances of, restored to life before Christ 1Kings 17:22; 2Kings 4:34; 13:21; TTI .Dead, The.21

    Instances of, restored by Christ Matthew 9:25; Luke 7:15; John 11:44; Acts 9:40; 20:12; TTI .Dead, The.22

    Death, Eternal

    The necessary consequence of sin Romans 6:16; 8:13; James 1:15; TTI .Death, Eternal.3

    The wages of sin Romans 6:23; TTI .Death, Eternal.4

    The portion of the wicked Matthew 25:41; Romans 1:32; TTI .Death, Eternal.5

    The way to, described Psalm 9:17; Matthew 7:13; TTI .Death, Eternal.6

    Self-righteousness leads to Proverbs 14:12; TTI .Death, Eternal.7

    God alone can inflict Matthew 10:28; James 4:12; TTI .Death, Eternal.8

    Shall be inflicted by Christ Matthew 25:31; 2Thessalonians 1:7; TTI .Death, Eternal.9

    Christ, the only way of escape from John 3:16; 8:51; Acts 4:12; TTI .Death, Eternal.10

    Saints shall escape Revelation 2:11; 20:6; TTI .Death, Eternal.11

    Strive to preserve others from James 5:20; TTI .Death, Eternal.12

    Illustrated Luke 16:23; TTI .Death, Eternal.13

    Death, Natural

    By Adam Genesis 3:19; 1Corinthians 15:21; TTI .Death, Natural.3

    Consequence of sin Genesis 2:17; Romans 5:12; TTI .Death, Natural.4

    Lot of all Ecclesiastes 8:8; Hebrews 9:27; TTI .Death, Natural.5

    Ordered by God Deuteronomy 32:39; Job 14:5; TTI .Death, Natural.6

    Puts an end to earthly projects Ecclesiastes 9:10; TTI .Death, Natural.7

    Strips of earthly possessions Job 1:21; 1Timothy 6:7; TTI .Death, Natural.8

    Levels all ranks Job 3:17; TTI .Death, Natural.9

    Conquered by Christ Romans 6:9; Revelation 1:18; TTI .Death, Natural.10

    Abolished by Christ 2Timothy 1:10; TTI .Death, Natural.11

    Shall finally be destroyed by Christ Hosea 13:14; 1Corinthians 15:26; TTI .Death, Natural.12

    Christ delivers from the fear of Hebrews 2:15; TTI .Death, Natural.13

    Regard, as at hand Job 14:1; Psalm 39:4; 90:9; 1Peter 1:24; TTI .Death, Natural.14

    Prepare for 2Kings 20:1; TTI .Death, Natural.15

    Pray to be prepared for Psalm 39:4; 90:12; TTI .Death, Natural.16

    Consideration of, a motive to diligence Ecclesiastes 9:10; John 9:4; TTI .Death, Natural.17

    When averted for a season, is a motive to increased devotedness Psalm 56:12; 118:17; Isaiah 38:18; TTI .Death, Natural.18

    Enoch and Elijah were exempted from Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5; 2Kings 2:11; TTI .Death, Natural.19

    All shall be raised from Acts 24:15; TTI .Death, Natural.20

    None subject to in heaven Luke 20:36; Revelation 21:4; TTI .Death, Natural.21

    Illustrates the change produced in conversion Romans 6:2; Colossians 2:20; TTI .Death, Natural.22

    Death of Christ, The

    Foretold Isaiah 53:8; Daniel 9:26; Zechariah 13:7; TTI .Death of Christ, The.3

    Appointed by God Isaiah 53:6; Acts 2:23; TTI .Death of Christ, The.4

    Necessary for the redemption of man Luke 24:46; Acts 17:3; TTI .Death of Christ, The.5

    Acceptable, as a sacrifice to God Matthew 20:28; Ephesians 5:2; 1Thessalonians 5:10; TTI .Death of Christ, The.6

    Was voluntary Isaiah 53:12; Matthew 26:53; John 10:17; TTI .Death of Christ, The.7

    Was undeserved Isaiah 53:9; TTI .Death of Christ, The.8

    Demanded by the Jews Matthew 27:22; TTI .Death of Christ, The.9

    Inflicted by the Gentiles Matthew 27:26; TTI .Death of Christ, The.10

    In the company of malefactors Isaiah 53:12; Matthew 27:38; TTI .Death of Christ, The.11

