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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (6728) tsiyiy [tsee-ee']

    from the same as 'tsiyah' (tsiyah); a desert-dweller, i.e. nomad or wild beast:--wild beast of the desert, that dwell in (inhabiting) the wilderness. SHD TSIYIY.2

    (6729) tsiynoq [tsee-noke']

    from an unused root meaning to confine; the pillory:--stocks. SHD TSIYNOQ.2

    (6730) Tsiy`or [tsee-ore']

    from 'tsa`ar' (tsa`ar); small; Tsior, a place in Palestine:--Zior. SHD TSIY`OR.2

    (6731) tsiyts [tseets]

    or tsits {tseets}; from 'tsuwts' (tsuwts); properly, glistening, i.e. a burnished plate; also a flower (as bright-colored); a wing (as gleaming in the air):--blossom, flower, plate, wing. SHD TSIYTS.2

    (6732) Tsiyts [tseets]

    the same as 'tsiyts' (tsiyts); bloom; Tsits, a place in Palestine:--Ziz. SHD TSIYTS.2

    (6733) tsiytsah [tsee-tsaw']

    feminine of 'tsiyts' (tsiyts); a flower:--flower. SHD TSIYTSAH.2

    (6734) tsiytsith [tsee-tseeth']

    feminine of 'tsiyts' (tsiyts); a floral or wing-like projection, i.e. a forelock of hair, a tassel:--fringe, lock. SHD TSIYTSITH.2

    (6735) tsiyr [tseer]

    from 'tsuwr' (tsuwr); a hinge (as pressed in turning); also a throe (as a phys. or mental pressure); also a herald or errand-doer (as constrained by the principal):--ambassador, hinge, messenger, pain, pang, sorrow. Compare 'tsiyr' (tsiyr). SHD TSIYR.2

    (6736) tsiyr [tseer]

    the same as 'tsiyr' (tsiyr); a form (of beauty; as if pressed out, i.e. carved); hence, an (idolatrous) image:--beauty, idol. SHD TSIYR.2

    (6737) tsayar [tsaw-yar']

    a denominative from 'tsiyr' (tsiyr) in the sense of ambassador; to make an errand, i.e. betake oneself:--make as if...had been ambassador. SHD TSAYAR.2

    (6738) tsel [tsale]

    from 'tsalal' (tsalal); shade, whether literal or figurative:--defence, shade(-ow). SHD TSEL.2

    (6739) tsla' [tsel-aw']

    (Aramaic) probably corresponding to 'tsala`' (tsala`) in the sense of bowing; pray:--pray. SHD TSLA.2

    (6740) tsalah [tsaw-law']

    a primitive root; to roast:--roast. SHD TSALAH.2

    (6741) Tsillah [tsil-law']

    feminine of 'tsel' (tsel); Tsillah, an antediluvian woman:--Zillah. SHD TSILLAH.2

    (6742) tsluwl [tsel-ool']

    from 'tsalal' (tsalal) in the sense of rolling; a (round or flattened) cake:--cake. SHD TSLUWL.2

    (6743) tsalach [tsaw-lakh']

    or tsaleach {tsaw-lay'-akh}; a primitive root; to push forward, in various senses (literal or figurative, transitive or intransitive):--break out, come (mightily), go over, be good, be meet, be profitable, (cause to, effect, make to, send) prosper(-ity, -ous, - ously). SHD TSALACH.2

    (6744) tslach [tsel-akh']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'tsalach' (tsalach); to advance (transitive or intransitive):--promote, prosper. SHD TSLACH.2

    (6745) tselachah [tsay-law-khaw']

    from 'tsalach' (tsalach); something protracted or flattened out, i.e. a platter:--pan. SHD TSELACHAH.2

    (6746) tslochiyth [tsel-o-kheeth']

    from 'tsalach' (tsalach); something prolonged or tall, i.e. a vial or salt-cellar:--cruse. SHD TSLOCHIYTH.2

    (6747) tsallachath [tsal-lakh'-ath]

    from 'tsalach' (tsalach); something advanced or deep, i.e. a bowl; figuratively, the bosom:--bosom, dish. SHD TSALLACHATH.2

