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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (2243) chob [khobe]

    by contraction from 'chabab' (chabab); properly, a cherisher, i.e. the bosom:--bosom. SHD CHOB.2

    (2244) chaba' [khaw-baw']

    a primitive root (compare 'chabab' (chabab)); to secrete:--X held, hide (self), do secretly. SHD CHABA.2

    (2245) chabab [khaw-bab']

    a primitive root (compare 'chaba'' (chaba'), 'chabah' (chabah)); properly, to hide (as in the bosom), i.e. to cherish (with affection):--love. SHD CHABAB.2

    (2246) Chobab [kho-bawb']

    from 'chabab' (chabab); cherished; Chobab, father-in-law of Moses:--Hobab. SHD CHOBAB.2

    (2247) chabah [khaw-bah']

    a primitive root (compare 'chabab' (chabab)); to secrete:--hide (self). SHD CHABAH.2

    (2248) chabuwlah [khab-oo-law']

    (Aramaic) from 'chabal' (chabal); properly, overthrown, i.e. (morally) crime:--hurt. SHD CHABUWLAH.2

    (2249) Chabowr [khaw-bore']

    from 'chabar' (chabar); united; Chabor, a river of Assyria:--Habor. SHD CHABOWR.2

    (2250) chabbuwrah [khab-boo-raw']

    or chabburah {khab-boo-raw'}; or chaburah {khab-oo-raw'}; from 'chabar' (chabar); properly, bound (with stripes), i.e. a weal (or black-and-blue mark itself):--blueness, bruise, hurt, stripe, wound. SHD CHABBUWRAH.2

    (2251) chabat [khaw-bat']

    a primitive root; to knock out or off:--beat (off, out), thresh. SHD CHABAT.2

    (2252) Chabayah [khab-ah-yaw']

    or Chabayah {khab-aw-yaw'}; from 'chabah' (chabah) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has hidden; Chabajah, an Israelite:--Habaiah. SHD CHABAYAH.2

    (2253) chebyown [kheb-yone']

    from 'chabah' (chabah); a concealment:--hiding. SHD CHEBYOWN.2

    (2254) chabal [khaw-bal']

    a primitive root; to wind tightly (as a rope), i.e. to bind; specifically, by a pledge; figuratively, to pervert, destroy; also to writhe in pain (especially of parturition):--X at all, band, bring forth, (deal) corrupt(-ly), destroy, offend, lay &� to (take a) pledge, spoil, travail, X very, withhold. SHD CHABAL.2

    (2255) chabal [khab-al']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chabal' (chabal); to ruin:--destroy, hurt. SHD CHABAL.2

    (2256) chebel [kheh'-bel]

    or chebel {khay'-bel}; from 'chabal' (chabal); a rope (as twisted), especially a measuring line; by implication, a district or inheritance (as measured); or a noose (as of cords); figuratively, a company (as if tied together); also a throe (especially of parturition); also ruin:--band, coast, company, cord, country, destruction, line, lot, pain, pang, portion, region, rope, snare, sorrow, tackling. SHD CHEBEL.2

    (2257) chabal [khab-al']

    (Aramaic) from 'chabal' (chabal); harm (personal or pecuniary):--damage, hurt. SHD CHABAL.2

    (2258) chabol [khab-ole']

    or (feminine) chabolah {khab-o-law'}; from 'chabal' (chabal); a pawn (as security for debt):--pledge. SHD CHABOL.2

    (2259) chobel [kho-bale']

    active participle from 'chabal' (chabal) (in the sense of handling ropes); a sailor:--pilot, shipmaster. SHD CHOBEL.2

    (2260) chibbel [khib-bale']

    from 'chabal' (chabal) (in the sense of furnished with ropes); a mast:--mast. SHD CHIBBEL.2

    (2261) chabatstseleth [khab-ats-tseh'-leth]

    of uncertain derivation; probably meadow-saffron:--rose. SHD CHABATSTSELETH.2

    (2262) Chabatstsanyah [khab-ats-tsan-yaw']

    of uncertain derivation; Chabatstsanjah, a Rechabite:--Habazaniah. SHD CHABATSTSANYAH.2

    (2263) chabaq [khaw-bak']

    a primitive root; to clasp (the hands or in embrace):--embrace, fold. SHD CHABAQ.2

    (2264) chibbuq [khib-book']

    from 'chabaq' (chabaq); a clasping of the hands (in idleness):--fold. SHD CHIBBUQ.2

    (2265) Chabaqquwq [khab-ak-kook']

    by reduplication from 'chabaq' (chabaq); embrace; Chabakkuk, the prophet:--Habakkuk. SHD CHABAQQUWQ.2

    (2266) chabar [khaw-bar']

    a primitive root; to join (literally or figuratively); specifically (by means of spells) to fascinate:--charm(- er), be compact, couple (together), have fellowship with, heap up, join (self, together), league. SHD CHABAR.2

