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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (7781) Shuwphamiy [shoo-faw-mee']

    patronymic from 'Shphuwpham' (Shphuwpham); a Shuphamite (collectively) or descendants of Shephupham:--Shuphamite. SHD SHUWPHAMIY.2

    (7782) showphar [sho-far']

    or shophar {sho-far'}; from 'shaphar' (shaphar) in the original sense of incising; a cornet (as giving a clear sound) or curved horn:--cornet, trumpet. SHD SHOWPHAR.2

    (7783) shuwq [shook]

    a primitive root; to run after or over, i.e. overflow:--overflow, water. SHD SHUWQ.2

    (7784) shuwq [shook]

    from 'shuwq' (shuwq); a street (as run over):--street. SHD SHUWQ.2

    (7785) showq [shoke]

    from 'shuwq' (shuwq); the (lower) leg (as a runner):--hip, leg, shoulder, thigh. SHD SHOWQ.2

    (7786) suwr [soor]

    a primitive root; properly, to vanquish; by implication, to rule (causatively, crown):--make princes, have power, reign. See 'cuwr' (cuwr). SHD SUWR.2

    (7787) suwr [soor]

    a primitive root (identical with 'suwr' (suwr) through the idea of reducing to pieces; compare 'massowr' (massowr)); to saw:--cut. SHD SUWR.2

    (7788) shuwr [shoor]

    a primitive root; properly, to turn, i.e. travel about (as a harlot or a merchant):--go, singular See also 'shiyr' (shiyr). SHD SHUWR.2

    (7789) shuwr [shoor]

    a primitive root (identical with 'shuwr' (shuwr) through the idea of going round for inspection); to spy out, i.e. (generally) survey, (for evil) lurk for, (for good) care for:--behold, lay wait, look, observe, perceive, regard, see. SHD SHUWR.2

    (7790) shuwr [shoor]

    from 'Shiymown' (Shiymown); a foe (as lying in wait):--enemy. SHD SHUWR.2

    (7791) shuwr [shoor]

    from 'shuwr' (shuwr); a wall (as going about):--wall. SHD SHUWR.2

    (7792) shuwr [shoor]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'shuwr' (shuwr):--wall. SHD SHUWR.2

    (7793) Shuwr [shoor]

    the same as 'shuwr' (shuwr); Shur, a region of the Desert:--Shur. SHD SHUWR.2

    (7794) showr [shore]

    from 'shuwr' (shuwr); a bullock (as a traveller):--bull(-ock), cow, ox, wall (by mistake for 'shuwr' (shuwr)). SHD SHOWR.2

    (7795) sowrah [so-raw']

    from 'suwr' (suwr) in the primitive sense of 'cuwr' (cuwr); properly, a ring, i.e. (by analogy) a row (adverbially):--principal. SHD SOWRAH.2

    (7796) Sowreq [so-rake']

    the same as 'soreq' (soreq); a vine; Sorek, a valley in Palestine:--Sorek. SHD SOWREQ.2

    (7797) suws [soos]

    or siys {sece}; a primitive root; to be bright, i.e. cheerful:--be glad, X greatly, joy, make mirth, rejoice. SHD SUWS.2

    (7798) Shavsha' [shav-shaw']

    from 'suws' (suws); joyful; Shavsha, an Israelite:--Shavsha. SHD SHAVSHA.2

    (7799) shuwshan [shoo-shan']

    or showshan {sho-shawn'}; or shoshan {sho- shawn'}; and (feminine) showshannah {sho-shan-naw'}; from 'suws' (suws); a lily (from its whiteness), as a flower of arch. ornament; also a (straight) trumpet (from the tubular shape): lily, Shoshannim. SHD SHUWSHAN.2

    (7800) Shuwshan [shoo-shan']

    the same as 'shuwshan' (shuwshan); Shushan, a place in Persia:--Shushan. SHD SHUWSHAN.2

    (7801) Shuwshankiy [shoo-shan-kee']

    (Aramaic) of foreign origin; a Shushankite (collectively) or inhabitants of some unknown place in Assyrian:--Susanchites. SHD SHUWSHANKIY.2

    (7802) Shuwshan `Eduwth [shoo-shan' ay-dooth']

    or (plural of former) Showshanniym aEduwth {sho-shan-neem' ay-dooth'}; from 'shuwshan' (shuwshan) and '`eduwth' (`eduwth); lily (or trumpet) of assemblage; Shushan-Eduth or Shoshannim-Eduth, the title of a popular song:--Shoshannim-Eduth, Shushan-eduth. SHD SHUWSHAN `EDUWTH.2

    (7803) Shuwthelach [shoo-theh'-lakh]

    probably from 'sha'ah' (sha'ah) and the same as 'Telach' (Telach); crash of breakage; Shuthelach, the name of two Israelites:--Shuthelah. SHD SHUWTHELACH.2