    (6748) tsaliy [tsaw-lee']

    passive participle of 'tsalah' (tsalah); roasted:--roast. SHD TSALIY.2

    (6749) tsalal [tsaw-lal']

    a primitive root; properly, to tumble down, i.e. settle by a waving motion:--sink. Compare 'tsalal' (tsalal), 'tsalal' (tsalal). SHD TSALAL.2

    (6750) tsalal [tsaw-lal']

    a primitive root (identical with 'tsalal' (tsalal) through the idea of vibration); to tinkle, i.e. rattle together (as the ears in reddening with shame, or the teeth in chattering with fear):--quiver, tingle. SHD TSALAL.2

    (6751) tsalal [tsaw-lal']

    a primitive root (identical with 'tsalal' (tsalal) through the idea of hovering over (compare 'tselem' (tselem))); to shade, as twilight or an opaque object:--begin to be dark, shadowing. SHD TSALAL.2

    (6752) tselel [tsay'-lel]

    from 'tsalal' (tsalal); shade:--shadow. SHD TSELEL.2

    (6753) Tslelpowniy [tsel-el-po-nee']

    from 'tselel' (tselel) and the active participle of 'panah' (panah); shade-facing; Tselelponi, an Israelitess:--Hazelelponi (including the article). SHD TSLELPOWNIY.2

    (6754) tselem [tseh'-lem]

    from an unused root meaning to shade; a phantom, i.e. (figuratively) illusion, resemblance; hence, a representative figure, especially an idol:--image, vain shew. SHD TSELEM.2

    (6755) tselem [tseh'-lem]

    (Aramaic) or tslem (Aramaic) {tsel-em'}; corresponding to 'tselem' (tselem); an idolatrous figure:--form, image. SHD TSELEM.2

    (6756) Tsalmown [tsal-mone']

    from 'tselem' (tselem); shady; Tsalmon, the name of a place in Palestine and of an Israelite:--Zalmon. SHD TSALMOWN.2

    (6757) tsalmaveth [tsal-maw'-veth]

    from 'tsel' (tsel) and 'maveth' (maveth); shade of death, i.e. the grave (figuratively, calamity):--shadow of death. SHD TSALMAVETH.2

    (6758) Tsalmonah [tsal-mo-naw']

    feminine of 'tsalmaveth' (tsalmaveth); shadiness; Tsalmonah, a place in the Desert:--Zalmonah. SHD TSALMONAH.2

    (6759) Tsalmunna` [tsal-moon-naw']

    from 'tsel' (tsel) and 'mana`' (mana`); shade has been denied; Tsalmunna, a Midianite:--Zalmunna. SHD TSALMUNNA`.2

    (6760) tsala` [tsaw-lah']

    a primitive root: probably to curve; used only as denominative from 'tsela`' (tsela`), to limp (as if one-sided):--halt. SHD TSALA`.2

    (6761) tsela` [tseh'-lah]

    from 'tsala`' (tsala`); a limping or full (figuratively):--adversity, halt(-ing). SHD TSELA`.2

    (6762) Tsela` [tseh'-lah]

    the same as 'tsela`' (tsela`); Tsela, a place in Palestine:--Zelah. SHD TSELA`.2

    (6763) tsela` [tsay-law']

    or (feminine) tsalTah {tsal-aw'}; from 'tsala`' (tsala`); a rib (as curved), literally (of the body) or figuratively (of a door, i.e. leaf); hence, a side, literally (of a person) or figuratively (of an object or the sky, i.e. quarter); architecturally, a (especially floor or ceiling) timber or plank (single or collective, i.e. a flooring):--beam, board, chamber, corner, leaf, plank, rib, side (chamber). SHD TSELA`.2

    (6764) Tsalaph [tsaw-lawf']

    from an unused root of unknown meaning; Tsalaph, an Israelite:--Zalaph. SHD TSALAPH.2

    (6765) Tslophchad [tsel-of-chawd']

    from the same as 'Tsalaph' (Tsalaph) and ''echad' ('echad); Tselophchad, an Israelite:--Zelophehad. SHD TSLOPHCHAD.2

    (6766) Tseltsach [tsel-tsakh']

    from 'tsel' (tsel) and 'tsach' (tsach); clear shade; Tseltsach, a place in Palestine:--Zelzah. SHD TSELTSACH.2