    Accompanied by supernatural signs Matthew 27:45; TTI .Death of Christ, The.12

    Emblematical of the death to sin Romans 6:3; Galatians 2:20; TTI .Death of Christ, The.13

    Commemorated in the ordinance of the Lord's supper Luke 22:19; 1Corinthians 11:26; TTI .Death of Christ, The.14

    Death of Saints, The

    A sleep in Christ 1Corinthians 15:18; 1Thessalonians 4:14; TTI .Death of Saints, The.3

    Is blessed Revelation 14:13; TTI .Death of Saints, The.4

    Is gain Philippians 1:21; TTI .Death of Saints, The.5

    Sometimes desired Luke 2:29; TTI .Death of Saints, The.6

    Waited for Job 14:14; TTI .Death of Saints, The.7

    Met with resignation Genesis 50:24; Joshua 23:14; 1Kings 2:2; TTI .Death of Saints, The.8

    Met without fear 1Corinthians 15:55; TTI .Death of Saints, The.9

    Precious in God's sight Psalm 116:15; TTI .Death of Saints, The.10

    God preserves them to Psalm 48:14; TTI .Death of Saints, The.11

    God is with them in Psalm 23:4; TTI .Death of Saints, The.12

    Removes from coming evil 2Kings 22:20; Isaiah 57:1; TTI .Death of Saints, The.13

    Disregarded by the wicked Isaiah 57:1; TTI .Death of Saints, The.14

    Survivors consoled for 1Thessalonians 4:13; TTI .Death of Saints, The.15

    The wicked wish theirs to resemble Numbers 23:10; TTI .Death of Saints, The.16

    Illustrated Luke 16:22; TTI .Death of Saints, The.17

    Death of the Wicked, The

    Is in their sins Ezekiel 3:19; John 8:21; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.3

    Is without hope Proverbs 11:7; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.4

    Sometimes without fear Jeremiah 34:5; 2Chronicles 36:11; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.5

    Frequently sudden and unexpected Job 21:13; 27:21; Proverbs 29:1; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.6

    Frequently marked by terror Job 18:11; 27:19-21; Psalm 73:19; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.7

    Punishment follows Isaiah 14:9; Acts 1:25; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.8

    The remembrance of them perishes in Job 18:17; Psalm 34:16; Proverbs 10:7; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.9

    God has no pleasure in Ezekiel 18:23; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.10

    Like the death of beasts Psalm 49:14; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.11

    Illustrated Luke 12:20; 16:22,23; TTI .Death of the Wicked, The.12

    Death, Spiritual

    Alienation from God is Ephesians 4:18; TTI .Death, Spiritual.3

    Carnal-mindedness is Romans 8:6; TTI .Death, Spiritual.4

    Walking in trespasses and sins is Ephesians 2:1; Colossians 2:13; TTI .Death, Spiritual.5

    Spiritual ignorance is Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 4:16; Luke 1:79; Ephesians 4:18; TTI .Death, Spiritual.6

    Unbelief is John 3:36; 1John 5:12; TTI .Death, Spiritual.7

    Living in pleasure is 1Timothy 5:6; TTI .Death, Spiritual.8

    Hypocrisy is Revelation 3:1; TTI .Death, Spiritual.9

    Is a consequence of the fall Romans 5:15; TTI .Death, Spiritual.10

    Is the state of all men by nature Romans 6:13; 8:6; TTI .Death, Spiritual.11

    The fruits of, are dead works Hebrews 6:1; 9:14; TTI .Death, Spiritual.12

    A call to arise from Ephesians 5:14; TTI .Death, Spiritual.13

    Deliverance from, is through Christ John 5:24; Ephesians 2:5; 1John 5:12; TTI .Death, Spiritual.14

    Saints are raised from Romans 6:13; TTI .Death, Spiritual.15

    Love of the brethren, a proof of being raised from 1John 3:14; TTI .Death, Spiritual.16

