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    Jerusalem - Justification before God


    The ancient Salem Genesis 14:18; Psalm 76:2; TTI .Jerusalem.3

    The ancient Jebusi or Jebus Joshua 15:8; 18:28; Judges 19:10; TTI .Jerusalem.4

    The king of, defeated and slain by Joshua Joshua 10:5; TTI .Jerusalem.5

    Allotted to the tribe of Benjamin Joshua 18:28; TTI .Jerusalem.6

    Partly taken and burned by Judah Judges 1:8; TTI .Jerusalem.7

    Enlarged by David 2Samuel 5:9; TTI .Jerusalem.8

    Made the royal city 2Samuel 5:9; 20:3; TTI .Jerusalem.9

    Specially chosen by God 2Chronicles 6:6; Psalm 135:21; TTI .Jerusalem.10

    The seat of government under the Romans for a time Matthew 27:2; TTI .Jerusalem.11

    Roman government transferred from, to Caesarea Acts 23:23; 25:1-13; TTI .Jerusalem.12

    Surrounded by mountains Psalm 125:2; TTI .Jerusalem.13

    Surrounded by a wall 1Kings 3:1; TTI .Jerusalem.14

    Protected by forts and bulwarks Psalm 48:12; TTI .Jerusalem.15

    Entered by gates Psalm 122:2; Jeremiah 17:19; TTI .Jerusalem.16

    Hezekiah made an aqueduct for 2Kings 20:20; TTI .Jerusalem.17

    Spoils of war placed in 1Samuel 17:54; 2Samuel 8:7; TTI .Jerusalem.18

    Protected by God Isaiah 31:5; TTI .Jerusalem.19

    Instances of God's care and protection of 2Samuel 24:16; 2Kings 19:32; 2Chronicles 12:7; TTI .Jerusalem.20

    The temple built in 2Chronicles 3:1; Psalm 68:29; TTI .Jerusalem.21

    Wickedness of Isaiah 1:1; Jeremiah 5:1; Micah 3:10; TTI .Jerusalem.22

    Idolatry of 2Chronicles 28:4; Ezekiel 8:7; TTI .Jerusalem.23

    Wickedness of, the cause of its calamities 2Kings 21:12; 2Chronicles 24:18; Lamentations 1:8; Ezekiel 5:5; TTI .Jerusalem.24

    Was the tomb of the prophets Luke 13:33; TTI .Jerusalem.25

    Gospel first preached at Luke 24:47; Acts 2:14; TTI .Jerusalem.26

    Miraculous gift of the Holy Spirit first given at Acts 1:4; 2:1-5; TTI .Jerusalem.27

    Persecution of the Christian church commenced at Acts 4:1; 8:1; TTI .Jerusalem.28

    First Christian council held at Acts 15:4; TTI .Jerusalem.29

    Rebuilt after the captivity by order of Cyrus Ezra 1:1; TTI .Jerusalem.30

    Jews, The

    Descended from Abraham Isaiah 51:2; John 8:39; TTI .Jews, The.3

    Divided into twelve tribes Genesis 35:22; 49:28; TTI .Jews, The.4

    Chosen and loved by God Deuteronomy 7:6; TTI .Jews, The.5

    Circumcised in token of their covenant relation Genesis 17:10; Acts 7:8; TTI .Jews, The.6

    Separated from all other nations Exodus 33:16; Leviticus 20:24; 1Kings 8:53; TTI .Jews, The.7

    Sojourned in Egypt Exodus 12:40; TTI .Jews, The.8

    Brought out of Egypt by God Exodus 12:42; Deuteronomy 5:15; 6:12; TTI .Jews, The.9

    In the desert forty years Numbers 14:33; Joshua 5:6; TTI .Jews, The.10

    Settled in Canaan Numbers 32:18; Joshua 14:1; TTI .Jews, The.11

    Under the theocracy until the time of Samuel Exodus 19:4; 1Samuel 8:7; TTI .Jews, The.12

    Desired and obtained kings 1Samuel 8:5; TTI .Jews, The.13

    Divided into two kingdoms after Solomon 1Kings 11:31; 12:19,20; TTI .Jews, The.14

    Often subdued and made tributary Judges 2:13; 4:2; 6:2,6; 2Kings 23:33; TTI .Jews, The.15

    Taken captive to Assyria and Babylon 2Kings 17:32; 18:11; 24:16; 25:11; TTI .Jews, The.16

