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    Oak-tree, The - Ox, The

    Oak-tree, The

    The hill of Bashan celebrated for Isaiah 2:13; TTI .Oak-tree, The.3

    The people of Tyre made oars of Ezekiel 27:6; TTI .Oak-tree, The.4

    Idolaters often made idols of Isaiah 44:14; TTI .Oak-tree, The.5

    Absalom in his flight intercepted by, and suspended from 2Samuel 18:9; TTI .Oak-tree, The.6

    Jacob buried his family idols under Genesis 35:4; TTI .Oak-tree, The.7


    The lawful purpose of, explained Hebrews 6:16; TTI .Oaths.3

    Antiquity of Genesis 14:22; 24:3,8; TTI .Oaths.4

    Judicial from of administering 1Kings 22:16; Matthew 26:63; TTI .Oaths.5

    Often accompanied by raising up the hand Genesis 14:22; Daniel 12:7; Revelation 10:5; TTI .Oaths.6

    Often accompanied by placing the hand under the thigh of the person sworn to Genesis 24:2; 47:29; TTI .Oaths.7

    To be taken in fear and reverence Ecclesiastes 9:2; TTI .Oaths.8

    Custom of swearing by the life of the king Genesis 42:15; TTI .Oaths.9

    God used, to show the immutability of his counsel Genesis 22:16; Numbers 14:28; 6:17; TTI .Oaths.10

    Obedience to God

    Commanded Deuteronomy 13:4; TTI .Obedience to God.3

    Without faith, is impossible Hebrews 11:6; TTI .Obedience to God.4

    Better than sacrifice 1Samuel 15:22; TTI .Obedience to God.5

    Justification obtained by that of Christ Romans 5:19; TTI .Obedience to God.6

    Christ, an example of Matthew 3:15; John 15:20; Philippians 2:5; Hebrews 5:8; TTI .Obedience to God.7

    Angels engaged in Psalm 103:20; TTI .Obedience to God.8

    A characteristic of saints 1Peter 1:14; TTI .Obedience to God.9

    Saints elected to 1Peter 1:2; TTI .Obedience to God.10

    Obligations to Acts 4:19; 5:29; TTI .Obedience to God.11

    Exhortations to Jeremiah 26:13; 38:20; TTI .Obedience to God.12

    Resolve upon Exodus 24:7; Joshua 24:24; TTI .Obedience to God.13

    Confess your failure in Daniel 9:10; TTI .Obedience to God.14

    Prepare the heart for 1Samuel 7:3; Ezra 7:10; TTI .Obedience to God.15

    Pray to be taught Psalm 119:35; 143:10; TTI .Obedience to God.16

    Promises to Exodus 23:22; 1Samuel 12:14; Isaiah 1:19; Jeremiah 7:23; TTI .Obedience to God.17

    To be universal in the latter days Daniel 7:27; TTI .Obedience to God.18

    Blessedness of Deuteronomy 11:27; 28:1-13; Luke 11:28; James 1:25; TTI .Obedience to God.19

    The wicked refuse Exodus 5:2; Nehemiah 9:17; TTI .Obedience to God.20

    Punishment of refusing Deuteronomy 11:28; 28:15-68; Joshua 5:6; Isaiah 1:20; TTI .Obedience to God.21


    Occasions of, must arrive Matthew 18:7; TTI .Offence.3

    Occasions of, forbidden 1Corinthians 10:32; 2Corinthians 6:3; TTI .Offence.4

    Persecution, a cause of, to mere professors Matthew 13:21; 24:10; 26:31; TTI .Offence.5

    Blessedness of not taking, at Christ Matthew 11:6; TTI .Offence.6

    Saints warned against taking John 16:1; TTI .Offence.7

    All things that cause, shall be gathered out of Christ's kingdom Matthew 13:41; TTI .Offence.8

    Denunciation against those who cause Matthew 18:7; Mark 9:42; TTI .Offence.9

    Punishment for occasioning Ezekiel 44:12; Malachi 2:8; Matthew 18:6; TTI .Offence.10

    Offences Against the Holy Spirit

    Exhortations against Ephesians 4:30; 1Thessalonians 5:19; TTI .Offences Against the Holy Spirit.3

    Blasphemy against him, unpardonable Matthew 12:31; 1John 5:16; TTI .Offences Against the Holy Spirit.4


    To be made to God alone Exodus 22:20; Judges 13:16; TTI .Offerings.3

    Antiquity of Genesis 4:3; TTI .Offerings.4

    Declared to be most holy Numbers 18:9; TTI .Offerings.5

    Unacceptable, without gratitude Psalm 50:8; TTI .Offerings.6

    Could not make the offerer perfect Hebrews 9:9; TTI .Offerings.7

    Laid up in the temple 2Chronicles 31:12; Nehemiah 10:37; TTI .Offerings.8

    Hezekiah prepared chambers for 2Chronicles 31:11; TTI .Offerings.9

    Made by strangers, to be the same as by the Jews Numbers 15:14; TTI .Offerings.10

    Many offences under the law, beyond the efficacy of 1Samuel 3:14; Psalm 51:16; TTI .Offerings.11


    Given by God Psalm 104:14; Jeremiah 31:12; Joel 2:19; TTI .Oil.3

    Comes form the earth Psalm 104:14; Hosea 2:22; TTI .Oil.4

    Extracted by presses Haggai 2:16; Micah 6:15; TTI .Oil.5

    The poor employed in extracted Job 24:11; TTI .Oil.6

    Canaan abounded in Deuteronomy 8:8; TTI .Oil.7

    The ointments of the Jews made of perfumes mixed with Exodus 30:23; John 12:3; TTI .Oil.8

