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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (4570) ma`gal [mah-gawl']

    or feminine mapgalah {mah-gaw-law'}; from the same as '`agol' (`agol); a track (literally or figuratively); also a rampart (as circular):--going, path, trench, way((-side)). SHD MA`GAL.2

    (4571) ma`ad [maw-ad']

    a primitive root; to waver:--make to shake, slide, slip. SHD MA`AD.2

    (4572) Ma`aday [mah-ad-ah'-ee]

    from '`adah' (`adah); ornamental; Maadai, an Israelite:--Maadai. SHD MA`ADAY.2

    (4573) Ma`adyah [mah-ad-yaw']

    from '`adah' (`adah) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); ornament of Jah; Maadjah, an Israelite:--Maadiah. Compare 'Mow`adyah' (Mow`adyah). SHD MA`ADYAH.2

    (4574) ma`adan [mah-ad-awn']

    or (feminine) maadannah {mah-ad-an-naw'}; from '`adan' (`adan); a delicacy or (abstractly) pleasure (adverbially, cheerfully):--dainty, delicately, delight. SHD MA`ADAN.2

    (4575) ma`adannah [mah-ad-an-naw']

    by transitive from '`anad' (`anad); a bond, i.e. group:--influence. SHD MA`ADANNAH.2

    (4576) ma`der [mah-dare']

    from '`adar' (`adar); a (weeding) hoe:--mattock. SHD MA`DER.2

    (4577) m`ah [meh-aw']

    (Aramaic) or m(ae (Aramaic) {meh-aw'}; corresponding to 'me`ah' (me`ah); only in plural the bowels:--belly. SHD M`AH.2

    (4578) me`ah [may-aw']

    from an unused root probably meaning to be soft; used only in plural the intestines, or (collectively) the abdomen, figuratively, sympathy; by implication, a vest; by extens. the stomach, the uterus (or of men, the seat of generation), the heart (figuratively):--belly, bowels, X heart, womb. SHD ME`AH.2

    (4579) me`ah [may-aw']

    feminine of 'me`ah' (me`ah); the belly, i.e. (figuratively) interior:--gravel. SHD ME`AH.2

    (4580) ma`owg [maw-ogue']

    from '`uwg' (`uwg); a cake of bread (with 'la`eg' (la`eg) a table- buffoon, i.e. parasite):--cake, feast. SHD MA`OWG.2

    (4581) ma`owz [maw-oze']

    (also mauwz {maw-ooz'}); or mahoz {maw-oze'} (also ma,uz {maw-ooz'}; from '`azaz' (`azaz); a fortified place; figuratively, a defence:--force, fort(-ress), rock, strength(-en), (X most) strong (hold). SHD MA`OWZ.2

    (4582) Ma`owk [maw-oke']

    from 'ma`ak' (ma`ak); oppressed; Maok, a Philistine:--Maoch. SHD MA`OWK.2

    (4583) ma`own [maw-ohn']

    or maiyn (1 Chronicles 4:41) {maw-een'}; from the same as '`ownah' (`ownah); an abode, of God (the Tabernacle or the Temple), men (their home) or animals (their lair); hence, a retreat (asylum):--den, dwelling((-)place), habitation. SHD MA`OWN.2

    (4584) Ma`own [maw-ohn']

    the same as 'ma`own' (ma`own); a residence; Maon, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine:--Maon, Maonites. Compare 'Beyth Ba`al M`own' (Beyth Ba`al M`own), 'M`uwniy' (M`uwniy). SHD MA`OWN.2

    (4585) m`ownah [meh-o-naw']

    or msonah {meh-o-naw'}; feminine of 'ma`own' (ma`own), and meaning the same:--den, habitation, (dwelling) place, refuge. SHD M`OWNAH.2

    (4586) M`uwniy [meh-oo-nee']

    or Msiyniy {meh-ee-nee'}; probably patrial from 'Ma`own' (Ma`own); a Meunite, or inhabitant of Maon (only in plural):--Mehunim(-s), Meunim. SHD M`UWNIY.2

    (4587) M`ownothay [meh-o-no-thah'-ee]

    plural of 'm`ownah' (m`ownah); habitative; Meonothai, an Israelite:--Meonothai. SHD M`OWNOTHAY.2