    (7804) shzab [shez-ab']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to '`azab' (`azab); to leave, i.e. (causatively) free:--deliver. SHD SHZAB.2

    (7805) shazaph [shaw-zaf']

    a primitive root; to tan (by sun-burning); figuratively (as if by a piercing ray) to scan:--look up, see. SHD SHAZAPH.2

    (7806) shazar [shaw-zar']

    a primitive root; to twist (a thread of straw):--twine. SHD SHAZAR.2

    (7807) shach [shakh]

    from 'shachach' (shachach); sunk, i.e. downcast:--+ humble. SHD SHACH.2

    (7808) seach [say'-akh]

    for 'siyach' (siyach); communion, i.e. (reflexively) meditation:--thought. SHD SEACH.2

    (7809) shachad [shaw-khad']

    a primitive root; to donate, i.e. bribe:--hire, give a reward. SHD SHACHAD.2

    (7810) shachad [shakh'-ad]

    from 'shachad' (shachad); a donation (venal or redemptive):--bribe(-ry), gift, present, reward. SHD SHACHAD.2

    (7811) sachah [saw-khaw']

    a primitive root; to swim; causatively, to inundate:--(make to) swim. SHD SACHAH.2

    (7812) shachah [shaw-khaw']

    a primitive root; to depress, i.e. prostrate (especially reflexive, in homage to royalty or God):--bow (self) down, crouch, fall down (flat), humbly beseech, do (make) obeisance, do reverence, make to stoop, worship. SHD SHACHAH.2

    (7813) sachuw [saw'-khoo]

    from 'sachah' (sachah); a pond (for swimming):--to swim in. SHD SACHUW.2

    (7814) schowq [sekh-oke']

    or schoq {sekh-oke'}; from 'sachaq' (sachaq); laughter (in merriment or defiance):--derision, laughter(-ed to scorn, -ing), mocked, sport. SHD SCHOWQ.2

    (7815) shchowr [shekh-ore']

    from 'shachar' (shachar); dinginess, i.e. perhaps soot:--coal. SHD SHCHOWR.2

    (7816) shchuwth [shekh-ooth']

    from 'shachah' (shachah); pit:--pit. SHD SHCHUWTH.2

    (7817) shachach [shaw-khakh']

    a primitive root; to sink or depress (reflexive or causative):--bend, bow (down), bring (cast) down, couch, humble self, be (bring) low, stoop. SHD SHACHACH.2

    (7818) sachat [saw-khat']

    a primitive root; to tread out, i.e. squeeze (grapes):--press. SHD SACHAT.2

    (7819) shachat [shaw-khat']

    a primitive root; to slaughter (in sacrifice or massacre):--kill, offer, shoot out, slay, slaughter. SHD SHACHAT.2

    (7820) shachat [shaw-khat']

    a primitive root (identical with 'shachat' (shachat) through the idea of striking); to hammer out:--beat. SHD SHACHAT.2

    (7821) shchiytah [shekh-ee-taw']

    from 'shachat' (shachat); slaughter:--killing. SHD SHCHIYTAH.2

    (7822) shchiyn [shekh-een']

    from an unused root probably meaning to burn; inflammation, i.e. an ulcer; --boil, botch. SHD SHCHIYN.2

    (7823) shachiyc [shaw-khece']

    or cachiysh {saw-kheesh'}; from an unused root apparently meaning to sprout; after-growth:--(that) which springeth of the same. SHD SHACHIYC.2

    (7824) shachiyph [shaw-kheef']

    from the same as 'shachaph' (shachaph); a board (as chipped thin):--cieled with. SHD SHACHIYPH.2

    (7825) shchiyth [shekh-eeth']

    from 'shachah' (shachah); a pit-fall (literally or figuratively):--destruction, pit. SHD SHCHIYTH.2

    (7826) shachal [shakh'-al]

    from an unused root probably meaning to roar; a lion (from his characteristic roar):--(fierce) lion. SHD SHACHAL.2

    (7827) shcheleth [shekh-ay'-leth]

    apparently from the same as 'shachal' (shachal) through some obscure idea, perhaps that of peeling off by concussion of sound; a scale or shell, i.e. the aromatic mussel.:--onycha. SHD SHCHELETH.2

    (7828) shachaph [shakh'-af]

    from an unused root meaning to peel, i.e. emaciate; the gull (as thin):--cuckoo. SHD SHACHAPH.2

    (7829) shachepheth [shakh-eh'-feth]

    from the same as 'shachaph' (shachaph); emaciation:--consumption. SHD SHACHEPHETH.2

    (7830) shachats [shakh'-ats]

    from an unused root apparently meaning to strut; haughtiness (as evinced by the attitude):--X lion, pride. SHD SHACHATS.2

