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    Waiting Upon God - Works, Good

    Waiting Upon God

    As the God of providence Jeremiah 14:22; TTI .Waiting Upon God.3

    As the God of salvation Psalm 25:5; TTI .Waiting Upon God.4

    As the Giver of all temporal blessings Psalm 104:27; 145:15,16; TTI .Waiting Upon God.5

    Is good Psalm 52:9; TTI .Waiting Upon God.6

    God calls us to Zephaniah 3:8; TTI .Waiting Upon God.7

    Exhortations and encouragements to Psalm 27:14; 37:7; Hosea 12:6; TTI .Waiting Upon God.8

    Saints resolve on Psalm 52:9; 59:9; TTI .Waiting Upon God.9

    Saints have expectation from Psalm 62:5; TTI .Waiting Upon God.10

    Saints plead, in prayer Psalm 25:21; Isaiah 33:2; TTI .Waiting Upon God.11

    The patience of saints often tried in Psalm 69:3; TTI .Waiting Upon God.12

    Predicted of the Gentiles Isaiah 42:4; 60:9; TTI .Waiting Upon God.13

    Illustrated Psalm 123:2; Luke 12:36; James 5:7; TTI .Waiting Upon God.14


    Designed for separation Ezekiel 43:8; Ephesians 2:14; TTI .Walls.3

    Designed for defence 1Samuel 25:16; TTI .Walls.4

    Frequently made of stone and wood together Ezra 5:8; Habakkuk 2:11; TTI .Walls.5

    Were probably often strengthened with plates of iron or brass Jeremiah 15:20; Ezekiel 4:3; TTI .Walls.6

    Small towns and villages were not surrounded by Leviticus 25:31; Deuteronomy 3:5; TTI .Walls.7

    Hyssop frequently grew on 1Kings 4:33; TTI .Walls.8


    Antiquity of Genesis 14:2; TTI .War.3

    Originates in the lusts of men James 4:1; TTI .War.4

    A time for Ecclesiastes 3:8; TTI .War.5

    Large armies frequently engaged in 2Chronicles 13:3; 14:9; TTI .War.6

    Weapons used in Joshua 1:14; Judges 18:11; TTI .War.7

    Frequently long continued 2Samuel 3:1; TTI .War.8

    Frequently sore and bloody 1Samuel 14:22; 1Chronicles 5:22; 2Chronicles 14:13; 28:6; TTI .War.9

    Records often kept of Numbers 21:14; TTI .War.10

    Often sent as a punishment for sin Judges 5:8; TTI .War.11

    Warfare of Saints

    Is not after the flesh 2Corinthians 10:3; TTI .Warfare of Saints.3

    Is a good warfare 1Timothy 1:18; TTI .Warfare of Saints.4

    Called the good fight of faith 1Timothy 6:12; TTI .Warfare of Saints.5

    Often arises from the opposition of friends or relatives Micah 7:6; Matthew 10:35; TTI .Warfare of Saints.6

    Mere professors do not maintain Jeremiah 9:3; TTI .Warfare of Saints.7

    Illustrated Isaiah 9:5; Zechariah 10:5; TTI .Warfare of Saints.8


    Christ an example of Matthew 26:38; Luke 6:12; TTI .Watchfulness.3

    Commanded Mark 13:37; Revelation 3:2; TTI .Watchfulness.4

    Exhortations to 1Thessalonians 5:6; 1Peter 4:7; TTI .Watchfulness.5

    God especially requires in ministers Ezekiel 3:17; Isaiah 62:6; Mark 13:34; TTI .Watchfulness.6

    Ministers exhorted to Acts 20:31; 2Timothy 4:5; TTI .Watchfulness.7

    Faithful ministers exercise Hebrews 13:17; TTI .Watchfulness.8

    Faithful ministers approved by Matthew 24:45; Luke 12:41; TTI .Watchfulness.9

    Saints pray to be kept in a state of Psalm 141:3; TTI .Watchfulness.10

    Blessedness of Luke 12:37; Revelation 16:15; TTI .Watchfulness.11

    Unfaithful ministers devoid of Isaiah 56:10; TTI .Watchfulness.12

    The wicked averse to 1Thessalonians 5:7; TTI .Watchfulness.13

    Danger of remissness in Matthew 24:48; 25:5,8,12; Revelation 3:3; TTI .Watchfulness.14

