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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (4772) marglah [mar-ghel-aw']

    denominative from 'regel' (regel); (plural for collective) a footpiece, i.e. (adverbially) at the foot, or (direct.) the foot itself:--feet. Compare 'mra'ashah' (mra'ashah). SHD MARGLAH.2

    (4773) margemah [mar-gay-maw']

    from 'ragam' (ragam); a stone-heap:--sling. SHD MARGEMAH.2

    (4774) marge`ah [mar-gay-aw']

    from 'raga`' (raga`); rest:--refreshing. SHD MARGE`AH.2

    (4775) marad [maw-rad']

    a primitive root; to rebel:--rebel(-lious). SHD MARAD.2

    (4776) mrad [mer-ad']

    (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 'marad' (marad); rebellion:--rebellion. SHD MRAD.2

    (4777) mered [meh'-red]

    from 'marad' (marad); rebellion:--rebellion. SHD MERED.2

    (4778) Mered [meh'-red]

    the same as 'mered' (mered); Mered, an Israelite:--Mered. SHD MERED.2

    (4779) marad [maw-rawd']

    (Aramaic) from the same as 'mrad' (mrad); rebellious:--rebellious. SHD MARAD.2

    (4780) marduwth [mar-dooth']

    from 'marad' (marad); rebelliousness:--X rebellious. SHD MARDUWTH.2

    (4781) Mrodak [mer-o-dawk']

    of foreign derivation; Merodak, a Babylonian idol:--Merodach. Compare 'Mro'dak Bal'adan' (Mro'dak Bal'adan). SHD MRODAK.2

    (4782) Mordkay [mor-dek-ah'-ee]

    of foreign derivation; Mordecai, an Israelite:--Mordecai. SHD MORDKAY.2

    (4783) murdaph [moor-dawf']

    from 'radaph' (radaph); persecuted:--persecuted. SHD MURDAPH.2

    (4784) marah [maw-raw']

    a primitive root; to be (causatively, make) bitter (or unpleasant); (figuratively) to rebel (or resist; causatively, to provoke):--bitter, change, be disobedient, disobey, grievously, provocation, provoke(-ing), (be) rebel (against, -lious). SHD MARAH.2

    (4785) Marah [maw-raw']

    the same as 'mar' (mar) feminine; bitter; Marah, a place in the Desert:--Marah. SHD MARAH.2

    (4786) morah [mo-raw']

    from 'marar' (marar); bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) trouble:--grief. SHD MORAH.2

    (4787) morrah [mor-raw']

    a form of 'morah' (morah); trouble:--bitterness. SHD MORRAH.2

    (4788) maruwd [maw-rood']

    from 'ruwd' (ruwd) in the sense of maltreatment; an outcast; (abstractly) destitution:--cast out, misery. SHD MARUWD.2

    (4789) Merowz [may-roze']

    of uncertain derivation; Meroz, a place in Palestine:--Meroz. SHD MEROWZ.2

    (4790) mrowach [mer-o-akh']

    from 'marach' (marach); bruised, i.e. emasculated:--broken. SHD MROWACH.2

    (4791) marowm [maw-rome']

    from 'ruwm' (ruwm); altitude, i.e. concretely (an elevated place), abstractly (elevation, figuratively (elation), or adverbially (aloft):--(far) above, dignity, haughty, height, (most, on) high (one, place), loftily, upward. SHD MAROWM.2

    (4792) Merowm [may-rome']

    formed like 'marowm' (marowm); height; Merom, a lake in Palestine:--Merom. SHD MEROWM.2

    (4793) merowts [may-rotes']

    from 'ruwts' (ruwts); a run (the trial of speed):--race. SHD MEROWTS.2

    (4794) mruwtsah [mer-oo-tsaw']

    or mrutsah {mer-oo-tsaw'}; feminine of 'merowts' (merowts); a race (the act), whether the manner or the progress:--course, running. Compare 'mrutsah' (mrutsah). SHD MRUWTSAH.2

    (4795) maruwq [maw-rook']

    from 'maraq' (maraq); properly, rubbed; but used abstractly, a rubbing (with perfumery):--purification. SHD MARUWQ.2

    (4796) Marowth [maw-rohth']

    plural of 'mar' (mar) feminine; bitter springs; Maroth, a place in Palestine:--Maroth. SHD MAROWTH.2

    (4797) mirzach [meer-zakh']

    from an unused root meaning to scream; a cry, i.e. (of job), a revel:--banquet. SHD MIRZACH.2

    (4798) marzeach [mar-zay'-akh]

    formed like 'mirzach' (mirzach); a cry, i.e. (of grief) a lamentation:--mourning. SHD MARZEACH.2

    (4799) marach [maw-rakh']

    a primitive root; properly, to soften by rubbing or pressure; hence (medicinally) to apply as an emollient:--lay for a plaister. SHD MARACH.2