    (2267) cheber [kheh'-ber]

    from 'chabar' (chabar); a society; also a spell:--+ charmer(- ing), company, enchantment, X wide. SHD CHEBER.2

    (2268) Cheber [kheh'-ber]

    the same as 'cheber' (cheber); community; Cheber, the name of a Kenite and of three Israelites:--Heber. SHD CHEBER.2

    (2269) chabar [khab-ar']

    (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 'chabar' (chabar); an associate:--companion, fellow. SHD CHABAR.2

    (2270) chaber [khaw-bare']

    from 'chabar' (chabar); an associate:--companion, fellow, knit together. SHD CHABER.2

    (2271) chabbar [khab-bawr']

    from 'chabar' (chabar); a partner:--companion. SHD CHABBAR.2

    (2272) chabarburah [khab-ar-boo-raw']

    by reduplication from 'chabar' (chabar); a streak (like a line), as on the tiger:--spot. SHD CHABARBURAH.2

    (2273) chabrah [khab-raw']

    (Aramaic) feminine of 'chabar' (chabar); an associate:--other. SHD CHABRAH.2

    (2274) chebrah [kheb-raw']

    feminine of 'cheber' (cheber); association:--company. SHD CHEBRAH.2

    (2275) Chebrown [kheb-rone']

    from 'cheber' (cheber); seat of association; Chebron, a place in Palestine, also the name of two Israelites:--Hebron. SHD CHEBROWN.2

    (2276) Chebrowniy [kheb-ro-nee']

    or Chebroniy {kheb-ro-nee'}; patronymically from 'Chebrown' (Chebrown); Chebronite (collectively), an inhabitant of Chebron:--Hebronites. SHD CHEBROWNIY.2

    (2277) Chebriy [kheb-ree']

    patronymically from 'Cheber' (Cheber); a Chebrite (collectively) or descendants of Cheber:--Heberites. SHD CHEBRIY.2

    (2278) chabereth [khab-eh'-reth]

    feminine of 'chaber' (chaber); a consort:--companion. SHD CHABERETH.2

    (2279) chobereth [kho-beh'-reth]

    feminine active participle of 'chabar' (chabar); a joint:--which coupleth, coupling. SHD CHOBERETH.2

    (2280) chabash [khaw-bash']

    a primitive root; to wrap firmly (especially a turban, compress, or saddle); figuratively, to stop, to rule:--bind (up), gird about, govern, healer, put, saddle, wrap about. SHD CHABASH.2

    (2281) chabeth [khaw-bayth']

    from an unused root probably meaning to cook (compare 'machabath' (machabath)); something fried, probably a griddle-cake:--pan. SHD CHABETH.2

    (2282) chag [khag]

    or chag {khawg}; from 'chagag' (chagag); a festival, or a victim therefor:--(solemn) feast (day), sacrifice, solemnity. SHD CHAG.2

    (2283) chagra' [khaw-gaw']

    from an unused root meaning to revolve (compare 'chagag' (chagag)); properly, vertigo, i.e. (figuratively) fear:--terror. SHD CHAGRA.2

    (2284) chagab [khaw-gawb']

    of uncertain derivation; a locust:--locust. SHD CHAGAB.2

    (2285) Chagab [khaw-gawb']

    the same as 'chagab' (chagab); locust; Chagab, one of the Nethinim:--Hagab. SHD CHAGAB.2

    (2286) Chagaba' [khag-aw-baw']

    or Chagabah {khag-aw-baw'}; feminine of 'Chagab' (Chagab); locust; Chagaba or Chagabah, one of the Nethinim:--Hagaba, Hagabah. SHD CHAGABA.2

    (2287) chagag [khaw-gag']

    a primitive root (compare 'chagra'' (chagra'), 'chuwg' (chuwg)); properly, to move in a circle, i.e. (specifically) to march in a sacred procession, to observe a festival; by implication, to be giddy:--celebrate, dance, (keep, hold) a (solemn) feast (holiday), reel to and fro. SHD CHAGAG.2

    (2288) chagav [khag-awv']

    from an unused root meaning to take refuge; a rift in rocks:--cleft. SHD CHAGAV.2

    (2289) chagowr [khaw-gore']

    from 'chagar' (chagar); belted:--girded with. SHD CHAGOWR.2

    (2290) chagowr [khag-ore']

    or chagor {khag-ore'}; and (feminine) chagowrah {khag-o-raw'}; or chagorah {khag-o-raw'}; from 'chagar' (chagar); a belt (for the waist):--apron, armour, gird(-le). SHD CHAGOWR.2

    (2291) Chaggiy [khag-ghee']

    from 'chagag' (chagag); festive, Chaggi, an Israelite; also (patronymically) a Chaggite, or descendant of the same:--Haggi, Haggites. SHD CHAGGIY.2