    Illustrated Luke 12:35; TTI .Watchfulness.15


    Soldiers generally acted as Matthew 27:65; TTI .Watchmen.3

    Citizens sometimes acted as Nehemiah 7:3; TTI .Watchmen.4

    Paraded the streets at night to preserve order SongofSolomon 3:3; 5:7; TTI .Watchmen.5

    Vigilance of, vain without God's protection Psalm 127:1; TTI .Watchmen.6

    Were relieved by turns Nehemiah 7:3; TTI .Watchmen.7

    Danger of sleeping on their posts, referred to Matthew 28:13; TTI .Watchmen.8

    Neglecting to give warning punished with death Ezekiel 33:6; TTI .Watchmen.9

    Often interrogated by passengers Isaiah 21:11; TTI .Watchmen.10


    One of the elements of the world Genesis 1:2; TTI .Water.3

    Necessary to vegetation Genesis 2:5; Job 14:9; Isaiah 1:30; TTI .Water.4

    Some plants particularly require Job 8:11; TTI .Water.5

    Necessary to the comfort and happiness of man Isaiah 41:17; Zechariah 9:11; TTI .Water.6

    Rises in vapour to the clouds Ecclesiastes 1:7; Psalm 104:8; TTI .Water.7

    Drops from the clouds in rain Deuteronomy 11:11; 2Samuel 21:10; TTI .Water.8

    Congealed by cold Job 38:29; Psalm 147:16; TTI .Water.9

    Kept for purification in large waterpots John 2:6; TTI .Water.10

    Carried in vessels Genesis 21:14; 1Samuel 26:11; Mark 14:13; TTI .Water.11

    Artificial mode of conveying, into large cities 2Kings 20:20; TTI .Water.12

    Frequently brackish and unfit for use Exodus 15:23; 2Kings 2:19; TTI .Water.13

    The want of, considered a great calamity Exodus 17:1; Numbers 20:2; 2Kings 3:9; Isaiah 3:1; TTI .Water.14

    In times of scarcity, sold at an enormous price Lamentations 5:4; TTI .Water.15

    The world and its inhabitants once destroyed by Genesis 7:20; 2Peter 3:6; TTI .Water.16

    The world not to be again destroyed by Genesis 9:8; 2Peter 3:7; TTI .Water.17


    Placed in the hand of the priest and waved before the Lord Exodus 29:24; Leviticus 8:27; TTI .Wave-offering.3

    Of the fat, &c of the consecration ram burnt on the altar Exodus 29:25; Leviticus 8:28; TTI .Wave-offering.4

    Was given to the priest as his due Exodus 29:26; Leviticus 7:31; 8:29; 10:15; 23:20; Numbers 18:11; TTI .Wave-offering.5

    Was to be eaten in a holy place by the priest's family Leviticus 10:14; TTI .Wave-offering.6


    A period of time consisting of seven days Leviticus 23:15; Luke 18:12; TTI .Weeks.3

    A space of seven years sometimes so called Genesis 29:27; Daniel 9:24; TTI .Weeks.4

    Origin of computing time by Genesis 2:2; TTI .Weeks.5

    The feast of pentecost called the feast of weeks Exodus 34:22; Acts 2:1; TTI .Weeks.6


    Generally regulated by the standard of the sanctuary Exodus 30:24; TTI .Weights.3

    Sometimes regulated by the king's standard 2Samuel 14:26; TTI .Weights.4

    Were frequently used in scales or balances Job 31:6; Isaiah 40:12; TTI .Weights.5

    Value of money estimated according to Genesis 23:16; 43:21; Jeremiah 32:9; TTI .Weights.6

    All metals were given by Exodus 37:24; 1Chronicles 28:14; TTI .Weights.7

    Provisions were sold by, in times of scarcity Leviticus 26:26; Ezekiel 4:10; TTI .Weights.8