    Jews often extravagant in the use of Proverbs 21:17; TTI .Oil.9

    Was tithable by the law Deuteronomy 12:17; TTI .Oil.10

    First-fruits of, given to God Deuteronomy 18:4; 2Chronicles 31:5; Nehemiah 10:37; TTI .Oil.11

    When fresh especially esteemed Psalm 92:10; TTI .Oil.12

    Dealing in, a trade 2Kings 4:7; TTI .Oil.13

    Exported 1Kings 5:11; Ezekiel 27:17; Hosea 12:1; TTI .Oil.14

    Sold by measure 1Kings 5:11; Luke 16:6; TTI .Oil.15

    Stores of, laid up in fortified cities 2Chronicles 11:11; TTI .Oil.16

    Failure of, a severe calamity Haggai 1:11; TTI .Oil.17

    Miraculous increase of 2Kings 4:2; TTI .Oil.18

    Olive-tree, The

    Often grew wild Romans 11:17; TTI .Olive-tree, The.3

    Canaan abounded in Deuteronomy 6:11; 8:8; TTI .Olive-tree, The.4

    Assyria abounded in 2Kings 18:32; TTI .Olive-tree, The.5

    Kings of Israel largely cultivated 1Chronicles 27:28; TTI .Olive-tree, The.6

    Grafting of, alluded to Romans 11:24; TTI .Olive-tree, The.7

    Pruning of, alluded to Romans 11:18; TTI .Olive-tree, The.8

    Often cast its flowers Job 15:33; TTI .Olive-tree, The.9

    Often cast its fruit Deuteronomy 28:40; TTI .Olive-tree, The.10

    Often suffered from caterpillars Amos 4:9; TTI .Olive-tree, The.11

    Good for the service of God and man Judges 9:9; TTI .Olive-tree, The.12

    Oil procured from Exodus 27:20; Deuteronomy 8:8; TTI .Olive-tree, The.13

    Beaten to remove the fruit Deuteronomy 24:20; TTI .Olive-tree, The.14

    Shaken when fully ripe Isaiah 17:6; TTI .Olive-tree, The.15

    Gleaning of, left for the poor Deuteronomy 24:20; TTI .Olive-tree, The.16

    Fruit of, during sabbatical year left for the poor, &c Exodus 23:11; TTI .Olive-tree, The.17

    The fruit of, trodden in presses to extract the oil Micah 6:15; Haggai 2:16; TTI .Olive-tree, The.18

    Failure of, a great calamity Habakkuk 3:17; TTI .Olive-tree, The.19

    Ostrich, The

    Unclean and unfit for food Leviticus 11:13; TTI .Ostrich, The.3

    Furnished with wings and feathers Job 39:13; TTI .Ostrich, The.4

    Lays her eggs in the sand Job 39:14; TTI .Ostrich, The.5

    Owl, The

    Varieties of Leviticus 11:16; Deuteronomy 14:15; TTI .Owl, The.3

    Unclean and not to be eaten Leviticus 11:13; TTI .Owl, The.4

    Inhabits deserted cities and houses Isaiah 13:21; 34:11-14; Jeremiah 50:39; TTI .Owl, The.5

    Illustrative of mourners Psalm 102:6; TTI .Owl, The.6

    Ox, The

    Often found wild Deuteronomy 14:5; TTI .Ox, The.3

    Was clean and fit for food Deuteronomy 14:4; TTI .Ox, The.4

    Horns and hoofs of, alluded to Psalm 69:31; TTI .Ox, The.5

    Lowing of, alluded to 1Samuel 15:14; Job 6:5; TTI .Ox, The.6

    Rapid manner of collecting its food alluded to Numbers 22:4; TTI .Ox, The.7

    Formed a part of the patriarchal wealth Genesis 13:2; 26:14; Job 1:3; TTI .Ox, The.8

    Formed a part of the wealth of Israel in Egypt Genesis 50:8; Exodus 10:9; 12:32; TTI .Ox, The.9

    Formed a part of the wealth of the Jews Numbers 32:4; Psalm 144:14; TTI .Ox, The.10

    Required great care and attention Proverbs 27:23; TTI .Ox, The.11

    Herdmen appointed over Genesis 13:7; 1Samuel 21:7; TTI .Ox, The.12

    Urged on by the goad Judges 3:31; TTI .Ox, The.13

    Often stall-fed for slaughter Proverbs 15:17; TTI .Ox, The.14

    Goes to the slaughter unconscious Proverbs 7:22; TTI .Ox, The.15

    Young of, considered a great delicacy Genesis 18:7; Amos 6:4; TTI .Ox, The.16

    Male firstlings of, belonged to God Exodus 34:19; TTI .Ox, The.17

    Tithe of, given to the priests 2Chronicles 31:6; TTI .Ox, The.18

    Increase of, promised Deuteronomy 7:13; 28:4; TTI .Ox, The.19

    Publicly sold 2Samuel 24:24; Luke 14:19; TTI .Ox, The.20

    Often given as a present Genesis 12:16; 20:14; TTI .Ox, The.21

    The wicked often took, in pledge from the poor Job 24:3; TTI .Ox, The.22

    Custom of sending the pieces of, to collect the people to war 1Samuel 11:7; TTI .Ox, The.23

    Sea of brass rested on figures of 1Kings 7:25; TTI .Ox, The.24

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