    (2292) Chaggay [khag-gah'-ee]

    from 'chag' (chag); festive; Chaggai, a Heb. prophet:--Haggai. SHD CHAGGAY.2

    (2293) Chaggiyah [khag-ghee-yaw']

    from 'chag' (chag) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); festival of Jah; Chaggijah, an Israelite:--Haggiah. SHD CHAGGIYAH.2

    (2294) Chaggiyith [khag-gheeth']

    feminine of 'Chaggiy' (Chaggiy); festive; Chaggith, a wife of David:--Haggith. SHD CHAGGIYITH.2

    (2295) Choglah [khog-law']

    of uncertain derivation; probably a partridge; Choglah, an Israelitess:--Hoglah. See also 'Beyth Choglah' (Beyth Choglah). SHD CHOGLAH.2

    (2296) chagar [khaw-gar']

    a primitive root; to gird on (as a belt, armor, etc.):--be able to put on, be afraid, appointed, gird, restrain, X on every side. SHD CHAGAR.2

    (2297) chad [khad]

    abridged from ''echad' ('echad); one:--one. SHD CHAD.2

    (2298) chad [khad]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chad' (chad); as card. one; as article single; as an ordinal, first; adverbially, at once:--a, first, one, together. SHD CHAD.2

    (2299) chad [khad]

    from 'chadad' (chadad); sharp:--sharp. SHD CHAD.2

    (2300) chadad [khaw-dad']

    a primitive root; to be (causatively, make) sharp or (figuratively) severe:--be fierce, sharpen. SHD CHADAD.2

    (2301) Chadad [khad-ad']

    from 'chadad' (chadad); fierce; Chadad, an Ishmaelite:--Hadad. SHD CHADAD.2

    (2302) chadah [khaw-daw']

    a primitive root; to rejoice:--make glad, be joined, rejoice. SHD CHADAH.2

    (2303) chadduwd [khad-dood']

    from 'chadad' (chadad); a point:--sharp. SHD CHADDUWD.2

    (2304) chedvah [khed-vaw']

    from 'chadah' (chadah); rejoicing:--gladness, joy. SHD CHEDVAH.2

    (2305) chedvah [khed-vaw']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chedvah' (chedvah):--joy. SHD CHEDVAH.2

    (2306) chadiy [khad-ee']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chazeh' (chazeh); a breast:--breast. SHD CHADIY.2

    (2307) Chadiyd [khaw-deed']

    from 'chadad' (chadad); a peak; Chadid, a place in Palestine:--Hadid. SHD CHADIYD.2

    (2308) chadal [khaw-dal']

    a primitive root; properly, to be flabby, i.e. (by implication) desist; (figuratively) be lacking or idle:--cease, end, fall, forbear, forsake, leave (off), let alone, rest, be unoccupied, want. SHD CHADAL.2

    (2309) chedel [kheh'-del]

    from 'chadal' (chadal); rest, i.e. the state of the dead:--world. SHD CHEDEL.2

    (2310) chadel [khaw-dale']

    from 'chadal' (chadal); vacant, i.e. ceasing or destitute:--he that forbeareth, frail, rejected. SHD CHADEL.2

    (2311) Chadlay [khad-lah'-ee]

    from 'chedel' (chedel); idle; Chadlai, an Israelite:--Hadlai. SHD CHADLAY.2

    (2312) chedeq [khay'-dek]

    from an unused root meaning to sting; a prickly plant:--brier, thorn. SHD CHEDEQ.2

    (2313) Chiddeqel [khid-deh'-kel]

    probably of foreign origin; the Chiddekel (or Tigris) river:--Hiddekel. SHD CHIDDEQEL.2

    (2314) chadar [khaw-dar']

    a primitive root; properly, to inclose (as a room), i.e. (by analogy,) to beset (as in a siege):--enter a privy chamber. SHD CHADAR.2

    (2315) cheder [kheh'-der]

    from 'chadar' (chadar); an apartment (usually literal):--((bed) inner)chamber, innermost(-ward) part, parlour, + south, X within. SHD CHEDER.2

    (2316) Chadar [khad-ar']

    another form for 'cheder' (cheder); chamber; Chadar, an Ishmaelite:--Hadar. SHD CHADAR.2

    (2317) Chadrak [khad-rawk']

    of uncertain derivation; Chadrak, a Syrian deity:--Hadrach. SHD CHADRAK.2

    (2318) chadash [khaw-dash']

    a primitive root; to be new; causatively, to rebuild:--renew, repair. SHD CHADASH.2

    (2319) chadash [khaw-dawsh']

    from 'chadash' (chadash); new:--fresh, new thing. SHD CHADASH.2

    (2320) chodesh [kho'-desh]

    from 'chadash' (chadash); the new moon; by implication, a month:--month(-ly), new moon. SHD CHODESH.2