    (6767) tslatsal [tsel-aw-tsal']

    from 'tsalal' (tsalal) reduplicated; a clatter, i.e. (abstractly) whirring (of wings); (concretely) a cricket; also a harpoon (as rattling), a cymbal (as clanging):--cymbal, locust, shadowing, spear. SHD TSLATSAL.2

    (6768) Tseleq [tseh'-lek]

    from an unused root meaning to split; fissure; Tselek, an Israelite:--Zelek. SHD TSELEQ.2

    (6769) Tsillthay [tsil-leth-ah'-ee]

    from the feminine of 'tsel' (tsel); shady; Tsillethai, the name of two Israelites:--Zilthai. SHD TSILLTHAY.2

    (6770) tsame' [tsaw-may']

    a primitive root; to thirst (literally or figuratively):--(be a-, suffer) thirst(-y). SHD TSAME.2

    (6771) tsame' [tsaw-may']

    from 'tsame'' (tsame'); thirsty (literally or figuratively):--(that) thirst(-eth, -y). SHD TSAME.2

    (6772) tsama' [tsaw-maw']

    from 'tsame'' (tsame'); thirst (literally or figuratively):--thirst(-y). SHD TSAMA.2

    (6773) tsim'ah [tsim-aw']

    feminine of 'tsama'' (tsama'); thirst (figuratively, of libidinousnes):--thirst. SHD TSIMAH.2

    (6774) tsimma'own [tsim-maw-one']

    from 'tsame'' (tsame'); a thirsty place, i.e. desert:--drought, dry ground, thirsty land. SHD TSIMMAOWN.2

    (6775) tsamad [tsaw-mad']

    a primitive root; to link, i.e. gird; figuratively, to serve, (mentally) contrive:--fasten, frame, join (self). SHD TSAMAD.2

    (6776) tsemed [tseh'-med]

    a yoke or team (i.e. pair); hence, an acre (i.e. day's task for a yoke of cattle to plough):--acre, couple, X together, two (donkeys), yoke (of oxen). SHD TSEMED.2

    (6777) tsammah [tsam-maw']

    from an unused root meaning to fasten on; a veil:--locks. SHD TSAMMAH.2

    (6778) tsammuwq [tsam-mook']

    from 'tsamaq' (tsamaq); a cake of dried grapes:--bunch (cluster) of raisins. SHD TSAMMUWQ.2

    (6779) tsamach [tsaw-makh']

    a primitive root; to sprout (transitive or intransitive, literal or figurative):--bear, bring forth, (cause to, make to) bud (forth), (cause to, make to) grow (again, up), (cause to) spring (forth, up). SHD TSAMACH.2

    (6780) tsemach [tseh'-makh]

    from 'tsamach' (tsamach); a sprout (usually concrete), literal or figurative:--branch, bud, that which (where) grew (upon), spring(-ing). SHD TSEMACH.2

    (6781) tsamiyd [tsaw-meed']

    or tsamid {tsaw-meed'}; from 'tsamad' (tsamad); a bracelet or arm-clasp; generally, a lid:--bracelet, covering. SHD TSAMIYD.2

    (6782) tsammiym [tsam-meem']

    from the same as 'tsammah' (tsammah); a noose (as fastening); figuratively, destruction:--robber. SHD TSAMMIYM.2

    (6783) tsmiythuth [tsem-ee-thooth']

    or tsmithuth {tsem-ee-thooth'}; from 'tsamath' (tsamath); excision, i.e. destruction; used only (adverbially) with prepositional prefix to extinction, i.e. perpetually:--ever. SHD TSMIYTHUTH.2

    (6784) tsamaq [tsaw-mak']

    a primitive root; to dry up:--dry. SHD TSAMAQ.2

    (6785) tsemer [tseh'-mer]

    from an unused root probably meaning to be shaggy; wool:--wool(-len). SHD TSEMER.2

    (6786) Tsmariy [tsem-aw-ree']

    patrial from an unused name of a place in Palestine; a Tsemarite or branch of the Canaanites:--Zemarite. SHD TSMARIY.2