    (4588) ma`uwph [maw-off']

    from '`uwph' (`uwph) in the sense of covering with shade (compare 'muw`aph' (muw`aph)); darkness:--dimness. SHD MA`UWPH.2

    (4589) ma`owr [maw-ore']

    from '`uwr' (`uwr); nakedness, i.e. (in plural) the pudenda:--nakedness. SHD MA`OWR.2

    (4590) Ma`azyah [mah-az-yaw']

    or Ma.azyahuw {mah-az-yaw'-hoo}; probably from '`uwz' (`uwz) (in the sense of protection) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); rescue of Jah; Maazjah, the name of two Israelites:--Maaziah. SHD MA`AZYAH.2

    (4591) ma`at [maw-at']

    a primitive root; properly, to pare off, i.e. lessen; intransitively, to be (or causatively, to make) small or few (or figuratively, ineffective):--suffer to decrease, diminish, (be, X borrow a, give, make) few (in number, -ness), gather least (little), be (seem) little, (X give the) less, be minished, bring to nothing. SHD MA`AT.2

    (4592) m`at [meh-at']

    or miat {meh-awt'}; from 'ma`at' (ma`at); a little or few (often adverbial or compar.):--almost (some, very) few(-er, -est), lightly, little (while), (very) small (matter, thing), some, soon, X very. SHD M`AT.2

    (4593) ma`ot [maw-ote']

    passive adjective of 'ma`at' (ma`at); thinned (as to the edge), i.e. sharp:--wrapped up. SHD MA`OT.2

    (4594) ma`ateh [mah-at-eh']

    from '`atah' (`atah); a vestment:--garment. SHD MA`ATEH.2

    (4595) ma`ataphah [mah-at-aw-faw']

    from '`ataph' (`ataph); a cloak:--mantle. SHD MA`ATAPHAH.2

    (4596) m`iy [meh-ee']

    from '`avah' (`avah); a pile of rubbish (as contorted), i.e. a ruin (compare '`iy' (`iy)):--heap. SHD M`IY.2

    (4597) Ma`ai [maw-ah'-ee]

    probably from 'me`ah' (me`ah); sympathetic; Maai, an Israelite:--Maai. SHD MA`AI.2

    (4598) m`iyl [meh-eel']

    from 'ma`al' (ma`al) in the sense of covering; a robe (i.e. upper and outer garment):--cloke, coat, mantle, robe. SHD M`IYL.2

    (4599) ma`yan [mah-yawn']

    or ma ynow (Psa. 114:8) {mah-yen-o'}; or (feminine) ma yanah {mah-yaw-naw'}; from '`ayin' (`ayin) (as a denominative in the sense of a spring); a fountain (also collectively), figuratively, a source (of satisfaction):--fountain, spring, well. SHD MA`YAN.2

    (4600) ma`ak [maw-ak']

    a primitive root; to press, i.e. to pierce, emasculate, handle:--bruised, stuck, be pressed. SHD MA`AK.2

    (4601) Ma`akah [mah-ak-aw']

    or Mamakath (Josh. 13:13) {mah-ak-awth'}; from 'ma`ak' (ma`ak); depression; Maakah (or Maakath), the name of a place in Syria, also of a Mesopotamian, of three Israelites, and of four Israelitesses and one Syrian woman:--Maachah, Maachathites. See also 'Beyth Ma`akah' (Beyth Ma`akah). SHD MA`AKAH.2

    (4602) Ma`akathiy [mah-ak-aw-thee']

    patrial from 'Ma`akah' (Ma`akah); a Maakathite, or inhabitant of Maakah:--Maachathite. SHD MA`AKATHIY.2

    (4603) ma`al [maw-al']

    a primitive root; properly, to cover up; used only figuratively, to act covertly, i.e. treacherously:--transgress, (commit, do a) trespass(-ing). SHD MA`AL.2

    (4604) ma`al [mah'-al]

    from 'ma`al' (ma`al); treachery, i.e. sin:--falsehood, grievously, sore, transgression, trespass, X very. SHD MA`AL.2

    (4605) ma`al [mah'al]

    from '`alah' (`alah); properly, the upper part, used only adverbially with prefix upward, above, overhead, from the top, etc.:-- above, exceeding(-ly), forward, on (X very) high, over, up(-on, -ward), very. SHD MA`AL.2