    (7831) Shachatsowm [shakh-ats-ome']

    from the same as 'shachats' (shachats); proudly; Shachatsom, a place in Palestine:--Shahazimah (from the margin). SHD SHACHATSOWM.2

    (7832) sachaq [saw-khak']

    a primitive root; to laugh (in pleasure or detraction); by implication, to play:--deride, have in derision, laugh, make merry, mock(-er), play, rejoice, (laugh to) scorn, be in (make) sport. SHD SACHAQ.2

    (7833) shachaq [shaw-khak']

    a primitive root; to comminate (by trituration or attrition):--beat, wear. SHD SHACHAQ.2

    (7834) shachaq [shakh'-ak]

    from 'shachaq' (shachaq); a powder (as beaten small): by analogy, a thin vapor; by extension, the firmament:--cloud, small dust, heaven, sky. SHD SHACHAQ.2

    (7835) shachar [shaw-khar']

    a primitive root (identical with 'shachar' (shachar) through the idea of the duskiness of early dawn); to be dim or dark (in color):--be black. SHD SHACHAR.2

    (7836) shachar [shaw-khar']

    a primitive root; properly, to dawn, i.e. (figuratively) be (up) early at any task (with the implication of earnestness); by extension, to search for (with painstaking):--(do something) betimes, enquire early, rise (seek) betimes, seek diligently) early, in the morning). SHD SHACHAR.2

    (7837) shachar [shakh'-ar]

    from 'shachar' (shachar); dawn (literal, figurative or adverbial):--day(-spring), early, light, morning, whence riseth. SHD SHACHAR.2

    (7838) shachor [shaw-khore']

    or shachowr {shaw-khore'}; from 'shachar' (shachar); properly, dusky, but also (absol.) jetty:--black. SHD SHACHOR.2

    (7839) shacharuwth [shakh-ar-ooth']

    from 'shachar' (shachar); a dawning, i.e. (figuratively) juvenescence:--youth. SHD SHACHARUWTH.2

    (7840) shcharchoreth [shekh-ar-kho'-reth]

    from 'shachar' (shachar); swarthy:--black. SHD SHCHARCHORETH.2

    (7841) Shcharyah [shekh-ar-yaw']

    from 'shachar' (shachar) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has sought; Shecharjah, an Israelite:--Shehariah. SHD SHCHARYAH.2

    (7842) Shacharayim [shakh-ar-ah'-yim]

    dual of 'shachar' (shachar); double dawn; Shacharajim, an Israelite:--Shaharaim. SHD SHACHARAYIM.2

    (7843) shachath [shaw-khath']

    a primitive root; to decay, i.e. (causatively) ruin (literally or figuratively):--batter, cast off, corrupt(-er, thing), destroy(-er, -uction), lose, mar, perish, spill, spoiler, X utterly, waste(-r). SHD SHACHATH.2

    (7844) shchath [shekh-ath']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'shachath' (shachath):--corrupt, fault. SHD SHCHATH.2

    (7845) shachath [shakh'-ath]

    from 'shuwach' (shuwach); a pit (especially as a trap); figuratively, destruction:--corruption, destruction, ditch, grave, pit. SHD SHACHATH.2

    (7846) set [sayte]

    or cet {sayt}; from 'suwt' (suwt); a departure from right, i.e. sin:--revolter, that turn aside. SHD SET.2

    (7847) satah [saw-taw']

    a primitive root; to deviate from duty:--decline, go aside, turn. SHD SATAH.2

    (7848) shittah [shit-taw']

    feminine of a derivative (only in the plural shittiym {shit-teem'}; meaning the sticks of wood) from the same as 'shotet' (shotet); the acacia (from its scourging thorns):--shittah, shittim. See also 'Beyth hash-Shittah' (Beyth hash-Shittah). SHD SHITTAH.2

    (7849) shatach [shaw-takh']

    a primitive root; to expand:--all abroad, enlarge, spread, stretch out. SHD SHATACH.2

    (7850) shotet [sho-tate']

    active participle of an otherwise unused root meaning (properly, to pierce; but only as a denominative from 'showt' (showt)) to flog; a goad:--scourge. SHD SHOTET.2

    (7851) Shittiym [shit-teem']

    the same as the plural of 'shittah' (shittah); acacia trees; Shittim, a place East of the Jordan:--Shittim. SHD SHITTIYM.2

    (7852) satam [saw-tam']

    a primitive root; properly, to lurk for, i.e. persecute:--hate, oppose self against. SHD SATAM.2

    (7853) satan [saw-tan']

    a primitive root; to attack, (figuratively) accuse:--(be an) adversary, resist. SHD SATAN.2