    Restored to their own land by Cyrus Ezra 1:1; TTI .Jews, The.17

    Had courts of justice Deuteronomy 16:18; TTI .Jews, The.18

    Had an ecclesiastical establishment Exodus 28:1; Numbers 18:6; Malachi 2:4; TTI .Jews, The.19

    Had a series of prophets to promote national reformation Jeremiah 7:25; 26:4,5; 35:15; 44:4; Ezekiel 38:17; TTI .Jews, The.20

    The only people who had knowledge of God Psalm 76:1; 48:3; 1Thessalonians 4:5; Romans 1:28; TTI .Jews, The.21

    The only people who worshipped God Exodus 5:17; Psalm 96:5; 115:3,4; John 4:22; TTI .Jews, The.22

    Religion of, according to rites prescribed by God Leviticus 18:4; Deuteronomy 12:8; Hebrews 9:1; TTI .Jews, The.23

    Religion of, typical Hebrews 9:8; 10:1; TTI .Jews, The.24

    Their national greatness Genesis 12:2; Deuteronomy 33:29; TTI .Jews, The.25

    Their national privileges Romans 3:2; 9:4,5; TTI .Jews, The.26

    Their vast numbers Genesis 22:17; Numbers 10:36; TTI .Jews, The.27

    Trusted to their privileges for salvation Jeremiah 7:4; Matthew 3:9; TTI .Jews, The.28

    Distinction of castes among, noticed Isaiah 65:5; Luke 7:39; 15:2; Acts 26:5; TTI .Jews, The.29

    Degenerated as they increased in national greatness Amos 6:4; TTI .Jews, The.30

    Often displeased God by their sins Numbers 25:3; Deuteronomy 32:16; 1Kings 16:2; Isaiah 1:4; 5:24,25; TTI .Jews, The.31

    A spiritual seed of true believers always among 1Kings 19:18; Isaiah 6:13; Romans 9:6; 11:1,5; TTI .Jews, The.32

    An agricultural people Genesis 46:32; TTI .Jews, The.33

    A commercial people Ezekiel 27:17; TTI .Jews, The.34

    Obliged to unite against enemies Numbers 32:20; Judges 19:29; 20:1-48; 1Samuel 11:7; TTI .Jews, The.35

    Often distinguished in war Judges 7:19; 1Samuel 14:6; 17:32,33; Nehemiah 4:16; TTI .Jews, The.36

    Strengthened by God in war Leviticus 26:7; Joshua 5:13; 8:1,2; TTI .Jews, The.37

    Under God's special protection Deuteronomy 32:10; 33:27-29; Psalm 105:13; 121:3-5; TTI .Jews, The.38

    Enemies of, obliged to acknowledge them as divinely protected Joshua 2:9; Esther 6:13; TTI .Jews, The.39

    Despised all strangers 1Samuel 17:36; Matthew 16:26; Ephesians 2:11; TTI .Jews, The.40

    Held no intercourse with strangers John 4:9; Acts 11:2; TTI .Jews, The.41

    Condemned for associating with other nations Judges 2:1; Jeremiah 2:18; TTI .Jews, The.42

    Received proselytes from other nations Acts 2:10; Exodus 12:44; TTI .Jews, The.43

    Gentiles made one with, under the gospel Acts 10:15; 15:8,9; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 2:14; TTI .Jews, The.44

    None hated or oppressed, with impunity Psalm 137:8; Ezekiel 25:15; 35:6; 1:10-16; TTI .Jews, The.45

    Imprecated the blood of Christ upon themselves and their children Matthew 27:25; TTI .Jews, The.46

    Many of, believed the gospel Acts 21:20; TTI .Jews, The.47

    Unbelieving, persecuted the Christians Acts 17:5; 1Thessalonians 2:14; TTI .Jews, The.48

    Cast off for unbelief Romans 11:17; TTI .Jews, The.49

    Scattered and peeled Isaiah 18:2; James 1:1; TTI .Jews, The.50

    Shall finally be saved Romans 11:26; TTI .Jews, The.51

    Punishment of, for rejecting and killing Christ, illustrated Matthew 21:37; TTI .Jews, The.52

    Descendants of Abraham Psalm 105:6; Isaiah 51:2; John 8:33; Romans 9:7; TTI .Jews, The.53