    (4800) merchab [mer-khawb']

    from 'rachab' (rachab); enlargement, either literally (an open space, usually in a good sense), or figuratively (liberty):--breadth, large place (room). SHD MERCHAB.2

    (4801) merchaq [mer-khawk']

    : from 'rachaq' (rachaq); remoteness, i.e. (concretely) a distant place; often (adverbially) from afar:--(a-, dwell in, very) far (country, off). See also 'Beyth ham-Merchaq' (Beyth ham-Merchaq). SHD MERCHAQ.2

    (4802) marchesheth [mar-kheh'-sheth]

    from 'rachash' (rachash); a stew-pan:--fryingpan. SHD MARCHESHETH.2

    (4803) marat [maw-rat']

    a primitive root; to polish; by implication, to make bald (the head), to gall (the shoulder); also, to sharpen:--bright, furbish, (have his) hair (be) fallen off, peeled, pluck off (hair). SHD MARAT.2

    (4804) mrat [mer-at']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'marat' (marat); to pull off:--be plucked. SHD MRAT.2

    (4805) mriy [mer-ee']

    from 'marah' (marah); bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) rebellion; concretely, bitter, or rebellious:--bitter, (most) rebel(-lion, -lious). SHD MRIY.2

    (4806) mriy' [mer-ee']

    from 'mara'' (mara') in the sense of grossness, through the idea of domineering (compare 'mare'' (mare')); stall-fed; often (as noun) a beeve:--fat (fed) beast (cattle, -ling). SHD MRIY.2

    (4807) Mriyb Ba`al [mer-eeb' bah'-al]

    from 'riyb' (riyb) and 'Ba`al' (Ba`al); quarreller of Baal, Merib-Baal, an epithet of Gideon:--Merib-baal. Compare 'Mriy Ba`al' (Mriy Ba`al). SHD MRIYB BA`AL.2

    (4808) mriybah [mer-ee-baw']

    from 'riyb' (riyb); quarrel:--provocation, strife. SHD MRIYBAH.2

    (4809) Mriybah [mer-ee-baw']

    the same as 'mriybah' (mriybah); Meribah, the name of two places in the Desert:--Meribah. SHD MRIYBAH.2

    (4810) Mriy Ba`al [mer-ee' bah'-al]

    from 'mriy' (mriy) and 'Ba`al' (Ba`al); rebellion of (i.e. against) Baal; Meri-Baal, an epithet of Gideon:--Meri-baal. Compare 'Mriyb Ba`al' (Mriyb Ba`al). SHD MRIY BA`AL.2

    (4811) Mrayah [mer-aw-yaw']

    from 'marah' (marah); rebellion; Merajah, an Israelite:--Meraiah. Compare 'Yimrah' (Yimrah). SHD MRAYAH.2

    (4812) Mrayowth [mer-aw-yohth']

    plural of 'Mrayah' (Mrayah); rebellious; Merajoth, the name of two Israelites:--Meraioth. SHD MRAYOWTH.2

    (4813) Miryam [meer-yawm']

    from 'mriy' (mriy); rebelliously; Mirjam, the name of two Israelitesses:--Miriam. SHD MIRYAM.2

    (4814) mriyruwth [mer-ee-rooth']

    from 'marar' (marar); bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) grief:--bitterness. SHD MRIYRUWTH.2

    (4815) mriyriy [mer-ee-ree']

    from 'marar' (marar); bitter, i.e. poisonous:--bitter. SHD MRIYRIY.2

    (4816) morek [mo'-rek]

    perhaps from 'rakak' (rakak); softness, i.e. (figuratively) fear:--faintness. SHD MOREK.2

    (4817) merkab [mer-kawb']

    from 'rakab' (rakab); a chariot; also a seat (in a vehicle):--chariot, covering, saddle. SHD MERKAB.2

    (4818) merkabah [mer-kaw-baw']

    feminine of 'merkab' (merkab); a chariot:--chariot. See also 'Beyth ham-Marka-bowth' (Beyth ham-Marka-bowth). SHD MERKABAH.2

    (4819) markoleth [mar-ko'-leth]

    from 'rakal' (rakal); a mart:--merchandise. SHD MARKOLETH.2

    (4820) mirmah [meer-maw']

    from 'ramah' (ramah) in the sense of deceiving; fraud:--craft, deceit(-ful, -fully), false, feigned, guile, subtilly, treachery. SHD MIRMAH.2

    (4821) Mirmah [meer-maw']

    the same as 'mirmah' (mirmah); Mirmah, an Israelite:--Mirma. SHD MIRMAH.2

    (4822) Mremowth [mer-ay-mohth']

    plural from 'ruwm' (ruwm); heights; Meremoth, the name of two Israelites:--Meremoth. SHD MREMOWTH.2

