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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (4469) mamcak [mam-sawk']

    from 'macak' (macak); mixture, i.e. (specifically) wine mixed (with water or spices):--drink-offering, mixed wine. SHD MAMCAK.2

    (4470) memer [meh'-mer]

    from an unused root meaning to grieve; sorrow:--bitterness. SHD MEMER.2

    (4471) Mamre' [mam-ray']

    from 'mara'' (mara')(in the sense of vigor); lusty; Mamre, an Amorite:--Mamre. SHD MAMRE.2

    (4472) mamror [mam-rore']

    from 'marar' (marar); a bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) calamity:--bitterness. SHD MAMROR.2

    (4473) mimshach [mim-shakh']

    from 'mashach' (mashach), in the sense of expansion; outspread (i.e. with outstretched wings):--anointed. SHD MIMSHACH.2

    (4474) mimshal [mim-shawl']

    from 'mashal' (mashal); a ruler or (abstractly) rule:--dominion, that ruled. SHD MIMSHAL.2

    (4475) memshalah [mem-shaw-law']

    feminine of 'mimshal' (mimshal); rule; also (concretely in plural) a realm or a ruler:--dominion, government, power, to rule. SHD MEMSHALAH.2

    (4476) mimshaq [mim-shawk']

    from the same as 'mesheq' (mesheq); a possession:--breeding. SHD MIMSHAQ.2

    (4477) mamtaq [mam-tak']

    from 'mathaq' (mathaq); something sweet (literally or figuratively):--(most) sweet. SHD MAMTAQ.2

    (4478) man [mawn]

    from 'mah' (mah); literally, a whatness (so to speak), i.e. manna (so called from the question about it):--manna. SHD MAN.2

    (4479) man [mawn]

    (Aramaic) from 'mah' (mah); who or what (properly, interrogatively, hence, also indefinitely and relatively):--what, who(-msoever, + -so). SHD MAN.2

    (4480) min [min]

    or minniy {min-nee'}; or minney (constructive plural) {min-nay'}; (Isaiah 30:11); for 'men' (men); properly, a part of; hence (prepositionally), from or out of in many senses (as follows):--above, after, among, at, because of, by (reason of), from (among), in, X neither, X nor, (out) of, over, since, X then, through, X whether, with. SHD MIN.2

    (4481) min [min]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'min' (min):--according, after, + because, + before, by, for, from, X him, X more than, (out) of, part, since, X these, to, upon, + when. SHD MIN.2

    (4482) men [mane]

    from an unused root meaning to apportion; a part; hence, a musical chord (as parted into strings):--in (the same) (Psalm 68:23), stringed instrument (Psalm 150:4), whereby (Psalm 45:8 (defective plural)). SHD MEN.2

    (4483) mna' [men-aw']

    (Aramaic) or mnah (Aramaic) {men-aw'}; corresponding to 'manah' (manah); to count, appoint:--number, ordain, set. SHD MNA.2

    (4484) mene' [men-ay']

    (Aramaic) passive participle of 'mna'' (mna'); numbered:--Mene. SHD MENE.2

    (4485) mangiynah [man-ghee-naw']

    from 'nagan' (nagan); a satire:--music. SHD MANGIYNAH.2

    (4486) manda` [man-dah']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'madda`' (madda`); wisdom or intelligence:--knowledge, reason, understanding. SHD MANDA`.2

    (4487) manah [maw-naw']

    a primitive root; properly, to weigh out; by implication, to allot or constitute officially; also to enumerate or enroll:--appoint, count, number, prepare, set, tell. SHD MANAH.2

    (4488) maneh [maw-neh']

    from 'manah' (manah); properly, a fixed weight or measured amount, i.e. (techn.) a maneh or mina:--maneh, pound. SHD MANEH.2

    (4489) moneh [mo-neh']

    from 'manah' (manah); properly, something weighed out, i.e. (figuratively) a portion of time, i.e. an instance:--time. SHD MONEH.2

    (4490) manah [maw-naw']

    from 'manah' (manah); properly, something weighed out, i.e. (generally) a division; specifically (of food) a ration; also a lot:--such things as belonged, part, portion. SHD MANAH.2

    (4491) minhag [min-hawg']

    from 'nahag' (nahag); the driving (of a chariot):--driving. SHD MINHAG.2

    (4492) minharah [min-haw-raw']

    from 'nahar' (nahar); properly, a channel or fissure, i.e. (by implication) a cavern:--den. SHD MINHARAH.2

    (4493) manowd [maw-node']

    from 'nuwd' (nuwd) a nodding or toss (of the head in derision):--shaking. SHD MANOWD.2

