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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (3473) Yishpan [yish-pawn']

    probably from the same as 'shaphan' (shaphan); he will hide; Jishpan, an Israelite:--Ishpan. SHD YISHPAN.2

    (3474) yashar [yaw-shar']

    a primitive root; to be straight or even; figuratively, to be (causatively, to make) right, pleasant, prosperous:--direct, fit, seem good (meet), + please (will), be (esteem, go) right (on), bring (look, make, take the) straight (way), be upright(-ly). SHD YASHAR.2

    (3475) Yesher [yay'-sher]

    from 'yashar' (yashar); the right; Jesher, an Israelite: -Jesher. SHD YESHER.2

    (3476) yosher [yo'-sher]

    from 'yashar' (yashar); the right:--equity, meet, right, upright(-ness). SHD YOSHER.2

    (3477) yashar [yaw-shawr']

    from 'yashar' (yashar); straight (literally or figuratively):--convenient, equity, Jasher, just, meet(-est), + pleased well right(-eous), straight, (most) upright(-ly, -ness). SHD YASHAR.2

    (3478) Yisra'el [yis-raw-ale']

    from 'sarah' (sarah) and ''el' ('el); he will rule as God; Jisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity: --Israel. SHD YISRAEL.2

    (3479) Yisra'el [yis-raw-ale']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'Yisra'el' (Yisra'el):--Israel. SHD YISRAEL.2

    (3480) Ysar'elah [yes-ar-ale'-aw]

    by variation from 'yashar' (yashar) and ''el' ('el) with directive enclitic; right towards God; Jesarelah, an Israelite:--Jesharelah. SHD YSARELAH.2

    (3481) Yisr'eliy [yis-reh-ay-lee']

    patronymically from 'Yisra'el' (Yisra'el); a Jisreelite or descendant of Jisrael:--of Israel, Israelite. SHD YISRELIY.2

    (3482) Yisr'eliyth [yis-reh-ay-leeth']

    feminine of 'Yisr'eliy' (Yisr'eliy); a Jisreelitess or female descendant of Jisrael:--Israelitish. SHD YISRELIYTH.2

    (3483) yishrah [yish-raw']

    feminine or 'yashar' (yashar); rectitude:--uprightness. SHD YISHRAH.2

    (3484) Yshuruwn [yesh-oo-roon']

    from 'yashar' (yashar); upright; Jeshurun, a symbol. name for Israel:--Jeshurun. SHD YSHURUWN.2

    (3485) Yissaskar [yis-saw-kawr']

    (strictly yis-saws-kawr'); from 'nasa'' (nasa') and 'sakar' (sakar); he will bring a reward; Jissaskar, a son of Jacob:--Issachar. SHD YISSASKAR.2

    (3486) yashesh [yaw-shaysh']

    from an unused root meaning to blanch; gray-haired, i.e. an aged man:--stoop for age. SHD YASHESH.2

    (3487) yath [yath]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to ''eth' ('eth); a sign of the object of a verb: + whom. SHD YATH.2

    (3488) ythiyb [yeth-eeb']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'yashab' (yashab); to sit or dwell: -dwell, (be) set, sit. SHD YTHIYB.2

    (3489) yathed [yaw-thade']

    from an unused root meaning to pin through or fast; a peg:--nail, paddle, pin, stake. SHD YATHED.2

    (3490) yathowm [yaw-thome']

    from an unused root meaning to be lonely; a bereaved person:--fatherless (child), orphan. SHD YATHOWM.2

    (3491) yathuwr [yaw-thoor']

    passive participle of 'yathar' (yathar); properly, what is left, i.e. (by implication) a gleaning:--range. SHD YATHUWR.2

    (3492) Yattiyr [yat-teer']

    from 'yathar' (yathar); redundant; Jattir, a place in Palestine:--Jattir. SHD YATTIYR.2

    (3493) yattiyr [yat-teer']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'Yattiyr' (Yattiyr); preeminent; as an adverb, very:--exceeding(-ly), excellent. SHD YATTIYR.2

    (3494) Yithlah [yith-law']

    probably from 'talah' (talah); it will hang, i.e. be high; Jithlah, a place in Palestine:--Jethlah. SHD YITHLAH.2

    (3495) Yithmah [yith-maw']

    from the same as 'yathowm' (yathowm); orphanage; Jithmah, an Israelite:--Ithmah. SHD YITHMAH.2

    (3496) Yathniy'el [yath-nee-ale']

    from an unused root meaning to endure, and ''el' ('el); continued of God; Jathniel, an Israelite:--Jathniel. SHD YATHNIYEL.2

    (3497) Yithnan [yith-nawn']

    from the same as 'tanniyn' (tanniyn); extensive; Jithnan, a place in Palestine:--Ithnan. SHD YITHNAN.2

    (3498) yathar [yaw-thar']

    a primitive root; to jut over or exceed; by implication, to excel; (intransitively) to remain or be left; causatively, to leave, cause to abound, preserve:--excel, leave (a remnant), left behind, too much, make plenteous, preserve, (be, let) remain(-der, -ing, - nant), reserve, residue, rest. SHD YATHAR.2

    (3499) yether [yeh'-ther]

    from 'yathar' (yathar); properly, an overhanging, i.e. (by implication) an excess, superiority, remainder; also a small rope (as hanging free):--+ abundant, cord, exceeding, excellancy(-ent), what they leave, that hath left, plentifully, remnant, residue, rest, string, with. SHD YETHER.2

    (3500) Yether [yeh'-ther]

    the same as 'yether' (yether); Jether, the name of five or six Israelites and of one Midianite:--Jether, Jethro. Compare 'Yithrow' (Yithrow). SHD YETHER.2

    (3501) Yithra' [yith-raw']

    by variation for 'yithrah' (yithrah); Jithra, an Israelite (or Ishmaelite):--Ithra. SHD YITHRA.2

    (3502) yithrah [yith-raw']

    feminine of 'yether' (yether); properly, excellence, i.e. (by implication) wealth:--abundance, riches. SHD YITHRAH.2

    (3503) Yithrow [yith-ro']

    from 'yether' (yether) with pron. suffix; his excellence; Jethro, Moses' father-in-law:--Jethro. Compare 'Yether' (Yether). SHD YITHROW.2

    (3504) yithrown [yith-rone']

    from 'yathar' (yathar); preeminence, gain:--better, excellency(-leth), profit(-able). SHD YITHROWN.2

    (3505) Yithriy [yith-ree']

    patronymically from 'Yether' (Yether); a Jithrite or descendant of Jether:--Ithrite. SHD YITHRIY.2

    (3506) Yithran [yith-rawn']

    from 'yathar' (yathar); excellent; Jithran, the name of an Edomite and of an Israelite:--Ithran. SHD YITHRAN.2

    (3507) Yithr`am [yith-reh-awm']

    from 'yether' (yether) and '`am' (`am); excellence of people; Jithream, a son of David:--Ithream. SHD YITHR`AM.2

    (3508) yothereth [yo-theh'-reth]

    feminine active participle of 'yathar' (yathar); the lobe or flap of the liver (as if redundant or outhanging):--caul. SHD YOTHERETH.2

    (3509) Ytheyh [yeh-thayth']

    of uncertain derivation; Jetheth, an Edomite: -Jetheth. SHD YTHEYH.2

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