    (4823) mirmac [meer-mawce']

    from 'ramac' (ramac); abasement (the act or the thing):--tread (down)-ing, (to be) trodden (down) under foot. SHD MIRMAC.2

    (4824) Meronothiy [may-ro-no-thee']

    patrial from an unused noun; a Meronothite, or inhabitant of some (otherwise unknown) Meronoth.:--Meronothite. SHD MERONOTHIY.2

    (4825) Merec [meh'-res]

    of foreign derivation; Meres, a Persian:--Meres. SHD MEREC.2

    (4826) Marcna' [mar-sen-aw']

    of foreign derivation; Marsena, a Persian:--Marsena. SHD MARCNA.2

    (4827) mera` [may-rah']

    from 'ra`a`' (ra`a`); used as (abstract) noun, wickedness:--do mischief. SHD MERA`.2

    (4828) merea` [may-ray'-ah]

    from 'ra`ah' (ra`ah) in the sense of companionship; a friend:--companion, friend. SHD MEREA`.2

    (4829) mir`eh [meer-eh']

    from 'ra`ah' (ra`ah) in the sense of feeding; pasture (the place or the act); also the haunt of wild animals:--feeding place, pasture. SHD MIR`EH.2

    (4830) mir`iyth [meer-eeth']

    from 'ra`ah' (ra`ah) in the sense of feeding; pasturage; concretely, a flock:--flock, pasture. SHD MIR`IYTH.2

    (4831) Mar`alah [mar-al-aw']

    from 'ra`al' (ra`al); perhaps, earthquake; Maralah, a place in Palestine:--Maralah. SHD MAR`ALAH.2

    (4832) marpe' [mar-pay']

    from 'rapha'' (rapha'); properly, curative, i.e. literally (concretely) a medicine, or (abstractly) a cure; figuratively (concretely) deliverance, or (abstractly) placidity:--((in-))cure(-able), healing(-lth), remedy, sound, wholesome, yielding. SHD MARPE.2

    (4833) mirpas [meer-paws']

    from 'raphas' (raphas); muddled water:--that which...have fouled. SHD MIRPAS.2

    (4834) marats [maw-rats']

    a primitive root; properly, to press, i.e. (figuratively) to be pungent or vehement; to irritate:--embolden, be forcible, grievous, sore. SHD MARATS.2

    (4835) mrutsah [mer-oo-tsaw']

    from 'ratsats' (ratsats); oppression:--violence. See also 'mruwtsah' (mruwtsah). SHD MRUTSAH.2

    (4836) martsea` [mar-tsay'-ah]

    from 'ratsa`' (ratsa`); an awl:--aul. SHD MARTSEA`.2

    (4837) martsepheth [mar-tseh'-feth]

    from 'ratsaph' (ratsaph); a pavement:--pavement. SHD MARTSEPHETH.2

    (4838) maraq [maw-rak']

    a primitive root; to polish; by implication, to sharpen; also to rinse:--bright, furbish, scour. SHD MARAQ.2

    (4839) maraq [maw-rawk']

    from 'maraq' (maraq); soup (as if a rinsing):--broth. See also 'paraq' (paraq). SHD MARAQ.2

    (4840) merqach [mer-kawkh']

    from 'raqach' (raqach); a spicy herb:--X sweet. SHD MERQACH.2

    (4841) merqachah [mer-kaw-khaw']

    feminine of 'merqach' (merqach); abstractly, a seasoning (with spicery); concretely, an unguent-kettle (for preparing spiced oil):--pot of ointment, X well. SHD MERQACHAH.2

    (4842) mirqachath [meer-kakh'-ath]

    from 'raqach' (raqach); an aromatic unguent; also an unguent-pot:--prepared by the apothecaries' art, compound, ointment. SHD MIRQACHATH.2

    (4843) marar [maw-rar']

    a primitive root; properly, to trickle (see 'mar' (mar)); but used only as a denominative from 'mar' (mar); to be (causatively, make) bitter (literally or figuratively):--(be, be in, deal, have, make) bitter(-ly, - ness), be moved with choler, (be, have sorely, it) grieved(-eth), provoke, vex. SHD MARAR.2

    (4844) mror [mer-ore']

    or mrowr {mer-ore'}; from 'marar' (marar); a bitter herb:-- bitter(-ness). SHD MROR.2

    (4845) mrerah [mer-ay-raw']

    from 'marar' (marar); bile (from its bitterness):--gall. SHD MRERAH.2

    (4846) mrorah [mer-o-raw']

    or mrowrah {mer-o-raw'}; from 'marar' (marar); properly, bitterness; concretely, a bitter thing; specifically bile; also venom (of a serpent):--bitter (thing), gall. SHD MRORAH.2

    (4847) Mrariy [mer-aw-ree']

    from 'marar' (marar); bitter; Merari, an Israelite:--Merari. See also 'Mrariy' (Mrariy). SHD MRARIY.2