    (4606) me`al [may-awl']

    (Aramaic) from '`alal' (`alal); (only in plural as singular) the setting (of the sun):--going down. SHD ME`AL.2

    (4607) mo`al [mo'-al]

    from '`alah' (`alah); a raising (of the hands):--lifting up. SHD MO`AL.2

    (4608) ma`aleh [mah-al-eh']

    from '`alah' (`alah); an elevation, i.e. (concretely) acclivity or platform; abstractly (the relation or state) a rise or (figuratively) priority:--ascent, before, chiefest, cliff, that goeth up, going up, hill, mounting up, stairs. SHD MA`ALEH.2

    (4609) ma`alah [mah-al-aw']

    feminine of 'ma`aleh' (ma`aleh); elevation, i.e. the act (literally, a journey to a higher place, figuratively, a thought arising), or (concretely) the condition (literally, a step or grade-mark, figuratively, a superiority of station); specifically a climactic progression (in certain Psalms):--things that come up, (high) degree, deal, go up, stair, step, story. SHD MA`ALAH.2

    (4610) Ma`aleh `Aqrabbiym [mah-al-ay' ak-rab-beem']

    from 'ma`aleh' (ma`aleh) and (the plural of) '`aqrab' (`aqrab); Steep of Scorpions, a place in the Desert:--Maaleh- accrabim, the ascent (going up) of Akrabbim. SHD MA`ALEH `AQRABBIYM.2

    (4611) ma`alal [mah-al-awl']

    from '`alal' (`alal); an act (good or bad):--doing, endeavour, invention, work. SHD MA`ALAL.2

    (4612) ma`amad [mah-am-awd']

    from '`amad' (`amad); (figuratively) a position:--attendance, office, place, state. SHD MA`AMAD.2

    (4613) mo`omad [moh-om-awd']

    from '`amad' (`amad); literally, a foothold:--standing. SHD MO`OMAD.2

    (4614) ma`amacah [mah-am-aw-saw']

    from '`amac' (`amac); burdensomeness:--burdensome. SHD MA`AMACAH.2

    (4615) ma`amaq [mah-am-awk']

    from '`amaq' (`amaq); a deep:--deep, depth. SHD MA`AMAQ.2

    (4616) ma`an [mah'-an]

    from '`anah' (`anah); properly, heed, i.e. purpose; used only adverbially, on account of (as a motive or an aim), teleologically, in order that:--because of, to the end (intent) that, for (to,... 's sake), + lest, that, to. SHD MA`AN.2

    (4617) ma`aneh [mah-an-eh']

    from '`anah' (`anah); a reply (favorable or contradictory):--answer, X himself. SHD MA`ANEH.2

    (4618) ma`anah [mah-an-aw']

    from '`anah' (`anah), in the sense of depression or tilling; a furrow:--+ acre, furrow. SHD MA`ANAH.2

    (4619) Ma`ats [mah'-ats]

    from '`atsah' (`atsah); closure; Maats, an Israelite:--Maaz. SHD MA`ATS.2

    (4620) ma`atsebah [mah-ats-ay-baw']

    from '`atsab' (`atsab); anguish:--sorrow. SHD MA`ATSEBAH.2

    (4621) ma`atsad [mah-ats-awd']

    from an usused root meaning to hew; an axe:--ax, tongs. SHD MA`ATSAD.2

    (4622) ma`tsowr [mah-tsore']

    from '`atsar' (`atsar); objectively, a hindrance:--restraint. SHD MA`TSOWR.2

    (4623) ma`tsar [mah-tsawr']

    from '`atsar' (`atsar); subjectively, control:--rule. SHD MA`TSAR.2

    (4624) ma`aqeh [mah-ak-eh']

    from an unused root meaning to repress; a parapet:--battlement. SHD MA`AQEH.2

    (4625) ma`aqash [mah-ak-awsh']

    from '`aqash' (`aqash); a crook (in a road):--crooked thing. SHD MA`AQASH.2

    (4626) ma`ar [mah'-ar]

    from '`arah' (`arah); a nude place, i.e. (literally) the pudenda, or (figuratively) a vacant space:--nakedness, proportion. SHD MA`AR.2