    Illustrated Ezekiel 37:2; Luke 15:24; TTI .Death, Spiritual.17


    Is falsehood Psalm 119:118; TTI .Deceit.3

    The tongue, the instrument of Romans 3:13; TTI .Deceit.4

    Comes from the heart Mark 7:22; TTI .Deceit.5

    Characteristic of the heart Jeremiah 17:9; TTI .Deceit.6

    God abhors Psalm 5:6; TTI .Deceit.7

    Forbidden Proverbs 24:28; 1Peter 3:10; TTI .Deceit.8

    Christ was perfectly free from Isaiah 53:9; 1Peter 2:22; TTI .Deceit.9

    Ministers should lay aside 2Corinthians 4:2; 1Thessalonians 2:3; TTI .Deceit.10

    Hypocrites devise Job 15:35; TTI .Deceit.11

    Hypocrites practise Hosea 11:12; TTI .Deceit.12

    False witnesses use Proverbs 12:17; 14:5; TTI .Deceit.13

    A characteristic of Antichrist 2John 1:7; TTI .Deceit.14

    A characteristic of the Apostasy 2Thessalonians 2:10; TTI .Deceit.15

    Often accompanied by fraud and injustice Psalm 10:7; 43:1; TTI .Deceit.16

    Hatred often concealed by Proverbs 26:24; TTI .Deceit.17

    The folly of fools is Proverbs 14:8; TTI .Deceit.18

    The kisses of an enemy are Proverbs 27:6; TTI .Deceit.19

    Blessedness of being free from Psalm 24:4; 32:2; TTI .Deceit.20

    Punishment of Psalm 55:23; Jeremiah 9:7; TTI .Deceit.21


    Necessary to the service of God Luke 9:62; TTI .Decision.3

    Exhortations to Joshua 24:14; TTI .Decision.4


    Consecration of a place of worship 2Chronicles 2:4; TTI .Dedication.3

    Solemn confirmation of a covenant Hebrews 9:18; TTI .Dedication.4

    Devoting any thing to sacred uses 1Chronicles 28:12; TTI .Dedication.5

    By idolaters in setting up idols Daniel 3:2; TTI .Dedication.6

    Of property often perverted Mark 7:9; TTI .Dedication.7

    Illustrated of devotedness to God Psalm 119:38; TTI .Dedication.8


    Forbidden to the Jews Leviticus 11:44; TTI .Defilement.3

    Causes of, improperly enlarged by tradition Mark 7:2; Matthew 15:20; TTI .Defilement.4

    Moral, punished Leviticus 18:24; TTI .Defilement.5

    Those under, removed from the camp Numbers 5:3; Deuteronomy 23:14; TTI .Defilement.6

    Cleansed by legal offerings Numbers 19:18; Hebrews 9:13; TTI .Defilement.7

    Neglecting purification from, punished by cutting off Numbers 19:13; TTI .Defilement.8

    Ceremonial, abolished under the gospel Acts 10:15; Romans 14:14; Colossians 2:20; TTI .Defilement.9

    Delighting in God

    Commanded Psalm 37:4; TTI .Delighting in God.3

    Reconciliation leads to Job 22:21; TTI .Delighting in God.4

    Observing the sabbath leads to Isaiah 58:13; TTI .Delighting in God.5

    Deluge, The

    Sent as a punishment for the extreme wickedness of man Genesis 6:5; TTI .Deluge, The.3

    Noah forewarned of Genesis 6:13; Hebrews 11:7; TTI .Deluge, The.4

    Long-suffering of God exhibited in deferring Genesis 6:3; 1Peter 3:20; TTI .Deluge, The.5

    The wicked warned of 1Peter 3:19; 2Peter 2:5; TTI .Deluge, The.6

    Noah, &c, saved from Genesis 6:18; 7:13,14; TTI .Deluge, The.7

    Date of its commencement Genesis 7:11; TTI .Deluge, The.8

    Came suddenly and unexpectedly Matthew 24:38; TTI .Deluge, The.9

    Increased gradually Genesis 7:17; TTI .Deluge, The.10

    Extreme height of Genesis 7:19; TTI .Deluge, The.11

    Time of its increase and prevailing Genesis 7:24; TTI .Deluge, The.12

    Causes of its abatement Genesis 8:1; TTI .Deluge, The.13

    Decrease of gradual Genesis 8:3; TTI .Deluge, The.14

    Date of its complete removal Genesis 8:13; TTI .Deluge, The.15

    Complete destruction of whole earth effected by Genesis 7:23; TTI .Deluge, The.16