    (6787) Tsmarayim [tsem-aw-rah'-yim]

    dual of 'tsemer' (tsemer); double fleece; Tsemarajim, a place in Palestine:--Zemaraim. SHD TSMARAYIM.2

    (6788) tsammereth [tsam-meh'-reth]

    from the same as 'tsemer' (tsemer); fleeciness, i.e. foliage:--highest branch, top. SHD TSAMMERETH.2

    (6789) tsamath [tsaw-math']

    a primitive root; to extirpate (literally or figuratively):--consume, cut off, destroy, vanish. SHD TSAMATH.2

    (6790) Tsin [tseen]

    from an unused root meaning to prick; a crag; Tsin, a part of the Desert:--Zin. SHD TSIN.2

    (6791) tsen [tsane]

    from an unused root meaning to be prickly; a thorn; hence, a cactus-hedge:--thorn. SHD TSEN.2

    (6792) tsone' [tso-nay']

    or tsoneh {tso-neh'}; for 'tso'n' (tso'n); a flock:--sheep. SHD TSONE.2

    (6793) tsinnah [tsin-naw']

    feminine of 'tsen' (tsen); a hook (as pointed); also a (large) shield (as if guarding by prickliness); also cold (as piercing):-- buckler, cold, hook, shield, target. SHD TSINNAH.2

    (6794) tsinnuwr [tsin-noor']

    from an unused root perhaps meaning to be hollow; a culvert:--gutter, water-spout. SHD TSINNUWR.2

    (6795) tsanach [tsaw-nakh']

    a primitive root; to alight; (transitive) to cause to descend, i.e. drive down:--fasten, light (from off). SHD TSANACH.2

    (6796) tsaniyn [tsaw-neen']

    or tsanin {tsaw-neen'}; from the same as 'tsen' (tsen); a thorn:--thorn. SHD TSANIYN.2

    (6797) tsaniyph [tsaw-neef']

    or tsanowph {tsaw-nofe'}; or (feminine) tsaniyphah {tsaw-nee-faw'}; from 'tsanaph' (tsanaph); a head-dress (i.e. piece of cloth wrapped around):--diadem, hood, mitre. SHD TSANIYPH.2

    (6798) tsanam [tsaw-nam']

    a primitive root; to blast or shrink:--withered. SHD TSANAM.2

    (6799) Tsnan [tsen-awn']

    probably for 'Tsa'anan' (Tsa'anan); Tsenan, a place near Palestine:--Zenan. SHD TSNAN.2

    (6800) tsana` [tsaw-nah']

    a primitive root; to humiliate:--humbly, lowly. SHD TSANA`.2

    (6801) tsanaph [tsaw-naf']

    a primitive root; to wrap, i.e. roll or dress:--be attired, X surely, violently turn. SHD TSANAPH.2

    (6802) tsnephah [tsen-ay-faw']

    from 'tsanaph' (tsanaph); a ball:--X toss. SHD TSNEPHAH.2

    (6803) tsintseneth [tsin-tseh'-neth]

    from the same as 'tsen' (tsen); a vase (probably a vial tapering at the top):--pot. SHD TSINTSENETH.2

    (6804) tsantarah [tsan-taw-raw']

    probably from the same as 'tsinnuwr' (tsinnuwr); a tube:--pipe. SHD TSANTARAH.2

    (6805) tsa`ad [tsaw-ad']

    a primitive root; to pace, i.e. step regularly; (upward) to mount; (along) to march; (down and causatively) to hurl:-- bring, go, march (through), run over. SHD TSA`AD.2

    (6806) tsa`ad [tsah'-ad]

    from 'tsantarah' (tsantarah); a pace or regular step:--pace, step. SHD TSA`AD.2

    (6807) ts`adah [tseh-aw-daw']

    feminine of 'tsa`ad' (tsa`ad); a march; (concretely) an (ornamental) ankle-chain:--going, ornament of the legs. SHD TS`ADAH.2

    (6808) tsa`ah [tsaw-aw']

    a primitive root; to tip over (for the purpose of spilling or pouring out), i.e. (figuratively) depopulate; by implication, to imprison or conquer; (reflexive) to lie down (for coitus):--captive exile, travelling, (cause to) wander(-er). SHD TSA`AH.2