    (4627) ma`arab [mah-ar-awb']

    from '`arab' (`arab), in the sense of trading; traffic; by implication, mercantile goods:--market, merchandise. SHD MA`ARAB.2

    (4628) ma`arab [mah-ar-awb']

    or (feminine) maearabah {mah-ar-aw-baw'}; from '`arab' (`arab), in the sense of shading; the west (as a region of the evening sun):--west. SHD MA`ARAB.2

    (4629) ma`areh [mah-ar-eh']

    from '`arah' (`arah); a nude place, i.e. a common:--meadows. SHD MA`AREH.2

    (4630) ma`arah [mah-ar-aw']

    feminine of 'ma`areh' (ma`areh); an open spot:--army (from the margin). SHD MA`ARAH.2

    (4631) m`arah [meh-aw-raw']

    from '`uwr' (`uwr); a cavern (as dark):--cave, den, hole. SHD M`ARAH.2

    (4632) M`arah [meh-aw-raw']

    the same as 'm`arah' (m`arah); cave; Mearah, a place in Palestine:-- Mearah. SHD M`ARAH.2

    (4633) ma`arak [mah-ar-awk']

    from '`arak' (`arak); an arrangement, i.e. (figuratively) mental disposition:--preparation. SHD MA`ARAK.2

    (4634) ma`arakah [mah-ar-aw-kaw']

    feminine of 'ma`arak' (ma`arak); an arrangement; concretely, a pile; specifically a military array:--army, fight, be set in order, ordered place, rank, row. SHD MA`ARAKAH.2

    (4635) ma`areketh [mah-ar-eh'-keth]

    from '`arak' (`arak); an arrangement, i.e. (concretely) a pile (of loaves):--row, shewbread. SHD MA`AREKETH.2

    (4636) ma`arom [mah-ar-ome']

    from '`aram' (`aram), in the sense of stripping; bare:--naked. SHD MA`AROM.2

    (4637) ma`aratsah [mah-ar-aw-tsaw']

    from '`arats' (`arats); violence:--terror. SHD MA`ARATSAH.2

    (4638) Ma`arath [mah-ar-awth']

    a form of 'ma`arah' (ma`arah); waste; Maarath, a place in Palestine:--Maarath. SHD MA`ARATH.2

    (4639) ma`aseh [mah-as-eh']

    from '`asah' (`asah); an action (good or bad); generally, a transaction; abstractly, activity; by implication, a product (specifically, a poem) or (generally) property:--act, art, + bakemeat, business, deed, do(-ing), labor, thing made, ware of making, occupation, thing offered, operation, possession, X well, ((handy-, needle-, net-))work(ing, - manship), wrought. SHD MA`ASEH.2

    (4640) Ma`say [mah-as-ah'ee]

    from '`asah' (`asah); operative; Maasai, an Israelite:--Maasiai. SHD MA`SAY.2

    (4641) Ma`aseyah [mah-as-ay-yaw']

    or Maaseyahuw {mah-as-ay-yaw'-hoo}; from 'ma`aseh' (ma`aseh) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); work of Jah; Maasejah, the name of sixteen Israelites:--Maaseiah. SHD MA`ASEYAH.2

    (4642) ma`ashaqqah [mah-ash-ak-kaw']

    from '`ashaq' (`ashaq); oppression:--oppression, X oppressor. SHD MA`ASHAQQAH.2

    (4643) ma`aser [mah-as-ayr']

    or maasar {mah-as-ar'}; and (in plural) feminine maasrah {mah-as-raw'}; from '`asar' (`asar); a tenth; especially a tithe:-- tenth (part), tithe(-ing). SHD MA`ASER.2

    (4644) Moph [mofe]

    of Egyptian origin: Moph, the capital of Lower Egypt:-- Memphis. Compare 'Noph' (Noph). SHD MOPH.2

    (4645) miphga` [mif-gaw']

    from 'paga`' (paga`); an object of attack:--mark. SHD MIPHGA`.2

    (4646) mappach [map-pawkh']

    from 'naphach' (naphach); a breathing out (of life), i.e. expiring:--giving up. SHD MAPPACH.2

    (4647) mappuach [map-poo'-akh]

    from 'naphach' (naphach); the bellows (i.e. blower) of a forge:--bellows. SHD MAPPUACH.2