    Entire face of the earth changed by 2Peter 3:5; TTI .Deluge, The.17

    Traditional notice of Job 22:15; TTI .Deluge, The.18

    Denial of Christ

    In doctrine Mark 8:38; 2Timothy 1:8; TTI .Denial of Christ.3

    In practice Philippians 3:18; Titus 1:16; TTI .Denial of Christ.4

    A characteristic of false teachers 2Peter 2:1; Jude 1:4; TTI .Denial of Christ.5

    Is the spirit of Antichrist 1John 2:22; 4:3; TTI .Denial of Christ.6

    Christ will deny those guilty of Matthew 10:33; 2Timothy 2:12; TTI .Denial of Christ.7

    Leads to destruction 2Peter 2:1; Jude 1:4; TTI .Denial of Christ.8

    Desert, Journey of Israel Through The

    Date of its commencement Exodus 12:41; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.3

    Their number commencing Exodus 12:37; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.4

    Their healthy state commencing Psalm 105:37; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.5

    A mixed multitude accompanied them in Exodus 12:38; Numbers 11:4; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.6

    Commenced in haste Exodus 12:39; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.7

    Conducted with regularity Exodus 13:18; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.8

    Under Moses as leader Exodus 3:10; Acts 7:36; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.9

    By a circuitous route Exodus 13:17; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.10

    Order of marching during Numbers 10:14; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.11

    Order of encamping during Numbers 2:1; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.12

    Difficulty and danger of Deuteronomy 8:15; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.13

    Under God's guidance Exodus 13:21; 15:13; Nehemiah 9:12; Psalm 78:52; Isaiah 63:11; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.14

    Under God's protection Exodus 14:19; 23:20; Psalm 105:39; 78:53; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.15

    With miraculous provision Exodus 16:35; Deuteronomy 8:3; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.16

    Their clothing preserved during Deuteronomy 8:4; 29:5; Nehemiah 9:21; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.17

    Worship of God celebrated during Exodus 24:5; 29:38-42; 40:24-29; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.18

    Justice administered during Exodus 18:13; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.19

    Circumcision omitted during Joshua 5:5; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.20

    Caused universal terror and dismay Exodus 15:14; Numbers 22:3; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.21

    Obstructed, &c by the surrounding nations Exodus 17:8; Numbers 20:21; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.22

    Territory acquired during Deuteronomy 29:7; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.23

    Marked by constant murmurings and rebellions Psalm 78:40; 95:10; 106:7-39; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.24

    Constant goodness and mercy of God to them during Psalm 106:10; 107:6,13; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.25

    Commenced from Rameses in Egypt Exodus 12:37; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.26

    TO SUCCOTH Exodus 12:37; Numbers 33:5; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.27

    TO ETHAM Exodus 13:20; Numbers 33:6; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.28

    THROUGH THE WILDERNESS OF SHUR OR ETHAM Exodus 15:22; Numbers 33:8; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.29

    TO ELIM Exodus 15:27; Numbers 33:9; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.30

    BY THE RED SEA Numbers 33:10; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.31

    TO DOPHKAH Numbers 33:12; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.32

    TO ALUSH Numbers 33:13; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.33

    TO RIMMONPAREZ Numbers 33:19; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.34

    TO LIBNAH OR LABAN Numbers 33:20; Deuteronomy 1:1; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.35

    TO RISSAH Numbers 33:21; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.36

    TO KEHELATHAH Numbers 33:22; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.37

    TO MOUNT SHAPHER Numbers 33:23; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.38

    TO HARADAH Numbers 33:24; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.39

    TO MAKHELOTH Numbers 33:25; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.40

    TO TAHATH Numbers 33:26; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.41

    TO TARAH Numbers 33:27; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.42

    TO MITHCAH Numbers 33:28; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.43

    TO HASHMONAH Numbers 33:29; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.44

    TO MOSEROTH OR MOSERA Numbers 33:30; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.45

    TO BENE-JAAKAN Numbers 33:31; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.46

    TO HORHAGIDGAD OR GUDGODAH Numbers 33:32; Deuteronomy 10:7; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.47