    (7854) satan [saw-tawn']

    from 'satan' (satan); an opponent; especially (with the article prefixed) Satan, the arch-enemy of good:--adversary, Satan, withstand. SHD SATAN.2

    (7855) sitnah [sit-naw']

    from 'satan' (satan); opposition (by letter):--accusation. SHD SITNAH.2

    (7856) Sitnan [sit-naw']

    the same as 'sitnah' (sitnah); Sitnah, the name of a well in Pal:--Sitnah. SHD SITNAN.2

    (7857) shataph [shaw-taf']

    a primitive root; to gush; by implication, to inundate, cleanse; by analogy, to gallop, conquer:--drown, (over-)flow(- whelm, rinse, run, rush, (throughly) wash (away). SHD SHATAPH.2

    (7858) sheteph [sheh'-tef]

    or sheteph {shay'-tef}; from 'shataph' (shataph); a deluge (literally or figuratively):--flood, outrageous, overflowing. SHD SHETEPH.2

    (7859) shtar [shet-ar']

    (Aramaic) of uncertain derivation; a side:--side. SHD SHTAR.2

    (7860) shoter [sho-tare']

    active participle of an otherwise unused root probably meaning to write; properly, a scribe, i.e. (by analogy or implication) an official superintendent or magistrate:--officer, overseer, ruler. SHD SHOTER.2

    (7861) Shitray [shit-rah'-ee]

    from the same as 'shoter' (shoter); magisterial; Shitrai, an Israelite:--Shitrai. SHD SHITRAY.2

    (7862) shay [shah'-ee]

    probably from 'shavah' (shavah); a gift (as available):--present. SHD SHAY.2

    (7863) siy' [see]

    from the same as 'sow'' (sow') by permutation; elevation:-- excellency. SHD SIY.2

    (7864) Shya' [sheh-yaw']

    for 'Shva'' (Shva'); Sheja, an Israelite:--Sheva (from the margin). SHD SHYA.2

    (7865) Siy'on [see-ohn']

    from 'siy'' (siy'); peak; Sion, the summit of Mt. Hermon:--Sion. SHD SIYON.2

    (7866) Shi'yown [shee-ohn']

    from the same as 'show'' (show'); ruin; Shijon, a place in Palestine --Shihon. SHD SHIYOWN.2

    (7867) siyb [seeb]

    a primitive root; properly, to become aged, i.e. (by implication) to grow gray:--(be) grayheaded. SHD SIYB.2

    (7868) siyb [seeb]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'siyb' (siyb):--elder. SHD SIYB.2

    (7869) seyb [sabe]

    from 'siyb' (siyb); old age:--age. SHD SEYB.2

    (7870) shiybah [shee-baw']

    by permutation from 'shuwb' (shuwb); a return (of property):--captivity. SHD SHIYBAH.2

    (7871) shiybah [shee-baw']

    from 'yashab' (yashab); residence:--while...lay. SHD SHIYBAH.2

    (7872) seybah [say-baw']

    feminine of 'seyb' (seyb); old age:--(be) gray (grey hoar,-y) hairs (head,-ed), old age. SHD SEYBAH.2

    (7873) siyg [seeg]

    from 'suwg' (suwg); a withdrawal (into a private place):--pursuing. SHD SIYG.2

    (7874) siyd [seed]

    a primitive root probably meaning to boil up (compare 'shuwd' (shuwd)); used only as denominative from 'siyd' (siyd); to plaster:--plaister. SHD SIYD.2

    (7875) siyd [seed]

    from 'siyd' (siyd); lime (as boiling when slacked):--lime, plaister. SHD SIYD.2

    (7876) shayah [shaw-yaw']

    a primitive root; to keep in memory:--be unmindful. (Render Deuteronomy 32:18, "A Rock bore thee, thou must recollect; and (yet) thou hast forgotten," etc.) SHD SHAYAH.2

    (7877) Shiyza' [shee-zaw']

    of unknown derivation; Shiza, an Is.:--Shiza. SHD SHIYZA.2

    (7878) siyach [see'-akh]

    a primitive root; to ponder, i.e. (by implication) converse (with oneself, and hence, aloud) or (transitively) utter:-- commune, complain, declare, meditate, muse, pray, speak, talk (with). SHD SIYACH.2

    (7879) siyach [see'-akh]

    from 'siyach' (siyach); a contemplation; by implication, an utterance:--babbling, communication, complaint, meditation, prayer, talk. SHD SIYACH.2

    (7880) siyach [see'-akh]

    from 'siyach' (siyach); a shoot (as if uttered or put forth), i.e. (generally) shrubbery:--bush, plant, shrub. SHD SIYACH.2

    (7881) siychah [see-khaw']

    feminine of 'siyach' (siyach); reflection; be extension, devotion:--meditation, prayer. SHD SIYCHAH.2

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