    First mention of Genesis 16:14; TTI .Wells.3

    Supplied by springs Proverbs 16:22; TTI .Wells.4

    Supplied by the rain Psalm 84:6; TTI .Wells.5

    Surrounded by trees Genesis 49:22; Exodus 15:27; TTI .Wells.6

    Names often given to Genesis 16:14; 21:31; TTI .Wells.7

    Canaan abounded with Deuteronomy 6:11; TTI .Wells.8

    Many supplied from Lebanon SongofSolomon 4:15; TTI .Wells.9

    Often deep and difficult to draw from John 4:11; TTI .Wells.10

    Often covered to prevent their being filled with sand Genesis 29:2; TTI .Wells.11

    Had troughs placed near for watering cattle Genesis 24:19; Exodus 2:16; TTI .Wells.12

    Strangers not to draw from, without permission Numbers 20:17; TTI .Wells.13

    Water of, frequently sold Numbers 20:19; TTI .Wells.14

    Were a frequent cause of strife Genesis 21:25; 26:21,22; Exodus 2:16; TTI .Wells.15

    Were often stopped up by enemies Genesis 26:15; 2Kings 3:19; TTI .Wells.16

    Often afforded no water Jeremiah 14:3; Zechariah 9:11; TTI .Wells.17


    Generally came from the south Job 37:9; Isaiah 21:1; Zechariah 9:14; TTI .Whirlwind.3

    Sometimes came from the north Ezekiel 1:4; TTI .Whirlwind.4

    Called the whirlwind of God Jeremiah 23:19; 30:23; TTI .Whirlwind.5

    Arose up from the earth Jeremiah 25:32; TTI .Whirlwind.6

    Frequently continued for a long time Jeremiah 30:23; TTI .Whirlwind.7

    Destructive nature of Proverbs 1:27; TTI .Whirlwind.8

    Wicked, The, are compared to

    Abominable branches Isaiah 14:19; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.3

    Ashes under the feet Malachi 4:3; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.4

    Bad fishes Matthew 13:48; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.5

    Beasts Psalm 49:12; 2Peter 2:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.6

    Blind, The Zephaniah 1:17; Matthew 15:14; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.7

    Brass and iron Jeremiah 6:28; Ezekiel 22:18; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.8

    Briars and thorns Isaiah 55:13; Ezekiel 2:6; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.9

    Bulls of Bashan Psalm 22:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.10

    Carcasses trodden under feet Isaiah 14:19; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.11

    Chaff Job 21:18; Psalm 1:4; Matthew 3:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.12

    Clouds without water Jude 1:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.13

    Corn blasted 2Kings 19:26; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.14

    Corrupt trees Luke 6:43; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.15

    Deaf adders Psalm 58:4; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.16

    Dogs Proverbs 26:11; Matthew 7:6; 2Peter 2:22; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.17

    Dross Psalm 119:119; Ezekiel 22:18; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.18

    Early dew that passes away Hosea 13:3; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.19

    Evil figs Jeremiah 24:8; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.20

    Fading oaks Isaiah 1:30; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.21

    Fiery oven Psalm 21:9; Hosea 7:4; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.22

    Fire of thorns Psalm 118:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.23

    Fools building upon sand Matthew 7:26; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.24

    Fuel of fire Isaiah 9:19; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.25

    Garden without water Isaiah 1:30; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.26

    Goats Matthew 25:32; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.27

    Grass Psalm 37:2; 92:7; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.28

    Grass on the housetop 2Kings 19:26; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.29

    Green bay-trees Psalm 37:35; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.30

    Green herbs Psalm 37:2; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.31

    Heath in the desert Jeremiah 17:6; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.32

    Horses rushing into the battle Jeremiah 8:6; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.33

    Idols Psalm 115:8; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.34

    Lions greedy of prey Psalm 17:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.35

    Melting wax Psalm 68:2; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.36

    Morning-clouds Hosea 13:3; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.37

    Moth-eaten garments Isaiah 50:9; 51:8; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.38

    Passing whirlwinds Proverbs 10:25; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.39