    The people of God Deuteronomy 32:9; 2Samuel 7:24; Isaiah 51:16; TTI .Jews, The.54

    Separated to God Exodus 33:16; Numbers 23:9; Deuteronomy 4:34; TTI .Jews, The.55

    Beloved for their father's sake Deuteronomy 4:37; 10:15; Romans 11:28; TTI .Jews, The.56

    Christ descended from John 4:22; Romans 9:5; TTI .Jews, The.57

    The covenant established with Exodus 6:4; 24:6-8; 34:27; TTI .Jews, The.58

    Privileges of Psalm 76:1; Romans 3:1; 9:4,5; TTI .Jews, The.59

    Scattered among the nations Deuteronomy 28:64; Ezekiel 6:8; 36:19; TTI .Jews, The.60

    Despised by the nations Ezekiel 36:3; TTI .Jews, The.61

    Their country trodden under foot by the Gentiles Deuteronomy 28:49; Luke 21:24; TTI .Jews, The.62

    Their house left desolate Matthew 24:38; TTI .Jews, The.63

    Deprived of civil and religious privileges Hosea 3:4; TTI .Jews, The.64

    God, mindful of Psalm 98:3; Isaiah 49:15; TTI .Jews, The.65

    Christ was sent to Matthew 15:24; 21:37; Acts 3:20; TTI .Jews, The.66

    Compassion of Christ for Matthew 23:37; Luke 19:41; TTI .Jews, The.67

    The gospel preached to, first Matthew 10:6; Luke 24:47; Acts 1:8; TTI .Jews, The.68

    Blessedness of blessing Genesis 27:29; TTI .Jews, The.69

    Blessedness of favouring Genesis 12:3; Psalm 122:6; TTI .Jews, The.70

    Pray importunately for Psalm 122:6; Isaiah 62:1; Jeremiah 31:7; Romans 10:1; TTI .Jews, The.71

    Saints remember Psalm 102:14; 137:5; Jeremiah 51:50; TTI .Jews, The.72

    Conversion of, illustrated Ezekiel 37:1; Romans 11:24; TTI .Jews, The.73

    Jordan, The River

    Eastern boundary of Canaan Numbers 34:12; TTI .Jordan, The River.3

    Often overflowed Joshua 3:15; 1Chronicles 12:15; TTI .Jordan, The River.4

    Overflowing of, called the swelling of Jordan Jeremiah 12:5; 49:19; TTI .Jordan, The River.5

    Empties itself into the Dead Sea Numbers 34:12; TTI .Jordan, The River.6

    Fordable in some places Joshua 2:7; Judges 12:5; TTI .Jordan, The River.7

    Ferry boats often used on 2Samuel 19:18; TTI .Jordan, The River.8

    The Jews had great pride in Zechariah 11:3; TTI .Jordan, The River.9

    Despised by foreigners 2Kings 5:12; TTI .Jordan, The River.10

    Moses not allowed to cross Deuteronomy 3:27; 31:2; TTI .Jordan, The River.11


    God gives Ecclesiastes 2:26; Psalm 4:7; TTI .Joy.3

    Christ appointed to give Isaiah 61:3; TTI .Joy.4

    Is a fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22; TTI .Joy.5

    The gospel, good tidings of Luke 2:10; TTI .Joy.6

    God's word affords Nehemiah 8:12; Jeremiah 15:16; TTI .Joy.7

    The gospel to be received with 1Thessalonians 1:6; TTI .Joy.8

    Promised to saints Psalm 132:16; Isaiah 35:10; 55:12; 56:7; TTI .Joy.9

    Prepared for saints Psalm 97:11; TTI .Joy.10

    Enjoined to saints Psalm 32:11; Philippians 3:1; TTI .Joy.11

    Fulness of, in God's presence Psalm 16:11; TTI .Joy.12

    Vanity of seeking, from earthly things Ecclesiastes 2:10; 11:8; TTI .Joy.13

    Increased to the meek Isaiah 29:19; TTI .Joy.14

    Afflictions of saints succeeded by Psalm 30:5; 126:5; Isaiah 35:10; John 16:20; TTI .Joy.15

    Pray for restoration of Psalm 51:8; 85:6; TTI .Joy.16

    Promote, in the afflicted Job 29:13; TTI .Joy.17

    Saints should afford, to their ministers Philippians 2:2; Philemon 1:20; TTI .Joy.18