    TO JOTBATHAH OR LAND OF RIVERS Numbers 33:33; Deuteronomy 10:7; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.48

    Several of these stations probably revisited Deuteronomy 10:6; Numbers 33:30; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.49

    TO EBRONAH Numbers 33:34; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.50

    TO EZIONGABER Numbers 33:35; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.51

    TO PUNON Numbers 33:42; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.52

    TO OBOTH Numbers 21:10; 33:43; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.53

    TO ZARED OR DIBON-GAD Numbers 21:12; 33:45; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.54

    TO ALMONDIBLATHAIM Numbers 33:46; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.55

    ACROSS THE ARNON Numbers 21:13; Deuteronomy 2:24; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.56

    TO BEER OR THE WELL Numbers 21:16; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.57

    TO MATTANAH Numbers 21:18; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.58

    TO NAHALIEL Numbers 21:19; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.59

    TO BAMOTH Numbers 21:19; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.60

    ACROSS THE RIVER JORDAN Joshua 4:10; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.61

    Illustrative of the pilgrimage of the church SongofSolomon 8:5; 1Peter 1:17; TTI .Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.62


    Vast barren plains Exodus 5:3; John 6:13; TTI .Deserts.3

    Uninhabited places Matthew 14:15; Mark 6:31; TTI .Deserts.4

    Infested with wild beasts Isaiah 13:21; Mark 1:13; TTI .Deserts.5

    Infested with serpents Deuteronomy 8:15; TTI .Deserts.6

    Infested with robbers Jeremiah 3:2; Lamentations 4:19; TTI .Deserts.7

    Danger of travelling in Exodus 14:3; 2Corinthians 11:26; TTI .Deserts.8

    Guides required in Numbers 10:31; Deuteronomy 32:10; TTI .Deserts.9

    Heath often found in Jeremiah 17:6; TTI .Deserts.10

    Parts of, afforded pasture Genesis 36:24; Exodus 3:1; TTI .Deserts.11

    Inhabited by wandering tribes Genesis 21:20; Psalm 72:9; Jeremiah 25:24; TTI .Deserts.12

    The persecuted fled to 1Samuel 23:14; Hebrews 11:38; TTI .Deserts.13

    The disaffected fled to 1Samuel 22:2; Acts 21:38; TTI .Deserts.14


    Produced in the wicked by divine judgments Deuteronomy 28:34; Revelation 9:6; 16:10; TTI .Despair.3

    Shall seize upon the wicked at the appearing of Christ Revelation 6:16; TTI .Despair.4

    Saints sometimes tempted to Job 7:6; Lamentations 3:18; TTI .Despair.5

    Saints enabled to overcome 2Corinthians 4:8; TTI .Despair.6

    Trust in God, a preservative against Psalm 42:5; TTI .Despair.7

    Devil, The

    Sinned against God 2Peter 2:4; 1John 3:8; TTI .Devil, The.3

    Cast out of heaven Luke 10:18; TTI .Devil, The.4

    Cast down to hell 2Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; TTI .Devil, The.5

    The author of the fall Genesis 3:1; TTI .Devil, The.6

    Tempted Christ Matthew 4:3; TTI .Devil, The.7

    Perverts the Scripture Matthew 4:6; Psalm 91:11; TTI .Devil, The.8

    Opposes God's work Zechariah 3:1; 1Thessalonians 2:18; TTI .Devil, The.9

    Hinders the gospel Matthew 13:19; 2Corinthians 4:4; TTI .Devil, The.10

    Works lying wonders 2Thessalonians 2:9; Revelation 16:14; TTI .Devil, The.11

    Assumes the form of an angel of light 2Corinthians 11:14; TTI .Devil, The.12

    The Apostasy is of 2Thessalonians 2:9; 2Timothy 4:1; TTI .Devil, The.13

    Shall be condemned at the judgment Jude 1:6; Revelation 20:10; TTI .Devil, The.14

    Everlasting fire is prepared for Matthew 25:41; TTI .Devil, The.15

    Devotedness to God

    A characteristic of saints Job 23:12; TTI .Devotedness to God.3

    Christ, an example of John 4:34; 17:4; TTI .Devotedness to God.4

    Diet of the Jews, The

    In patriarchal age Genesis 18:7; 27:4; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.3