    Potsherds Proverbs 26:23; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.40

    Raging waves of the sea Jude 1:13; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.41

    Reprobate silver Jeremiah 6:30; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.42

    Scorpions Ezekiel 2:6; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.43

    Serpents Psalm 58:4; Matthew 23:33; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.44

    Smoke Hosea 13:3; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.45

    Stony ground Matthew 13:5; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.46

    Stubble Job 21:18; Malachi 4:1; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.47

    Swine Matthew 7:6; 2Peter 2:22; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.48

    Tares Matthew 13:38; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.49

    Troubled sea Isaiah 57:20; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.50

    Visions of the night Job 20:8; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.51

    Wandering stars Jude 1:13; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.52

    Wayward children Matthew 11:16; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.53

    Wells without water 2Peter 2:17; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.54

    Wheels Psalm 83:13; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.55

    Whited sepulchres Matthew 23:27; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.56

    Wild ass's colt Job 11:12; TTI .Wicked, The, are compared to.57


    Character of true Luke 2:37; 1Timothy 5:5; TTI .Widows.3

    Exhorted to trust in God Jeremiah 49:11; TTI .Widows.4

    Though poor, may be liberal Mark 12:42; TTI .Widows.5

    When young, exposed to may temptations 1Timothy 5:11; TTI .Widows.6

    Curse for perverting judgment of Deuteronomy 27:19; TTI .Widows.7

    Woe to those who oppress Isaiah 10:1; TTI .Widows.8

    Blessings on those who relieve Deuteronomy 14:29; TTI .Widows.9

    A type of Zion in affliction Lamentations 5:3; TTI .Widows.10

    Were released from all obligation to former husbands Romans 7:3; TTI .Widows.11

    Were clothed in mourning after the decease of husbands Genesis 38:14; 2Samuel 14:2; TTI .Widows.12

    Reproach connected with Isaiah 54:4; TTI .Widows.13

    Increase of, threatened as a punishment Exodus 22:24; Jeremiah 15:8; 18:21; TTI .Widows.14

    Allowed to marry again Romans 7:3; TTI .Widows.15

    Intermarrying with, of kings considered treason 1Kings 2:21; TTI .Widows.16

    Not to be deplored by, considered a great calamity Job 27:15; Psalm 78:64; TTI .Widows.17

    Were under the special protection of God Deuteronomy 10:18; Psalm 68:5; TTI .Widows.18

    Were frequently oppressed and persecuted Job 24:3; Ezekiel 22:7; TTI .Widows.19

    Specially taken care of by the Church Acts 6:1; 1Timothy 5:9; TTI .Widows.20

    Often devoted themselves entirely to God's service Luke 2:37; 1Timothy 5:10; TTI .Widows.21

    Instances of great liberality in 1Kings 17:9; Mark 12:42; TTI .Widows.22

    Wind, The

    Variable nature of Ecclesiastes 1:6; TTI .Wind, The.3

    Accomplishes the purposes of God Psalm 148:8; TTI .Wind, The.4

    Theory of, above man's comprehension John 3:8; TTI .Wind, The.5

    Drying nature of Genesis 8:1; Isaiah 11:15; TTI .Wind, The.6

    Purifying nature of Job 37:21; Jeremiah 4:11; TTI .Wind, The.7

    From the north drives away rain Proverbs 25:23; TTI .Wind, The.8

    Frequently brings rain 1Kings 18:44; 2Kings 3:17; TTI .Wind, The.9

    Often blighting Psalm 103:16; Isaiah 40:7; TTI .Wind, The.10

    Movement of the leaves of trees, &c by, noticed Isaiah 7:2; Matthew 11:7; Revelation 6:13; TTI .Wind, The.11


    First mention of Genesis 9:20; TTI .Wine.3

    First mode of making, notice Genesis 40:11; TTI .Wine.4

    Generally made by treading the grapes in a press Nehemiah 13:15; Isaiah 63:2; TTI .Wine.5