    Serve God with Psalm 100:2; TTI .Joy.19

    Liberality in God's service should cause 1Chronicles 29:9; TTI .Joy.20

    Is strengthening to saints Nehemiah 8:10; TTI .Joy.21

    Saints should engage in all religious services with Ezra 6:22; Psalm 42:4; TTI .Joy.22

    Saints should have, in all their undertakings Deuteronomy 12:18; TTI .Joy.23

    Saints shall be presented to God with exceeding 1Peter 4:13; Jude 1:24; TTI .Joy.24

    The coming of Christ will afford to saints, exceeding 1Peter 4:13; TTI .Joy.25

    Shall be the final reward of saints at the judgment day Matthew 25:21; TTI .Joy.26

    Holy-Illustrated Isaiah 9:3; Matthew 13:44; TTI .Joy.27

    Joy of God over his People, The

    Greatness of, described Zephaniah 3:17; TTI .Joy of God over his People, The.3

    Illustrated Isaiah 62:5; Luke 15:23; TTI .Joy of God over his People, The.4

    Judah, The Tribe of

    Descended from Jacob's fourth son Genesis 29:35; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.3

    Predictions respecting Genesis 49:8; Deuteronomy 33:7; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.4

    Strength of, on leaving Egypt Numbers 1:26; 2:4; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.5

    Encamped with its standard east of the tabernacle Numbers 2:3; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.6

    Led the first division of Israel in their journeys Numbers 10:14; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.7

    Offering of, at dedication Numbers 7:12; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.8

    Families of Numbers 26:19; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.9

    Strength of on entering Canaan Numbers 26:22; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.10

    On Gerizim said amen to the blessings Deuteronomy 27:12; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.11

    Bounds of inheritance Joshua 15:1; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.12

    First and most vigorous in driving out the Canaanites Judges 1:3; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.13

    Went first against Gibeah Judges 20:18; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.14

    Furnished to Israel the first judge Judges 3:9; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.15

    Aided Saul in his wars 1Samuel 11:8; 15:4; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.16

    After Saul's rebellion appointed to furnish kings to Israel 1Samuel 13:14; 15:28; 16:6,13; 2Samuel 2:4; 7:16,17; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.17

    The first to submit to David 2Samuel 2:10; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.18

    Reigned over alone by David seven years and a half 2Samuel 2:11; 5:5; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.19

    Officer placed over by David 1Chronicles 27:18; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.20

    Reproved for tardiness in bringing back David after Absalom's rebellion 2Samuel 19:11; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.21

    Other tribes jealous of, on account of David 2Samuel 19:41; 20:1,2; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.22

    With Benjamin alone, adhered to the house of David 1Kings 12:21; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.23

    The last tribe carried into captivity 2Kings 17:18; 25:21; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.24

    Out Lord sprang from Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:23; Hebrews 7:14; TTI .Judah, The Tribe of.25

    Judea, Modern

    One of the divisions of the Holy Land under the Romans Luke 3:1; TTI .Judea, Modern.3

    Comprised the whole of the ancient kingdom of Judah 1Kings 12:21; TTI .Judea, Modern.4

    A mountainous district Luke 1:39; TTI .Judea, Modern.5

    Parts of, desert Matthew 3:1; Acts 8:26; TTI .Judea, Modern.6

    Jerusalem the capital of Matthew 4:25; TTI .Judea, Modern.7

    John the Baptist preached in Matthew 3:1; TTI .Judea, Modern.8

    Several Christian churches in Acts 9:31; 1Thessalonians 2:14; TTI .Judea, Modern.9

    Judges, Extraordinary

    Raised up to deliver Israel Judges 2:16; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.3

    Upheld and strengthened by God Judges 2:18; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.4

    Remarkable for their faith Hebrews 11:32; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.5

    During four hundred and fifty years Acts 13:20; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.6

    Not without intermission Judges 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.7

    The office of, not always for life, or hereditary Judges 8:23; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.8

    Israel not permanently or spiritually benefitted by Judges 2:17; TTI .Judges, Extraordinary.9


    Are from God Deuteronomy 32:39; Job 12:23; Amos 3:6; Micah 6:9; TTI .Judgments.3

    Sent for correction Job 37:13; Jeremiah 30:11; TTI .Judgments.4

    Sent for the deliverance of saints Exodus 6:6; TTI .Judgments.5

    Manifest the righteous character of God Exodus 9:14; Ezekiel 39:21; Daniel 9:14; TTI .Judgments.6