    (4494) manowach [maw-no'-akh]

    from 'nuwach' (nuwach); quiet, i.e. (concretely) a settled spot, or (figuratively) a home:--(place of) rest. SHD MANOWACH.2

    (4495) Manowach [maw-no'-akh]

    the same as 'manowach' (manowach); rest; Manoach, an Israelite:--Manoah. SHD MANOWACH.2

    (4496) mnuwchah [men-oo-khaw']

    or mnuchah {men-oo-khaw'}; feminine of 'Manowach' (Manowach); repose or (adverbially) peacefully; figuratively, consolation (specifically, matrimony); hence (concretely) an abode:--comfortable, ease, quiet, rest(-ing place), still. SHD MNUWCHAH.2

    (4497) manown [maw-nohn']

    from 'nuwn' (nuwn); a continuator, i.e. heir:--son. SHD MANOWN.2

    (4498) manowc [maw-noce']

    from 'nuwc' (nuwc); a retreat (literally or figuratively); abstractly, a fleeing:--X apace, escape, way to flee, flight, refuge. SHD MANOWC.2

    (4499) mnuwcah [men-oo-saw']

    or mnucah {men-oo-saw'}; feminine of 'manowc' (manowc); retreat:--fleeing, flight. SHD MNUWCAH.2

    (4500) manowr [maw-nore']

    from 'niyr' (niyr); a yoke (properly, for plowing), i.e. the frame of a loom:--beam. SHD MANOWR.2

    (4501) mnowrah [men-o-raw']

    or mnorah {men-o-raw'}; feminine of 'manowr' (manowr) (in the original sense of 'niyr' (niyr)); a chandelier:--candlestick. SHD MNOWRAH.2

    (4502) minnzar [min-ez-awr']

    from 'nazar' (nazar); a prince:--crowned. SHD MINNZAR.2

    (4503) minchah [min-khaw']

    from an unused root meaning to apportion, i.e. bestow; a donation; euphemistically, tribute; specifically a sacrificial offering (usually bloodless and voluntary):--gift, oblation, (meat) offering, present, sacrifice. SHD MINCHAH.2

    (4504) minchah [min-khaw']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'minchah' (minchah); a sacrificial offering:--oblation, meat offering. SHD MINCHAH.2

    (4505) Mnachem [men-akh-ame']

    from 'nacham' (nacham); comforter; Menachem, an Israelite:--Menahem. SHD MNACHEM.2

    (4506) Manachath [maw-nakh'-ath]

    from 'nuwach' (nuwach); rest; Manachath, the name of an Edomite and of a place in Moab:--Manahath. SHD MANACHATH.2

    (4507) Mniy [men-ee']

    from 'manah' (manah); the Apportioner, i.e. Fate (as an idol):--number. SHD MNIY.2

    (4508) Minniy [min-nee']

    of foreign derivation; Minni, an Armenian province:--Minni. SHD MINNIY.2

    (4509) Minyamiyn [min-yaw-meen']

    from 'min' (min) and 'yamiyn' (yamiyn); from (the) right hand; Minjamin, the name of two Israelites:--Miniamin. Compare 'Miyamin' (Miyamin). SHD MINYAMIYN.2

    (4510) minyan [min-yawn']

    (Aramaic) from 'mna'' (mna'); enumeration:--number. SHD MINYAN.2

    (4511) Minniyth [min-neeth']

    from the same as 'men' (men); enumeration; Minnith, a place East of the Jordan:--Minnith. SHD MINNIYTH.2

    (4512) minleh [min-leh']

    from 'nalah' (nalah); completion, i.e. (in produce) wealth:--perfection. SHD MINLEH.2

    (4513) mana` [maw-nah']

    a primitive root; to debar (negatively or positively) from benefit or injury:--deny, keep (back), refrain, restrain, withhold. SHD MANA`.2

    (4514) man`uwl [man-ool']

    or maniul {man-ool'}; from 'na`al' (na`al); a bolt:--lock. SHD MAN`UWL.2

    (4515) man`al [man-awl']

    from 'na`al' (na`al); a bolt:--shoe. SHD MAN`AL.2

    (4516) man`am [man-am']

    from 'na`em' (na`em); a delicacy:--dainty. SHD MAN`AM.2

    (4517) mna`na` [men-ah-ah']

    from 'nuwa`' (nuwa`); a sistrum (so called from its rattling sound):--cornet. SHD MNA`NA`.2

    (4518) mnaqqiyth [men-ak-keeth']

    from 'naqah' (naqah); a sacrificial basin (for holding blood):--bowl. SHD MNAQQIYTH.2