    (6809) tsa`iyph [tsaw-eef']

    from an unused root meaning to wrap over; a veil:--vail. SHD TSA`IYPH.2

    (6810) tsa`iyr [tsaw-eer']

    or tsanowr {tsaw-ore'}; from 'tsa`ar' (tsa`ar); little; (in number) few; (in age) young, (in value) ignoble:--least, little (one), small (one), + young(-er, -est). SHD TSA`IYR.2

    (6811) Tsa`iyr [tsaw-eer']

    the same as 'tsa`iyr' (tsa`iyr); Tsair, a place in Idumaea:--Zair. SHD TSA`IYR.2

    (6812) ts`iyrah [tseh-ee-raw']

    feminine of 'tsa`iyr' (tsa`iyr); smallness (of age), i.e. juvenility:--youth. SHD TS`IYRAH.2

    (6813) tsa`an [tsaw-an']

    a primitive root; to load up (beasts), i.e. to migrate:--be taken down. SHD TSA`AN.2

    (6814) Tso`an [tso'-an]

    of Egyptian derivation; Tsoan, a place in Egypt:--Zoan. SHD TSO`AN.2

    (6815) Tsa`ananniym [tsah-an-an-neem']

    or (dual) Tsaeanayim {tsah-an-ah'-yim}; plural from 'tsa`an' (tsa`an); removals; Tsaanannim or Tsaanajim, a place in Palestine:--Zaannannim, Zaanaim. SHD TSA`ANANNIYM.2

    (6816) tsa`tsua` [tsah-tsoo'-ah]

    from an unused root meaning to bestrew with carvings; sculpture:--image (work). SHD TSA`TSUA`.2

    (6817) tsa`aq [tsaw-ak']

    a primitive root; to shriek; (by implication) to proclaim (an assembly):--X at all, call together, cry (out), gather (selves) (together). SHD TSA`AQ.2

    (6818) tsa`aqah [tsah-ak-aw']

    from 'tsa`aq' (tsa`aq); a shriek:--cry(-ing). SHD TSA`AQAH.2

    (6819) tsa`ar [tsaw-ar']

    a primitive root; to be small, i.e. (figuratively) ignoble:--be brought low, little one, be small. SHD TSA`AR.2

    (6820) Tso`ar [tso'ar]

    from 'tsa`ar' (tsa`ar); little; Tsoar, a place East of the Jordan:--Zoar. SHD TSO`AR.2

    (6821) tsaphad [tsaw-fad']

    a primitive root; to adhere:--cleave. SHD TSAPHAD.2

    (6822) tsaphah [tsaw-faw']

    a primitive root; properly, to lean forward, i.e. to peer into the distance; by implication, to observe, await:-- behold, espy, look up (well), wait for, (keep the) watch(-man). SHD TSAPHAH.2

    (6823) tsaphah [tsaw-faw']

    a primitive root (probably identical with 'tsaphah' (tsaphah) through the idea of expansion in outlook, transferring to action); to sheet over (especially with metal):--cover, overlay. SHD TSAPHAH.2

    (6824) tsaphah [tsaw-faw']

    from 'tsaphah' (tsaphah); an inundation (as covering):--X swimmest. SHD TSAPHAH.2

    (6825) Tsphow [tsef-o']

    or Tsphiy {tsef-ee'}; from 'tsaphah' (tsaphah); observant; Tsepho or Tsephi, an Idumaean:--Zephi, Zepho. SHD TSPHOW.2

    (6826) tsippuwy [tsip-poo'-ee]

    from 'tsaphah' (tsaphah); encasement (with metal):--covering, overlaying. SHD TSIPPUWY.2

    (6827) Tsphown [tsef-one']

    probably for 'Tsiphyown' (Tsiphyown); Tsephon, an Israelite:--Zephon. SHD TSPHOWN.2

    (6828) tsaphown [tsaw-fone']

    or tsaphon {tsaw-fone'}; from 'tsaphan' (tsaphan); properly, hidden, i.e. dark; used only of the north as a quarter (gloomy and unknown):--north(-ern, side, -ward, wind). SHD TSAPHOWN.2

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