    (4848) Mrariy [mer-aw-ree']

    from 'Mrariy' (Mrariy); a Merarite (collectively), or decendants of Merari:--Merarites. SHD MRARIY.2

    (4849) mirsha`ath [meer-shah'-ath]

    from 'rasha`' (rasha`); a female wicked doer:--wicked woman. SHD MIRSHA`ATH.2

    (4850) Mrathayim [mer-aw-thah'-yim]

    dual of 'mar' (mar) feminine; double bitterness; Merathajim, an epithet of Babylon:--Merathaim. SHD MRATHAYIM.2

    (4851) Mash [mash]

    of foreign derivation; Mash, a son of Aram, and the people descended from him:--Mash. SHD MASH.2

    (4852) Mesha' [may-shaw']

    of foreign derivation; Mesha, a place in Arabia:--Mesha. SHD MESHA.2

    (4853) massa' [mas-saw']

    from 'nasa'' (nasa'); a burden; specifically, tribute, or (abstractly) porterage; figuratively, an utterance, chiefly a doom, especially singing; mental, desire:--burden, carry away, prophecy, X they set, song, tribute. SHD MASSA.2

    (4854) Massa' [mas-saw']

    the same as 'massa'' (massa'); burden; Massa, a son of Ishmael:--Massa. SHD MASSA.2

    (4855) mashsha' [mash-shaw']

    from 'nashah' (nashah); a loan; by implication, interest on a debt:--exaction, usury. SHD MASHSHA.2

    (4856) masso' [mas-so']

    from 'nasa'' (nasa'); partiality (as a lifting up):--respect. SHD MASSO.2

    (4857) mash'ab [mash-awb']

    from 'sha'ab' (sha'ab); a trough for cattle to drink from:--place of drawing water. SHD MASHAB.2

    (4858) massa'ah [mas-saw-aw']

    from 'nasa'' (nasa'); a conflagration (from the rising of smoke):--burden. SHD MASSAAH.2

    (4859) mashsha'ah [mash-shaw-aw']

    feminine of 'mashsha'' (mashsha'); a loan:--X any(- thing), debt. SHD MASHSHAAH.2

    (4860) mashsha'own [mash-shaw-ohn']

    from 'nasha'' (nasha'); dissimulation:--deceit. SHD MASHSHAOWN.2

    (4861) Mish'al [mish-awl']

    from 'sha'al' (sha'al); request; Mishal, a place in Palestine:--Mishal, Misheal. Compare 'Mashal' (Mashal). SHD MISHAL.2

    (4862) mish'alah [mish-aw-law']

    from 'sha'al' (sha'al); a request:--desire, petition. SHD MISHALAH.2

    (4863) mish'ereth [mish-eh'-reth]

    from 'sha'ar' (sha'ar) in the original sense of swelling; a kneading-trough (in which the dough rises):--kneading trough, store. SHD MISHERETH.2

    (4864) mas'eth [mas-ayth']

    from 'nasa'' (nasa'); properly, (abstractly) a raising (as of the hands in prayer), or rising (of flame); figuratively, an utterance; concretely, a beacon (as raised); a present (as taken), mess, or tribute; figuratively, a reproach (as a burden):--burden, collection, sign of fire, (great) flame, gift, lifting up, mess, oblation, reward. SHD MASETH.2

    (4865) mishbtsah [mish-bets-aw']

    from 'shabats' (shabats); a brocade; by analogy, a (reticulated) setting of a gem:--ouch, wrought. SHD MISHBTSAH.2

    (4866) mishber [mish-bare']

    from 'shabar' (shabar); the orifice of the womb (from which the fetus breaks forth):--birth, breaking forth. SHD MISHBER.2

    (4867) mishbar [mish-bawr']

    from 'shabar' (shabar); a breaker (of the sea):--billow, wave. SHD MISHBAR.2

    (4868) mishbath [mish-bawth']

    from 'shabath' (shabath); cessation, i.e. destruction:--sabbath. SHD MISHBATH.2

    (4869) misgab [mis-gawb']

    from 'sagab' (sagab); properly, a cliff (or other lofty or inaccessible place); abstractly, altitude; figuratively, a refuge:-- defence, high fort (tower), refuge, Misgab, a place in Moab:--Misgab. SHD MISGAB.2

    (4870) mishgeh [mish-gay']

    from 'shagah' (shagah); an error:--oversight. SHD MISHGEH.2

    (4871) mashah [maw-shaw']

    a primitive root; to pull out (literally or figuratively):--draw(out). SHD MASHAH.2

    (4872) Mosheh [mo-sheh']

    from 'mashah' (mashah); drawing out (of the water), i.e. rescued; Mosheh, the Israelite lawgiver:--Moses. SHD MOSHEH.2

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