    In Egypt Exodus 16:3; Numbers 11:5; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.4

    In the wilderness Exodus 16:4; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.5

    Of the poor, frugal Exodus 2:14; Proverbs 15:17; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.6

    Of the rich, luxurious Proverbs 23:1; Lamentations 4:5; Amos 6:4; Luke 16:19; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.7

    Expressed by bread and water 1Kings 13:9; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.8

    Generally prepared by females Genesis 27:9; Proverbs 31:15; Isaiah 8:13; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.9

    Thanks given before Mark 8:6; Acts 27:35; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.10

    Purification before 2Kings 3:11; Matthew 15:2; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.11

    A hymn sung after Matthew 26:30; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.12

    Men and women did not partake of together Genesis 18:8; Esther 1:3; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.13

    Articles of, often sent as presents 1Samuel 17:18; 25:18,27; 2Samuel 16:1; TTI .Diet of the Jews, The.14


    Christ, an example Mark 1:35; Luke 2:49; TTI .Diligence.3

    Saints should abound in 2Corinthians 8:7; TTI .Diligence.4

    God rewards Deuteronomy 11:14; Hebrews 11:6; TTI .Diligence.5

    Illustrated Proverbs 6:6; TTI .Diligence.6

    Discipline of the Church

    Ministers authorised to establish Matthew 16:19; 18:18; TTI .Discipline of the Church.3

    Should be submitted to Hebrews 13:17; TTI .Discipline of the Church.4

    Is for edification 2Corinthians 10:8; 13:10; TTI .Discipline of the Church.5

    Decency and order, the objects of 1Corinthians 14:40; TTI .Discipline of the Church.6

    Exercise, in a spirit of charity 2Corinthians 2:6; TTI .Discipline of the Church.7

    Prohibits women preaching 1Corinthians 14:34; 1Timothy 2:12; TTI .Discipline of the Church.8


    Often sent as punishment Deuteronomy 28:21; John 5:14; TTI .Diseases.3

    Often brought from other countries Deuteronomy 7:15; TTI .Diseases.4

    Often through Satan 1Samuel 16:14; Job 2:7; TTI .Diseases.5

    Regarded as visitations Job 2:7; Psalm 38:2; TTI .Diseases.6

    Intemperance a cause of Hosea 7:5; TTI .Diseases.7

    Sins of youth a cause of Job 20:11; TTI .Diseases.8

    Over-excitement a cause of Daniel 8:27; TTI .Diseases.9

    Were many and divers Matthew 4:24; TTI .Diseases.10

    Children subject to 2Samuel 12:15; 1Kings 17:17; TTI .Diseases.11

    Physicians undertook the cure of Jeremiah 8:22; Matthew 9:12; Luke 4:23; TTI .Diseases.12

    Medicine used for curing Proverbs 17:22; Isaiah 1:6; TTI .Diseases.13

    Art of curing, defective Job 13:4; Mark 5:26; TTI .Diseases.14

    God often entreated to cure 2Samuel 12:16; 2Kings 20:1; Psalm 6:2; James 5:14; TTI .Diseases.15

    Not looking to God in, condemned 2Chronicles 16:12; TTI .Diseases.16

    Illustrative of sin Isaiah 1:5; TTI .Diseases.17

    Disobedience to God

    Provokes his anger Psalm 78:10; Isaiah 3:8; TTI .Disobedience to God.3

    Forfeits his favour 1Samuel 13:14; TTI .Disobedience to God.4

    Forfeits his promised blessings Joshua 5:6; 1Samuel 2:30; Jeremiah 18:10; TTI .Disobedience to God.5

    Brings a curse Deuteronomy 11:28; 28:15; TTI .Disobedience to God.6

    A characteristic of the wicked Ephesians 2:2; Titus 1:16; 3:3; TTI .Disobedience to God.7

    The wicked persevere in Jeremiah 2:21; TTI .Disobedience to God.8

    Heinousness of, illustrated Jeremiah 35:14; TTI .Disobedience to God.9

    Men prone to excuse Genesis 3:12; TTI .Disobedience to God.10

    Shall be punished Isaiah 42:24; Hebrews 2:2; TTI .Disobedience to God.11

    Acknowledge the punishment of, to be just Nehemiah 9:32; Daniel 9:10; TTI .Disobedience to God.12