    Refining of, alluded to Isaiah 25:6; TTI .Wine.6

    Improved by age Luke 5:39; TTI .Wine.7

    Many kinds of Nehemiah 5:18; TTI .Wine.8

    Sweet, esteemed for flavour and strength Isaiah 49:26; Amos 9:13; Micah 6:15; TTI .Wine.9

    Red, most esteemed Proverbs 23:31; Isaiah 27:2; TTI .Wine.10

    Often spiced to increase its strength, &c Proverbs 9:2; 23:30; SongofSolomon 8:2; TTI .Wine.11

    First fruits of, to be offered to God Deuteronomy 18:4; 2Chronicles 31:5; TTI .Wine.12

    With corn and oil, denoted all temporal blessings Genesis 27:28; Psalm 4:7; Hosea 2:8; Joel 2:19; TTI .Wine.13

    Given in abundance to the Jews when obedient Hosea 2:22; Joel 2:19; Zechariah 9:17; TTI .Wine.14

    The Jews frequently deprived of, as a punishment Isaiah 24:7; Hosea 2:9; Joel 1:10; Haggai 1:11; 2:16; TTI .Wine.15

    The Jews frequently drank, to excess Isaiah 5:11; Joel 3:3; Amos 6:6; TTI .Wine.16

    In times of scarcity, was mixed with water Isaiah 1:22; TTI .Wine.17

    Sometimes mixed with milk as a beverage SongofSolomon 5:1; TTI .Wine.18

    Custom of presenting to travellers Genesis 14:18; 1Samuel 25:18; TTI .Wine.19

    Custom of giving to persons in pain or suffering, mixed with drugs Proverbs 31:6; Mark 15:23; TTI .Wine.20

    Forbidden to the priests while engaged in the tabernacle Leviticus 10:9; TTI .Wine.21

    Forbidden to Nazarites during their separation Numbers 6:3; TTI .Wine.22

    The Rechabites never drank Jeremiah 35:5; TTI .Wine.23

    An article of extensive commerce Ezekiel 27:18; TTI .Wine.24

    Was stored in cellars 1Chronicles 27:27; TTI .Wine.25

    Was kept in bottles 1Samuel 25:18; Habakkuk 2:15; TTI .Wine.26

    Consequence of putting (when new), into old bottles Matthew 2:22; TTI .Wine.27

    The love of Christ to be preferred to SongofSolomon 1:2; TTI .Wine.28

    Water miraculously turned into John 2:9; TTI .Wine.29


    God makes Psalm 74:17; TTI .Winter.3

    Yearly return of, secured by covenant Genesis 8:22; TTI .Winter.4

    Coldness and inclemency of, noticed Proverbs 20:4; John 10:22; TTI .Winter.5

    Ships were laid up in port during Acts 27:12; 28:11; TTI .Winter.6

    The Jews frequently had special houses for Jeremiah 36:22; Amos 3:15; TTI .Winter.7

    Illustrative of seasons of spiritual adversity SongofSolomon 2:11; TTI .Winter.8

    Wisdom of God, The

    Is one of his attributes 1Samuel 2:3; Job 9:4; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.3

    The gospel contains treasures of 1Corinthians 2:7; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.4

    Wisdom of saints is derived from Ezra 7:25; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.5

    All human wisdom derived from Daniel 2:1; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.6

    Saints ascribe to him Daniel 2:20; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.7

    Nothing is concealed from Psalm 139:12; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.8

    The wicked question Psalm 73:11; Isaiah 47:10; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.9

    Should be magnified Romans 16:27; Jude 1:25; TTI .Wisdom of God, The.10

    Witness of The Holy Spirit

    Is truth 1John 5:6; TTI .Witness of The Holy Spirit.3

    To be implicitly received 1John 5:6; TTI .Witness of The Holy Spirit.4

    The first preaching of the gospel confirmed by Acts 14:3; Hebrews 2:4; TTI .Witness of The Holy Spirit.5

    The faithful preaching of the Apostles accompanied by 1Corinthians 2:4; 1Thessalonians 1:5; TTI .Witness of The Holy Spirit.6

    Borne against all unbelievers Nehemiah 9:30; Acts 28:25; TTI .Witness of The Holy Spirit.7