    (4519) Mnashsheh [men-ash-sheh']

    from 'nashah' (nashah); causing to forget; Menashsheh, a grandson of Jacob, also the tribe descended from him, and its territory:--Manasseh. SHD MNASHSHEH.2

    (4520) Mnashshiy [men-ash-shee']

    from 'Mnashsheh' (Mnashsheh); a Menashshite or descendant of Menashsheh:--of Manasseh, Manassites. SHD MNASHSHIY.2

    (4521) mnath [men-awth']

    from 'manah' (manah); an allotment (by courtesy, law or providence):--portion. SHD MNATH.2

    (4522) mac [mas]

    or mic {mees}; from 'macac' (macac); properly, a burden (as causing to faint), i.e. a tax in the form of forced labor:--discomfited, levy, task(-master), tribute(-tary). SHD MAC.2

    (4523) mac [mawce]

    from 'macac' (macac); fainting, i.e. (figuratively) disconsolate:--is afflicted. SHD MAC.2

    (4524) mecab [may-sab']

    plural masculine mcibbiym {mes-ib-beem'}; or feminine mcibbowth {mes-ib-bohth'}; from 'cabab' (cabab); a divan (as enclosing the room); abstractly (adverbial) around:--that compass about, (place) round about, at table. SHD MECAB.2

    (4525) macger [mas-gare']

    from 'cagar' (cagar); a fastener, i.e. (of a person) a smith, (of a thing) a prison:--prison, smith. SHD MACGER.2

    (4526) micgereth [mis-gheh'-reth]

    from 'cagar' (cagar); something enclosing, i.e. a margin (of a region, of a panel); concretely, a stronghold:--border, close place, hole. SHD MICGERETH.2

    (4527) maccad [mas-sad']

    from 'yacad' (yacad); a foundation:--foundation. SHD MACCAD.2

    (4528) micdrown [mis-der-ohn']

    from the same as 'ceder' (ceder); a colonnade or internal portico (from its rows of pillars):--porch. SHD MICDROWN.2

    (4529) macah [maw-saw']

    a primitive root; to dissolve:--make to consume away, (make to) melt, water. SHD MACAH.2

    (4530) miccah [mis-saw']

    from 'macac' (macac) (in the sense of flowing); abundance, i.e. (adverbially) liberally: tribute. SHD MICCAH.2

    (4531) maccah [mas-saw']

    from 'nacah' (nacah); a testing, of men (judicial) or of God (querulous):--temptation, trial. SHD MACCAH.2

    (4532) Maccah [mas-saw']

    the same as 'maccah' (maccah); Massah, a place in the Desert:--Massah. SHD MACCAH.2

    (4533) macveh [mas-veh']

    apparently from an unused root meaning to cover; a veil:--vail. SHD MACVEH.2

    (4534) mcuwkah [mes-oo-kaw']

    for 'msuwkah' (msuwkah); a hedge:--thorn hedge. SHD MCUWKAH.2

    (4535) maccach [mas-sawkh']

    from 'nacach' (nacach) in the sense of staving off; a cordon, (adverbially) or (as a) military barrier:--broken down. SHD MACCACH.2

    (4536) micchar [mis-khawr']

    from 'cachar' (cachar); trade:--traffic. SHD MICCHAR.2

    (4537) macak [maw-sak']

    a primitive root; to mix, especially wine (with spices):--mingle. SHD MACAK.2

    (4538) mecek [meh'-sek]

    from 'macak' (macak); a mixture, i.e. of wine with spices:--mixture. SHD MECEK.2

    (4539) macak [maw-sawk']

    from 'cakak' (cakak); a cover, i.e. veil:--covering, curtain, hanging. SHD MACAK.2

    (4540) mcukkah [mes-ook-kaw']

    from 'cakak' (cakak); a covering, i.e. garniture:--covering. SHD MCUKKAH.2

    (4541) maccekah [mas-say-kaw']

    from 'nacak' (nacak); properly, a pouring over, i.e. fusion of metal (especially a cast image); by implication, a libation, i.e. league; concretely a coverlet (as if poured out):--covering, molten (image), vail. SHD MACCEKAH.2

    (4542) micken [mis-kane']

    from 'cikluwth' (cikluwth); indigent:--poor (man). SHD MICKEN.2

    (4543) micknah [mis-ken-aw']

    by transp. from 'kanac' (kanac); a magazine: --store(-house), treasure. SHD MICKNAH.2

    (4544) mickenuth [mis-kay-nooth']

    from 'micken' (micken); indigence:--scarceness. SHD MICKENUTH.2

    (4545) macceketh [mas-seh'-keth]

    from 'nacak' (nacak) in the sense of spreading out; something expanded, i.e. the warp in a loom (as stretched out to receive the woof):--web. SHD MACCEKETH.2