    Warnings against 1Samuel 12:15; Jeremiah 12:17; TTI .Disobedience to God.13

    Bitter results of, illustrated Jeremiah 9:13; TTI .Disobedience to God.14


    An abominable practice 1Samuel 15:23; TTI .Divination.3

    All who practised it, abominable Deuteronomy 18:12; TTI .Divination.4

    A system of fraud Ezekiel 13:6; Jeremiah 29:8; TTI .Divination.5

    Frustrated by God Isaiah 44:25; TTI .Divination.6

    Could not injure the Lord's people Numbers 23:23; TTI .Divination.7

    The Jews prone to 2Kings 17:17; Isaiah 2:6; TTI .Divination.8


    Forbidden in the church 1Corinthians 1:10; TTI .Divisions.3

    Condemned in the church 1Corinthians 1:11; 11:18; TTI .Divisions.4

    Unbecoming in the church 1Corinthians 12:24; TTI .Divisions.5

    Are proof of a carnal spirit 1Corinthians 3:3; TTI .Divisions.6

    Avoid those who cause Romans 16:17; TTI .Divisions.7

    Evil of, illustrated Matthew 12:25; TTI .Divisions.8


    Law of marriage against Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:6; TTI .Divorce.3

    Often sought by the Jews Micah 2:9; Malachi 2:14; TTI .Divorce.4

    Sought on slight grounds Matthew 5:31; 19:3; TTI .Divorce.5

    Not allowed to those who falsely accused their wives Deuteronomy 22:18; TTI .Divorce.6

    Priests not to marry women after Leviticus 21:14; TTI .Divorce.7

    Of servants, regulated by law Exodus 21:7; TTI .Divorce.8

    Of captives, regulated by law Deuteronomy 21:13; TTI .Divorce.9

    Forced on those who had idolatrous wives Ezra 10:2; Nehemiah 13:23; TTI .Divorce.10

    Jews condemned for love of Malachi 2:14; TTI .Divorce.11

    Forbidden by Christ except for adultery Matthew 5:32; 19:9; TTI .Divorce.12

    Prohibition of, offended the Jews Matthew 19:10; TTI .Divorce.13

    Illustrative of God's casting off of the Jewish church Isaiah 50:1; Jeremiah 3:8; TTI .Divorce.14

    Doctrines, False

    Destructive to faith 2Timothy 2:18; TTI .Doctrines, False.3

    Hateful to God Revelation 2:14; TTI .Doctrines, False.4

    Unprofitable and vain Titus 3:9; Hebrews 13:9; TTI .Doctrines, False.5

    The wicked love 2Timothy 4:3; TTI .Doctrines, False.6

    The wicked given up to believe 2Thessalonians 2:11; TTI .Doctrines, False.7

    Try, by Scripture Isaiah 8:20; 1John 4:1; TTI .Doctrines, False.8

    Curse on those who teach Galatians 1:8; TTI .Doctrines, False.9

    Punishment on those who teach Micah 3:6; 2Peter 2:1; TTI .Doctrines, False.10

    Doctrines of the Gospel, The

    Are from God John 7:16; Acts 13:12; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.3

    Are taught by Scripture 2Timothy 3:16; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.4

    Are godly 1Timothy 6:3; Titus 1:1; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.5

    Immorality condemned by 1Timothy 1:9; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.6

    Lead to fellowship with the Father and with the Son 1John 1:3; 2John 1:9; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.7

    Lead to holiness Romans 6:17; Titus 2:12; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.8

    Bring no reproach on 1Timothy 6:1; Titus 2:5; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.9

    Saints obey, from the heart Romans 6:17; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.10

    Saints abide in Acts 2:42; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.11

    A faithful walk adorns Titus 2:10; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.12

    The obedience of saints leads to surer knowledge of John 7:17; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.13