    Are in all the earth 1Chronicles 16:14; TTI .Judgments.7

    Are frequently tempered with mercy Jeremiah 4:27; 5:10,15-18; Amos 9:8; TTI .Judgments.8

    Should be a warning to others Luke 13:3; TTI .Judgments.9

    Judgment, The

    Predicted in the Old Testament 1Chronicles 16:33; Psalm 9:7; 96:13; Ecclesiastes 3:17; TTI .Judgment, The.3

    A first principle of the gospel Hebrews 6:2; TTI .Judgment, The.4

    A day appointed for Acts 17:31; Romans 2:16; TTI .Judgment, The.5

    Time of, unknown to us Mark 13:32; TTI .Judgment, The.6

    Shall be administered by Christ John 5:22; Acts 10:42; Romans 14:10; 2Corinthians 5:10; TTI .Judgment, The.7

    Saints shall sit with Christ in 1Corinthians 6:2; Revelation 20:4; TTI .Judgment, The.8

    Shall take place at the coming of Christ Matthew 25:31; 2Timothy 4:1; TTI .Judgment, The.9

    Of Heathen, by the law of conscience Romans 2:12; TTI .Judgment, The.10

    Of Jews, by the law of Moses Romans 2:12; TTI .Judgment, The.11

    Of Christians, by the gospel James 2:12; TTI .Judgment, The.12

    Shall be in righteousness Psalm 98:9; Acts 17:31; TTI .Judgment, The.13

    The books shall be opened at Daniel 7:10; TTI .Judgment, The.14

    None, by nature can stand in Psalm 130:3; 143:2; Romans 3:19; TTI .Judgment, The.15

    Saints shall, through Christ, be enabled to stand in Romans 8:33; TTI .Judgment, The.16

    Christ will acknowledge saints at Matthew 25:34; Revelation 3:5; TTI .Judgment, The.17

    Perfect love will give boldness in 1John 4:17; TTI .Judgment, The.18

    Saints shall be rewarded at 2Timothy 4:8; Revelation 11:18; TTI .Judgment, The.19

    The wicked shall be condemned in Matthew 7:22; 25:41; TTI .Judgment, The.20

    Final punishment of the wicked will succeed Matthew 13:40; 25:46; TTI .Judgment, The.21

    The word of Christ shall be a witness against the wicked in John 12:48; TTI .Judgment, The.22

    Warn the wicked of Acts 24:25; 2Corinthians 5:11; TTI .Judgment, The.23

    The wicked dread Acts 24:25; Hebrews 10:27; TTI .Judgment, The.24

    Neglected advantages increase condemnation at Matthew 11:20; Luke 11:31; TTI .Judgment, The.25

    Devils shall be condemned at 2Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; TTI .Judgment, The.26


    Commanded Deuteronomy 16:20; Isaiah 56:1; TTI .Justice.3

    Christ, an example of Psalm 98:9; Isaiah 11:4; Jeremiah 23:5; TTI .Justice.4

    Specially required in rulers 2Samuel 23:3; Ezekiel 45:9; TTI .Justice.5

    Gifts impede Exodus 23:8; TTI .Justice.6

    Brings its own reward Jeremiah 22:15; TTI .Justice.7

    Promises to Isaiah 33:15; Jeremiah 7:5; TTI .Justice.8

    Justice of God, The

    Is a part of his character Deuteronomy 32:4; Isaiah 45:21; TTI .Justice of God, The.3

    Not to be sinned against Jeremiah 50:7; TTI .Justice of God, The.4

    Denied by the ungodly Ezekiel 33:17; TTI .Justice of God, The.5

    Acknowledge Psalm 51:4; Romans 3:4; TTI .Justice of God, The.6

    Magnify Psalm 98:9; 99:3,4; TTI .Justice of God, The.7

    Justification before God

    Promised in Christ Isaiah 45:25; 53:11; TTI .Justification before God.3

    Is the act of God Isaiah 50:8; Romans 8:33; TTI .Justification before God.4

    The wicked shall not attain to Exodus 23:7; TTI .Justification before God.5

    Typified Zechariah 3:4; TTI .Justification before God.6

    Illustrated Luke 18:14; TTI .Justification before God.7

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