    (4546) mcillah [mes-il-law']

    from 'calal' (calal); a thoroughfare (as turnpiked), literally or figuratively; specifically a viaduct, a staircase:--causeway, course, highway, path, terrace. SHD MCILLAH.2

    (4547) macluwl [mas-lool']

    from 'calal' (calal); a thoroughfare (as turnpiked):--highway. SHD MACLUWL.2

    (4548) macmer [mas-mare']

    or micmer {mis-mare'}; also (feminine) macmrah {mas-mer-aw'}; or micmrah {mis-mer-aw'}; or even masmrah (Eccles. 12:11) {mas-mer-aw'}; from 'camar' (camar); a peg (as bristling from the surface):--nail. SHD MACMER.2

    (4549) macac [maw-sas']

    a primitive root; to liquefy; figuratively, to waste (with disease), to faint (with fatigue, fear or grief):--discourage, faint, be loosed, melt (away), refuse, X utterly. SHD MACAC.2

    (4550) macca` [mas-sah']

    from 'naca`' (naca`); a departure (from striking the tents), i.e. march (not necessarily a single day's travel); by implication, a station (or point of departure):--journey(-ing). SHD MACCA`.2

    (4551) macca` [mas-saw']

    from 'naca`' (naca`) in the sense of projecting; a missile (spear or arrow); also a quarry (whence stones are, as it were, ejected):--before it was brought, dart. SHD MACCA`.2

    (4552) mic`ad [mis-awd']

    ' from 'ca`ad' (ca`ad); a balustrade (for stairs):--pillar. SHD MIC`AD.2

    (4553) micepd [mis-pade']

    from 'caphad' (caphad); a lamentation:--lamentation, one mourneth, mourning, wailing. SHD MICEPD.2

    (4554) micpow' [mis-po']

    from an unused root meaning to collect; fodder:--provender. SHD MICPOW.2

    (4555) micpachah [mis-paw-khaw']

    from 'caphach' (caphach); a veil (as spread out):--kerchief. SHD MICPACHAH.2

    (4556) micpachath [mis-pakh'-ath]

    from 'caphach' (caphach); scruf (as spreading over the surface):--scab. SHD MICPACHATH.2

    (4557) micpar [mis-pawr']

    from 'caphar' (caphar); a number, definite (arithmetical) or indefinite (large, innumerable; small, a few); also (abstractly) narration:--+ abundance, account, X all, X few, (in-)finite, (certain) number(-ed), tale, telling, + time. SHD MICPAR.2

    (4558) Micpar [mis-pawr']

    the same as 'melqach' (melqach); number; Mispar, an Israelite:--Mizpar. Compare 'Micpereth' (Micpereth). SHD MICPAR.2

    (4559) Micpereth [mis-peh'-reth]

    feminine of 'malkuw' (malkuw); enumeration; Mispereth, an Israelite:--Mispereth. Compare 'meltachah' (meltachah). SHD MICPERETH.2

    (4560) macar [maw-sar']

    a primitive root; to sunder, i.e. (transitively) set apart, or (reflex.) apostatize:--commit, deliver. SHD MACAR.2

    (4561) mocar [mo-sawr']

    from 'yacar' (yacar); admonition:--instruction. SHD MOCAR.2

    (4562) macoreth [maw-so'-reth]

    from ''acar' ('acar); a band:--bond. SHD MACORETH.2

    (4563) mictowr [mis-tore']

    from 'cathar' (cathar); a refuge:--covert. SHD MICTOWR.2

    (4564) macter [mas-tare']

    from 'cathar' (cathar); properly, a hider, i.e. (abstractly) a hiding, i.e. aversion:--hid. SHD MACTER.2

    (4565) mictar [mis-tawr']

    from 'cathar' (cathar); properly, a concealer, i.e. a covert:--secret(-ly, place). SHD MICTAR.2

    (4566) ma`bad [mah-bawd']

    from '`abad' (`abad); an act:--work. SHD MA`BAD.2

    (4567) ma`bad [mah-bawd']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'ma`bad' (ma`bad); an act:--work. SHD MA`BAD.2

    (4568) ma`abeh [mah-ab-eh']

    from '`abah' (`abah); properly, compact (part of soil), i.e. loam:--clay. SHD MA`ABEH.2

    (4569) ma`abar [mah-ab-awr']

    or feminine mapabarah {mah-ab-aw-raw'}; from '`abar' (`abar); a crossing-place (of a river, a ford; of a mountain, a pass); abstractly, a transit, i.e. (figuratively) overwhelming:--ford, place where...pass, passage. SHD MA`ABAR.2

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