    (4648) Mphiybosheth [mef-ee-bo'-sheth]

    or Mphibosheth {mef-ee-bo'-sheth}; probably from 'pa'ah' (pa'ah) and 'bosheth' (bosheth); dispeller of shame (i.e. of Baal); Mephibosheth, the name of two Israelites:--Mephibosheth. SHD MPHIYBOSHETH.2

    (4649) Muppiym [moop-peem']

    a plural apparently from 'nuwph' (nuwph); wavings; Muppim, an Israelite:--Muppim. Compare 'Shuppiym' (Shuppiym). SHD MUPPIYM.2

    (4650) mephiyts [may-feets']

    from 'puwts' (puwts); a breaker, i.e. mallet:--maul. SHD MEPHIYTS.2

    (4651) mappal [map-pawl']

    from 'naphal' (naphal); a falling off, i.e. chaff; also something pendulous, i.e. a flap:--flake, refuse. SHD MAPPAL.2

    (4652) miphla'ah [mif-law-aw']

    from 'pala'' (pala'); a miracle:--wondrous work. SHD MIPHLAAH.2

    (4653) miphlaggah [mif-lag-gaw']

    from 'palag' (palag); a classification:--division. SHD MIPHLAGGAH.2

    (4654) mappalah [map-paw-law']

    or mappelah {map-pay-law'}; from 'naphal' (naphal); something fallen, i.e. a ruin:--ruin(-ous). SHD MAPPALAH.2

    (4655) miphlat [mif-lawt']

    from 'palat' (palat); an escape:--escape. SHD MIPHLAT.2

    (4656) miphletseth [mif-leh'-tseth]

    from 'palats' (palats); a terror, i.e. an idol:--idol. SHD MIPHLETSETH.2

    (4657) miphlas [mif-lawce']

    from an unused root meaning to balance; a poising:--balancing. SHD MIPHLAS.2

    (4658) mappeleth [map-peh'-leth]

    from 'naphal' (naphal); fall, i.e. decadence; concretely, a ruin; specifically a carcase:--carcase, fall, ruin. SHD MAPPELETH.2

    (4659) miph`al [mif-awl']

    or (feminine) miph.alah {mif-aw-law'}; from 'pa`al' (pa`al); a performance:--work. SHD MIPH`AL.2

    (4660) mappats [map-pawts']

    from 'naphats' (naphats); a smiting to pieces:--slaughter. SHD MAPPATS.2

    (4661) mappets [map-pates']

    from 'naphats' (naphats); a smiter, i.e. a war club:--battle ax. SHD MAPPETS.2

    (4662) miphqad [mif-kawd']

    from 'paqad' (paqad); an appointment, i.e. mandate; concretely, a designated spot; specifically, a census:--appointed place, commandment, number. SHD MIPHQAD.2

    (4663) Miphqad [mif-kawd']

    the same as 'miphqad' (miphqad); assignment; Miphkad, the name of a gate in Jerusalem:--Miphkad. SHD MIPHQAD.2

    (4664) miphrats [mif-rawts']

    from 'parats' (parats); a break (in the shore), i.e. a haven:--breach. SHD MIPHRATS.2

    (4665) miphreketh [mif-reh'-keth]

    from 'paraq' (paraq); properly, a fracture, i.e. joint (vertebrae) of the neck:--neck. SHD MIPHREKETH.2

    (4666) miphras [mif-rawce']

    from 'paras' (paras); an expansion:--that which...spreadest forth, spreading. SHD MIPHRAS.2

    (4667) miphsa`ah [mif-saw-aw']

    from 'pasa`' (pasa`); a stride, i.e. (by euphemism) the crotch:--buttocks. SHD MIPHSA`AH.2

    (4668) maphteach [maf-tay'-akh]

    from 'pathach' (pathach); an opener, i.e. a key:--key. SHD MAPHTEACH.2

    (4669) miphtach [mif-tawkh']

    from 'pathach' (pathach); an aperture, i.e. (figuratively) utterance:--opening. SHD MIPHTACH.2

    (4670) miphtan [mif-tawn']

    from the same as 'pethen' (pethen); a stretcher, i.e. a sill:--threshold. SHD MIPHTAN.2

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