    Not to be selected from among the ungodly Genesis 24:3; 26:34,35; 28:1; TTI .Wives.3

    Should seek religious instruction from their husbands 1Corinthians 14:35; TTI .Wives.4

    Of ministers should be exemplary 1Timothy 3:11; TTI .Wives.5

    Wolf, The

    Rapacious nature of Genesis 49:27; TTI .Wolf, The.3

    Particularly fierce in the evening when it seeks its prey Jeremiah 5:6; Habakkuk 1:8; TTI .Wolf, The.4

    Destructive to flocks of sheep John 10:12; TTI .Wolf, The.5


    Origin and cause of the name Genesis 2:23; TTI .Woman.3

    Deceived by Satan Genesis 3:1; 2Corinthians 11:3; 1Timothy 2:14; TTI .Woman.4

    Led man to disobey God Genesis 3:6; TTI .Woman.5

    Curse pronounced on Genesis 3:16; TTI .Woman.6

    Salvation promised through the seed of Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; TTI .Woman.7

    Safety in childbirth promised to the faithful and holy 1Timothy 2:15; TTI .Woman.8

    To wear her hair long as a covering 1Corinthians 11:15; TTI .Woman.9

    Good and virtuous, described Proverbs 31:10; TTI .Woman.10

    Virtuous, held in high estimation Proverbs 3:11; 31:10,30; TTI .Woman.11

    Generally wore a vail in the presence of the other sex Genesis 24:65; TTI .Woman.12

    Generally lived in a separated apartment or tent Genesis 18:9; 24:67; Esther 2:9; TTI .Woman.13

    Submissive and respectful to husbands 1Peter 3:6; Genesis 18:12; TTI .Woman.14

    Of the poorer classes swarthy from exposure to the sun SongofSolomon 1:5; TTI .Woman.15

    Were required to hear and obey the law Joshua 8:35; TTI .Woman.16

    Had a court of the tabernacle assigned to them Exodus 38:8; 1Samuel 2:2; TTI .Woman.17

    Allowed to join in the temple-music from the time of David 1Chronicles 25:5; Ezra 2:65; Nehemiah 7:67; TTI .Woman.18

    Vows of, when married not binding upon the husband Numbers 30:6; TTI .Woman.19

    Unfaithfulness of, when married found out by the waters of jealousy Numbers 5:14; TTI .Woman.20

    Punishment for injuring, when with child Exodus 21:22; TTI .Woman.21

    To be governed by, considered a calamity by the Jews Isaiah 3:12; TTI .Woman.22

    To be slain by, considered a great disgrace Judges 9:54; TTI .Woman.23

    Considered a valuable booty in war Deuteronomy 20:14; 1Samuel 30:2; TTI .Woman.24

    Often treated with great cruelty in war 2Kings 8:12; Lamentations 5:11; Ezekiel 9:6; Hosea 13:16; TTI .Woman.25

    Works, Good

    Christ, an example of John 10:32; Acts 10:38; TTI .Works, Good.3

    Are by Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God Philippians 1:11; TTI .Works, Good.4

    They alone, who abide in Christ can perform John 15:4; TTI .Works, Good.5

    Wrought by God in us Isaiah 26:12; Philippians 2:13; TTI .Works, Good.6

    The Scripture designed to lead us to 2Timothy 3:16; James 1:25; TTI .Works, Good.7

    To be performed in Christ's name Colossians 3:17; TTI .Works, Good.8

    Heavenly wisdom is full of James 3:17; TTI .Works, Good.9

    Justification unattainable by Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16; TTI .Works, Good.10

    Salvation unattainable by Ephesians 2:8; 2Timothy 1:9; Titus 3:5; TTI .Works, Good.11

    Holy women should manifest 1Timothy 2:10; 5:10; TTI .Works, Good.12

    God remembers Nehemiah 13:14; Hebrews 6:9; TTI .Works, Good.13

    Shall be brought into the judgment Ecclesiastes 12:14; 2Corinthians 5:10; TTI .Works, Good.14

    In the judgment, will be an evidence of faith Matthew 25:34; James 2:14; TTI .Works, Good.15

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