    Not endured by the wicked 2Timothy 4:3; TTI .Doctrines of the Gospel, The.14

    Dog, The

    Despised by the Jews 2Samuel 3:8; TTI .Dog, The.3

    Infested cities by night Psalm 59:14; TTI .Dog, The.4

    Nothing holy to be given to Matthew 7:6; 15:26; TTI .Dog, The.5

    Things torn by beasts given to Exodus 22:31; TTI .Dog, The.6

    Sacrificing of, an abomination Isaiah 66:3; TTI .Dog, The.7

    Price of, not to be consecrated Deuteronomy 23:18; TTI .Dog, The.8

    Manner of, in drinking alluded to Judges 7:5; TTI .Dog, The.9

    Dove, The

    Clean and used as food Deuteronomy 14:11; TTI .Dove, The.3

    Offered in sacrifice Genesis 15:9; Leviticus 1:14; TTI .Dove, The.4

    Impiously sold in the court of the temple Matthew 21:12; John 2:16; TTI .Dove, The.5

    Mournful tabering of, alluded to Nahum 2:7; TTI .Dove, The.6

    Dwells in rocks SongofSolomon 2:14; Jeremiah 48:28; TTI .Dove, The.7

    Frequents streams and rivers SongofSolomon 5:12; TTI .Dove, The.8

    Sent from the ark by Noah Genesis 8:8; TTI .Dove, The.9

    Why considered the emblem of peace Genesis 8:11; TTI .Dove, The.10

    The harbinger of spring SongofSolomon 2:12; TTI .Dove, The.11

    Dragon, The

    Often of a red colour Revelation 12:3; TTI .Dragon, The.3

    Its mournful voice alluded to Micah 1:8; TTI .Dragon, The.4

    Its wailing alluded to Micah 1:8; TTI .Dragon, The.5

    Its snuffing up the air alluded to Jeremiah 14:6; TTI .Dragon, The.6

    Its swallowing of its prey alluded to Jeremiah 51:34; TTI .Dragon, The.7

    A species of, in rivers Psalm 74:13; Isaiah 27:1; TTI .Dragon, The.8


    Visions in sleep Job 33:15; Daniel 2:28; TTI .Dreams.3

    Often by imaginary Job 20:8; Isaiah 29:8; TTI .Dreams.4

    Excess of business frequently leads to Ecclesiastes 5:3; TTI .Dreams.5

    God's will often revealed in Numbers 12:6; Job 33:15; TTI .Dreams.6

    Vanity of trusting to natural Ecclesiastes 5:7; TTI .Dreams.7

    God the only interpreter of Genesis 40:8; 41:16; Daniel 2:27; 7:16; TTI .Dreams.8

    Drink Offering

    Antiquity of Genesis 35:14; TTI .Drink Offering.3

    Sacrifices accompanied by Exodus 29:40; Leviticus 23:13; TTI .Drink Offering.4

    Quantity appointed to be used for each kind of sacrifice Numbers 15:3; TTI .Drink Offering.5

    For public sacrifices provided by the state Ezra 7:17; Ezekiel 45:17; TTI .Drink Offering.6

    Not poured on the altar of incense Exodus 30:9; TTI .Drink Offering.7

    Omission of, caused by bad vintage Joel 1:9; TTI .Drink Offering.8

    Idolaters often used blood for Psalm 16:4; TTI .Drink Offering.9

    Vanity of offering, to idols Deuteronomy 32:37; TTI .Drink Offering.10


    Forbidden Ephesians 5:18; TTI .Drunkenness.3

    Caution against Luke 21:34; TTI .Drunkenness.4

    Is a work of the flesh Galatians 5:21; TTI .Drunkenness.5

    Is debasing Isaiah 28:8; TTI .Drunkenness.6

    Is inflaming Isaiah 5:11; TTI .Drunkenness.7

    Overcharges the heart Luke 21:34; TTI .Drunkenness.8

    Takes away the heart Hosea 4:11; TTI .Drunkenness.9

    The wicked addicted to Daniel 5:1; TTI .Drunkenness.10

    False teachers often addicted to Isaiah 56:12; TTI .Drunkenness.11

    Folly of yielding to Proverbs 20:1; TTI .Drunkenness.12

    Avoid those given to Proverbs 23:20; 1Corinthians 5:11; TTI .Drunkenness.13

    Excludes from heaven 1Corinthians 6:10; Galatians 5:21; TTI .Drunkenness.14

    Punishment of Deuteronomy 21:20; Joel 1:5; Amos 6:6; Matthew 24:49; TTI .Drunkenness.15

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