    (2321) Chodesh [kho'-desh]

    the same as 'chodesh' (chodesh); Chodesh, an Israelitess:--Hodesh. SHD CHODESH.2

    (2322) Chadashah [khad-aw-shaw']

    feminine of 'chadash' (chadash); new; Chadashah, a place in Palestine:--Hadashah. SHD CHADASHAH.2

    (2323) chadath [khad-ath']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chadash' (chadash); new:--new. SHD CHADATH.2

    (2324) chava' [khav-aw']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'chavah' (chavah); to show:--shew. SHD CHAVA.2

    (2325) chuwb [khoob]

    also chayab {khaw-yab'}; a primitive root; properly, perhaps to tie, i.e. (figuratively and reflexively) to owe, or (by implication) to forfeit:--make endanger. SHD CHUWB.2

    (2326) chowb [khobe]

    from 'chuwb' (chuwb); debt:--debtor. SHD CHOWB.2

    (2327) chowbah [kho-baw']

    feminine active participle of 'chabah' (chabah); hiding place; Chobah, a place in Syria:--Hobah. SHD CHOWBAH.2

    (2328) chuwg [khoog]

    a primitive root (compare 'chagag' (chagag)); to describe a circle:--compass. SHD CHUWG.2

    (2329) chuwg [khoog]

    from 'chuwg' (chuwg); a circle:--circle, circuit, compass. SHD CHUWG.2

    (2330) chuwd [khood]

    a primitive root; properly, to tie a knot, i.e. (figuratively) to propound a riddle:--put forth. SHD CHUWD.2

    (2331) chavah [khaw-vah']

    a primitive root; (compare 'chava'' (chava'), 'chayah' (chayah)); properly, to live; by implication (intensively) to declare or show:--show. SHD CHAVAH.2

    (2332) Chavvah [khav-vaw']

    causatively from 'chavah' (chavah); life-giver; Chavvah (or Eve), the first woman:--Eve. SHD CHAVVAH.2

    (2333) chavvah [khav-vaw']

    properly, the same as 'Chavvah' (Chavvah) (life-giving, i.e. living-place); by implication, an encampment or village:--(small) town. SHD CHAVVAH.2

    (2334) Chavvowth Ya`iyr [khav-vothe' yaw-eer']

    from the plural of 'chavvah' (chavvah) and a modification of 'Ya`uwr' (Ya`uwr); hamlets of Jair, a region of Palestine:--(Bashan- )Havoth-jair. SHD CHAVVOWTH YA`IYR.2

    (2335) Chowzay [kho-zah'-ee]

    from 'chozeh' (chozeh); visionary; Chozai, an Israelite:--the seers. SHD CHOWZAY.2

    (2336) chowach [kho'-akh]

    from an unused root apparently meaning to pierce; a thorn; by analogy, a ring for the nose:--bramble, thistle, thorn. SHD CHOWACH.2

    (2337) chavach [khaw-vawkh']

    perhaps the same as 'chowach' (chowach); a dell or crevice (as if pierced in the earth):--thicket. SHD CHAVACH.2

    (2338) chuwt [khoot]

    (Aramaic) corresponding to the root of 'chuwt' (chuwt), perhaps as a denominative; to string together, i.e. (figuratively) to repair:--join. SHD CHUWT.2

    (2339) chuwt [khoot]

    from an unused root probably meaning to sew; a string; by implication, a measuring tape:--cord, fillet, line, thread. SHD CHUWT.2

    (2340) Chivviy [khiv-vee']

    perhaps from 'chavvah' (chavvah); a villager; a Chivvite, one of the aboriginal tribes of Palestine:--Hivite. SHD CHIVVIY.2

    (2341) Chaviylah [khav-ee-law']

    probably from 'chuwl' (chuwl); circular; Chavilah, the name of two or three eastern regions; also perhaps of two men:--Havilah. SHD CHAVIYLAH.2

    (2342) chuwl [khool]

    or chiyl {kheel}; a primitive root; properly, to twist or whirl (in a circular or spiral manner), i.e. (specifically) to dance, to writhe in pain (especially of parturition) or fear; figuratively, to wait, to pervert:--bear, (make to) bring forth, (make to) calve, dance, drive away, fall grievously (with pain), fear, form, great, grieve, (be) grievous, hope, look, make, be in pain, be much (sore) pained, rest, shake, shapen, (be) sorrow(-ful), stay, tarry, travail (with pain), tremble, trust, wait carefully (patiently), be wounded. SHD CHUWL.2

    (2343) Chuwl [khool]

    from 'chuwl' (chuwl); a circle; Chul, a son of Aram; also the region settled by him:--Hul. SHD CHUWL.2

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